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  1. Are any of them not being used by a club? That'd be a real waste.
  3. Poch won't coach Barca, he's an Espanyol guy
  4. I was thinking FSG would try to build a SSS instead of using Fenway, at least long term. Granted, there's not a lot of land and that's an extra couple hundread million to spend.
  5. Kroenke owns the Rapids of MLS along with Arsenal, plus obviously NFL, NHL, and NBA teams. Man City co owns about 5 different football clubs around the world including NYCFC. FSG could definitely do something.
  6. Probably will kill Lavar Ball's league. Not that I'm shedding any tears...
  7. Yes, but Smith, Tolner, and Hackett didn't stick around too long. Not saying they need to go out and get Nick Saban or Dabo Sweeney, but it's apparent to anybody who's actually watched USC for more than 2-3 games over the past 3 seasons, that Clay helton doesnt have the chops to reach that level. They average top 5 recruiting classes and the coaching does jack with it. Even with Darnold they had plenty of games where they looked totally out of sync and not ready to play. It was a terrible hire by Pat Haden, who is gone now. A blue blood program should never be hiring a first time HC.
  8. I say this as a USC fan, the team is horrible. The play calling has been trash for the past 3 seasons under Tee Martin, and Sam Darnold/Ronald Jones were able to mask it. The play in the trenches has also been soft since the Carroll era, but particularly since Leonard Williams and Tyron Smith left. Clay Helton has a good resume so far (due to a weak conf and a superstar QB), but it's a mirage, and his staff is atrocious. He's not a National Championship Level coach by any means.
  9. They had a throwback night for the 20th anniversary, where they got specials helmets and pant shells, for a single game. This is simply them wanting to mish-mash eras.
  10. it's coming home it's coming home it's coming, football's coming home
  11. USC used to site for basketball until 2006. The Galaxy are owned by AEG, LAFC by the owner of the Warriors/Dodgers. Both have very deep pockets. It was just a matter of timing.
  12. How is Danny Espinosa there? Wasn't he on a cheap one year deal?
  13. If he's not a first ballot HOFer, who is? Other than Kershaw, he's the best pitcher since the turn of the millennium. He was the 2nd pitcher ever to have a postseason no-hitter, and the fifth to win a Cy Young award in both leagues. Also: Seasons in which pitchers had at least 200 strikeouts and no more than 30 walks allowed: 2012 Cliff Lee 2010 Roy Halladay 1905 Cy Young 1904 Cy Young 1884 Jim Whitney