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  1. You're just being emotional. There are Chargers fans here in LA, there's just not THAT many. I know a woman who lives in San Pedro who has been a Chargers season ticket holder for 20 years, driving down 10 times a year. There's also plenty in Orange County. They'll sell out, even if it's 2/3 opposing fans or non-football fans who just want to go to an event. Their attendance at the 80,000 seat Inglewood Stadium is what I'm skeptical of.
  2. NCAAF - Alabama NFL - New England Patriots NCAAB - Villanova NBA - Warriors NHL - Blue Jackets MLB - Nationals MLS - New York Red Bulls
  3. How the hell will that happen? How many receivers are successful with one knee?
  4. Only one team in San Diego has a chance of winning a title, since the other won't be in San Diego come 2017.
  5. It's pretty much impossible. How many top recruits want to go to the middle east or germany after their college career is over?
  6. Yeah that would be huge, although it probably isn't even close to happening for another 30 years, if not much longer.
  7. In hockey it kind of is. 5/6 of the league didn't even exist the last time the Leafs won. There's been so much more radical change in the NHL over the past 50 years than there has been in the last 70 years of Major League Baseball. The only major changes in baseball that I can think of are the DH and the creation of divisions/expanded playoffs.
  8. I don't know man, Angel Stadium isn't built into the side of a hill, for one thing. Angel Stadium also don't have the same symmetrical outfield wall dimensions as Dodger Stadium. There's actually quite a few Ducks/Dodgers and Angels/Kings fans, especially in places like Long Beach.
  9. In 2009 the Dodgers were in the NLCS while the Angels were in the ALCS.
  10. The captaincy is a ceremonial position more than anything, plus he's going to receive most of the attention/praise/blame from the media and fans anyway. I think he's much more capable than some guy like Matt Hendricks.
  11. Are you even a Jays fan? This is your second postseason appearance in 23 years, wouldn't you want to see a championship?
  12. The Ducks don't use the script anymore, outside of maybe on some publications. It's entirely gone from the uniforms. Anyways... NFL: Browns, Titans, Chargers (CLE and SD could be salvaged if they went back to classic uniforms) NBA: Thunder, Clippers, Pacers MLB: Dbacks, Padres, Indians, Rockies NHL: Jackets, Canes, Ducks (good logo and colors tho (excluding beige)), Canucks (an orca?), Wild, Sens (although original look was good) MLS: Real Salt Lake, New England, LA Galaxy, NYCFC, NYRB
  13. it's all good my friend. i should probably get some sleep soon too haha go hockey! (keeping things on topic )
  14. I quoted tp49's post about the barracuda and the bay area.
  15. Yeah, and I don't think SF will do much better than the Barracuda, even if it's at the Warriors new arena and not the cow palace. Also, if that were to happen, the AHL team would have a nicer, newer arena than the NHL team (not that the Tank is bad or anything). How often does that happen?
  16. What username are you going to change to?
  17. No reason we should be talking about Florida in the 15-16 thread... continue your NHL talk here.
  18. Haha, awesome! I love Bolt Thrower's stupid album artwork. Great band too
  19. It's actually for the benefit of referees because of football's position rules. Specifically about linemen/eligible receivers. As a fan, and someone who became a lifelong football loyalist as a child, the groupings of numbers by position invites and accelerates the learning of an otherwise complicated game and rulebook. I do not like WRs having QB-style numbers FYI. Thanks alot, Keyshawn..... Gotta disagree, I find it much more appealing when a receiver has a number 10-19 than 80-89. Let me guess, because you like Larry Fitzgerald? I like both, but if I was a receiver I'd probably pick something in the 80s. Now-a-days, I'd say most NHL skates are silver or gray.
  20. This is a contradiction, as a metro area consists entirely of a city and its suburbs (which, as noted several times, may be cities in their own right). New York - Newark Dallas - Fort Worth Philadelphia - Wilmington Miami - Fort Lauderdale San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose Tampa - Saint Petersburg I think that it has already been mentioned that "twin cities" type areas are the exception. Barring those very infrequent cases, a metro area is a single city and its suburbs. That is certainly the case with New York and Newark. As mentioned above, Newark, home of WNET channel 13, a New York television station, is definitely a suburb of New York, as are other North Jersey cities such as Hoboken and Jersey City. Likewise, Wilmington is a Philly suburb, as evidenced by WHYY-TV channel 12, which serves the entire Philadelphia metro area. By that logic, Anaheim is definitely an LA suburb, since LA and Orange County have the same tv and radio stations.
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