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  1. I could see them doing better than St. Louis, considering the Blues run their operations in the red most years. Even if St. Louis is their ceiling, that's still pretty good by the NHL's standards.
  2. One Conf. Finals out of 10 is still not that much. Hell, the freaking Hurricanes and Coyotes have as many third round appearances in the last 10 years. And just enjoy the game, don't have so much hate in your heart. It's fine to dislike teams, but don't let it get in the way of you enjoying the best sport on planet earth. I get that you don't like the Ducks, but it's not like they're bad people even if you dislike certain aspects on the ice. I'd root for Corey Perry all day before I root for an actual human scum like Mike Ribeiro or Patty Kane.
  3. UCLA was only there because of their one-and-dones (Ball and Leaf). Plus Steve Alford is a complete :censored:.
  4. Charlotte Bobcats... and if you wanna go back a ways, the Kansas City Scouts/Colorado Rockies (NHL), Cleveland Barons, San Diego Rockets, and Seattle Pilots.
  5. Why would they have to replace one of those? Vegas is coming in and they'll probably need their own affiliate. SLC would be a good spot for them. I could see Stockton or Bakersfield moving closer to Alberta eventually, but not for a while. Of the three, San Jose (who play at the Tank btw) should be the first to go. If and when the Oilers or Flames move their affiliate closer to home, I could see the Sharks moving their team to that city (preferably Stockton), or maybe even Fresno or Reno.
  6. This doesn't make sense. how could vegas take him if he has to be protected?
  7. Don't use stupid little nicknames. It's fine on your Minnesota Wild forums, but we don't want to read that crap here.
  8. I've always thought, how come a team can't play at Safeco Field, on a temporary basis? The Lightning played at the Trop for a couple years and made it work. Shouldn't be too hard to maintain an ice plant in a retractable dome.
  9. Those Anaheim wins were cool imo. Like both teams. USC losing to Texas was pretty bad for me.
  10. yet the leafs have a significant amount of games in hand on most of those teams, so kindasortanotreally
  11. I agree with you, but to an extent. The loser point can skew the standings a little bit.
  12. He wasn't a recognizable star in the way Watt is, but he's still 11th on the NFL all time receiving yards list. He'll almost definitely make the Pro and College Football HOFs.
  13. What do you call JJ Watt? And hell, even Andre Johnson was one of the best receivers of the 00s
  14. and other than (ironically) playing Jared Boll too often, Carlyle hasn't been a total disaster either. I dont think Carlyle is a great coach, but he gets too muck crap for his time in Toronto when that roster was hot garbage.
  15. oh of course they shouldnt have two (unless it were the raiders) but many people were happy to have their rams back, and even more people were happy that they can see their favorite team come to town. I definitely agree these moves will start to have a negative effect on the league. Like Mark Cuban said, the league will start to implode abit. Lots of bad decisions all around (ie thursday night football)
  16. LA as a whole isn't a great sports market, but there are still a lot of people who really do care about sports, and particularly having an NFL team.
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