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  1. Something I've noticed so far - and can't find a reason for - is that the Padres have only worn their road primary uniform once this season and have worn their road alternate uniform mostly. Their road primary is actually the brown top with San Diego in gold lettering on top of solid sand pants while the alternate is the sand pinstripe top with sand pindstripe pants.
  2. I mean, it's better than last year's swastika logo hat.
  3. Would love to see the Padres add a brown alternate home top jersey with the team name across the chest.
  4. What team (except the Cowboys) wears their road tops at home this late in the season? A team that loses to the 0-13 Jets. Don't think we'll see that uniform combo from the Rams ever again. At least not at home...in week 15.
  5. I'm interested in how the Rams and Chargers are able to have their team logos painted at midfield but after 10 years at MetLife Stadium (and now a new turf surface this seaon) the Giants and Jets still haven't figured this out and still use the NFL shield at midfield.
  6. Still haven't changed my mind on the Rams new uniforms. And it's not a positive opinion.
  7. The Chargers are wearing a SoFi Stadium inaugural season patch on their jerseys which I didn't see last week (maybe I'm blind?). Surprised the Rams are not doing the same.
  8. Looks a little out of place without a retro wordmark.
  9. The only thing worse than the Falcons' new uniforms are the end zone logos. That being said, the Browns new uniforms are great. Can't wait to see the Chargers in white on yellow today.
  10. Hopefully the Jets and Giants don't decide to change uniforms simultaneously in the future.
  11. A couple of the pictures and videos filmed during promo shoots the Chargers did last week also show the lightning bolts on the pants much straighter than the Photoshopped pictures revealed in April which were wavy like the 2007-2019 set.
  12. For the first time this season, the Padres are wearing their new road alternate sand pinstripe uniforms.
  13. Also that primary logo was atrocious and made the team look soft. I don't care for the interlocking SD being used as a primary logo but that 2004 logo looked like a laundry detergent brand.
  14. I can't wait to finally see the new road uniforms in action next week, too.
  15. I really liked the original helmet shield and prefer it to the Raven head logo. For whatever reason, the Raven head logo has felt too XFL or even Arena Football League for me. Too bad they had to make the change since they stole the the shield logo from that fan...
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