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  1. Finished 5th here. Fairly happy with this one, as I'd came up with a bunch of ideas but couldn't really get any of them to work the way I wanted them to. I ended up going with this one at the last minute and just had to make a couple tweaks to make it look better (although it was a bit rushed and there are some adjustments I'd make now). My original idea was just a D with the antler coming off of it, but that looked too imbalanced so I added the second D to match the team name. I tried to mimic the shape of the D from the team's primary logo, but I decided to use a different antler shape as the original logo is basically a bad rip-off of Fairfield University's. Fifth place seems like a fitting spot for this one, I feel like it was good but not particularly outstanding.
  2. Finished 7th with this entry, which is unfortunately my lowest finish yet. At first I was pretty confident about this since I've done more designs for soccer, but unfortunately there weren't any teams that really stood out to me. I thought the Edge's logo could translate the easiest to a kit, which is why I decided to choose this team. I decided to go with Nike since I saw some NBL teams wearing it when I looked up jerseys (although St. John's looks like they wear Warrior jerseys). I decided to try and build off of the wave design from the logo, but I had a bit of trouble with the clash kit. I also notice a lot of people went with a sponsor, which I ended up deciding against. All in all, not terrible but I feel like I could've done better (and the inside of the collar on the clash kit is bothering me).
  3. Got my first medal with this one, placing third. Kind of ironic since I was more confident about some of my other entries at first - plus I honestly thought there were a lot of great entries (some that I'm shocked didn't medal). Guess it's just a difference in taste. I'd tried multiple Peace Tower logos in the past (including a Peace Tower/maple leaf logo), but for some reason I'd never put 2 and 2 together and used the peace tower as part of the maple leaf. It finally clicked when I was doing sketches for this one, so I'm happy that this one worked out better. I may end up re-using it for a later concept series. After that, all it took was finding the right fonts and picking between some slightly different color schemes.
  4. This entry placed fifth. I ended up deciding to stick with the original team name, as I couldn't come up with any ideas for the other names. The original idea I had was to incorporate claw marks in the P and R, but I couldn't get it to work. I knew I wanted to stick with the color scheme of the logo (gold inside, then purple, then orange). My entry here ended up being the second idea I had. I'm pretty happy with it, although I wish I'd incorporated the pride/lion theme more.
  5. Some fantastic entries this event. G: 13 S: 10 B: 5
  6. I finished 4th with this one. Just barely missed out on a medal but in general I'm happy with it considering I barely have any experience with designing baseball jerseys. I looked at some other teams, but the Aces were the team I had the most ideas for. Right away I was pretty sure about the cap colors as well as having a blue jersey with white sleeves, but from there I tested out a bunch of different designs on the sleeve. Because it's a minor league baseball team, I didn't want to go too simple with it (which tends to be my usual style). I first focused on the diamond in the logo and made an almost argyle-like pattern based on that, but that didn't really work to me. I eventually ended up deciding on the four suits of cards, and I'm happy with how the sleeve design turned out.
  7. No idea how I missed that about the name! Guess I'd just heard "aquila" before and figured it was Spanish. I definitely see what you're saying about the uniform, I had trouble coming up with striping patterns and I guess it showed haha. Thanks for the comment!
  8. Hey guys. I know, another portfolio thread, but I like the idea and figured it'd be nice to get a centralized thread for all of my entries. I haven't posted on this forum in a long time (and have changed quite a bit as a person), but I've lurked these boards for a bit and thought about posting concepts every once in a while. I remember noticing the Logolympiad after the 2016 edition and thought it would be interesting to participate, so I jumped on the opportunity once this year's edition started. I ended up placing 6th with this design. This was about where I expected, especially after seeing some of the really great designs that were entered in this competition. I'd been sitting on this idea and a rough draft of the logo for a bit, and with Mexico City as one of the options I figured this logo/idea would fit the best. I experimented with ideas for Seattle and Vancouver, but I think this concept was the best. The logo is based on Aztec depictions of eagles, while the colors come from the Mexican flag I went with a green jersey since green is such an underused color in sports, but I had a bit of trouble matching the striping to the home jersey. In hindsight, I think a red away jersey might have looked better, and I wish I'd changed the logo a bit so it looks more like a golden eagle (the national animal of Mexico) rather than a bald eagle. The colors are a bit muted compared to my original submission, but I don't think it makes much of a difference anyways.
  9. It was merely a suggestion. I'm not saying it was awful or totally wrong, I was just raising a possibility. I've really enjoyed this project and wanted to give my input, so I'm sorry if it sounded like I was complaining or telling him to do something. Either way, it's a great concept and I'm just glad that he chose Hartford as a location.
  10. I would suggest a different name than Hurricanes for Hartford. As a CT resident, It's not that it's not relevant (because it is), it's just that people are still bitter about what happened with the Whalers. Assuming Hartford doesn't have an NHL team in 2025, I'm not sure if the Hurricanes name would sit well with possible Hartford fans. Regardless, it's still a beautiful concept. The color scheme is great and I absolutely love the jerseys.
  11. Better views of the new Spurs kits (also a clearer look at the sublimation on the away):
  12. Back when I was younger, I would create my own sports leagues. It started when I was around 7 or 8, when I took the cardboard lid from a box (that I think originally had paper into it) and turned it into a hockey rink. I took a checker and used it as a puck, then would play a game by flicking the makeshift puck back and forth and kept score until one "team" reached three goals. I created a league out of this, and even made an olympic-style rink, with country flags made out of toothpicks and small, cut-out flags that I would also draw by hand (country flag designs were also something I really got into at a young age and still like now). I would later extend this into creating my own leagues in other sports, as well as my own sports (none of which probably would have worked, but hey, I was 8). I would always put a team in my hometown and call it the "Lightning", just because I thought the name was really cool - it's also where my username comes from. At one point, I even took another lid and made it into a field for paper football - the field was painted on and I made goalposts out of drinking straws that I painted yellow. It was one of my favorite things to do as a kid and it's what got me into sports logos.
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    I'm in, I'll do Quinnipiac.
  14. Molot
  15. It was a good idea in theory, but the perspective of it makes it look just terrible on a jersey. And this may be a bit small, but the perspective of the "Big Sky" text is angled differently than the "Conference" text, which is annoying me.
  16. Because nothing says "Ole Miss Rebels" quite like an anthropomorphic shark wearing a suit.
  17. Very comforting to see the Pats return to their old selves and trade down again. I was worried there for a second...
  18. FYP. It was a generalization. Obviously there are people who know Midwest St. I was making the point that they could've gotten this pick much later. No, they actually couldn't. Silatolu is actually a very good offensive lineman who was in the first round of multiple mock drafts.