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  1. If we're to take the Premier League as an example. I'd say 99% of corners involve some kind of shirt pulling, pushing the opposition or holding them - which should result in a penalty or free kick. Most of the time the goalkeeper holds onto the ball for more than 6 seconds and I can only remember the odd occasion a free kick has been awarded against one. Throw ins are sometimes taken 10+ yards further down the line from where they are meant to be taken. My point being that all of those are technically in the rule book and completely black and white rules with no grey area yet they are hardly ever enforced. I understand that the referee has to apply some common sense. In my (often outspoken) opinion on this though... it would only take a few weeks of enforcing these rules properly for teams to realise that they can't take the piss any more. I feel like the same would happen with what is currently unacceptable behaviour towards the officials. Lots of other sports have shown that a zero tolerance policy works.
  2. Whilst I fully endorse every single one of these rule changes, I have 0% confidence of them ever being enforced.
  3. My local team Tranmere Rovers new Puma kit. Badges seem a little small.
  4. I don't think that was the reason but if it was, there was more to it than that. The chairman wasn't happy with the quality and delivery of their training kit. The PR around the kit launch wasn't up to his standards either. There were also rumours that he was unhappy that you could basically get an unbadged version of the shirt for £10 because it was a standard template but fans were charged £45+. Regardless of all this, it's still a weird looking shirt and doesn't feel right for Southampton to me.
  5. Rosberg has been given a 10 second penalty and 2 penalty points on his Super Licence for his actions. This does not affect the race results or the points awarded from the race.
  6. Agreed. It wouldn't be as bad as it is if the sleeves were the same. At least there would be some consistency.
  7. This website is a great reference point that I like to use: http://www.kitclassics.co.uk/Eng_004.htm You can add Cheltenham, Exeter and Lincoln to the list of teams. Lincoln were relegated from the Football League at the end of the 2010/11 season though.
  8. Yeah, home colours are pretty much untouchable to the vast majority of supporters for both club and country. I'd also agree with njdevs7 that a lot of international teams have traditional away colours that shouldn't be messed with. Not that it can't be done but more often than not, the traditional colours should be used. The example you used Crash is a good one because it was the first non-red away kit for England since Euro '96. For club teams, a lot of teams also have a few different choices that they rotate between for away kits but the "rules" aren't as strict and going with something new or different will mostly be accepted so long as you don't use your rivals colours or anything silly like that. 3rd/Alternate kits are pretty much free from any of these fans "rules".
  9. It bothers me a lot more than it should that the 3 stripes on the shirt are white on black but the shorts and socks are red on black. A lot of the "teamwear" contracted Adidas teams tend to have these inconsistencies I've noticed.
  10. Depends how/if they continue onto the shorts in my opinion. Other than that it's a pretty inoffensive shirt if you ignore what has already been said about the new crest.
  11. Yeah but how else are they going to make the players run 0.00032% faster?
  12. It's a bit strange to have that logo in soccer for an outfield player. A goalkeeper would have worked better to me. Maybe I'm just not so used to the jumpman logo as people from other parts of the world are.
  13. There can be other ways to deal with the stripes issue: Maybe it's just me but sometimes the plain backs on football shirts when done badly have a kind of rugby feel to me (obviously an extreme example).
  14. I personally think it needs to be on a case by case basis rather than a hard and fast rule applied to everyone. The example of QPR that you posted is one where I would agree with the rule but just off the top of my head I could think of Hull, Coventry, Bradford and Barnet where it wouldn't be necessary.
  15. I'd have to see them on TV or in person before fully committing to this but they seem like a big upgrade. The old font was meant to have been designed for legibility from a long distance but I didn't find that to be the case. I also wasn't a fan of the gold that they used.
  16. So they've removed yellow from the crest but added it back to the kits? Also, not the biggest fan of the white crest on the shorts but overall it's not too bad.
  17. I agree with this. It proves that your German concepts weren't just a fluke as you've shown now with two separate leagues/countries that you understand how to create a suitable classic look for them with the design elements that you use.
  18. Is it just me or do the logos look too small?
  19. LINK to an interview with the designer from the 2012/3 season. – Will there be any differences between the replica and the authentic or player issue versions of the kit? If so, what will they be?There is no difference whatsoever; we wanted to create a truly authentic replica product for fans. My friend is a Liverpool fan (I live a couple of miles away from the city) and I remember at the time asking him to show me his shirt to see what the material was like.
  20. I know that when the kits were by sister company Warrior, the replica shirts sold to fans were exactly the same as the match worn shirts. I'm guessing as New Balance they are offering the Elite kit as this match worn cut and material and the general kit is what we traditionally associate as a replica standard of kit. You're correct. For most of their history it has been red and white but they did have a yellow/gold crest from the mid 70s to the mid 80s. This was when the club was most successful. SOURCE
  21. This is now being reported in many places as confirmed for the rest of the season with immediate effect - with Kvyat being demoted to Toro Rosso. As you say, it's not the most surprising move given the performances so far. This move is also particularly good for Verstappen as the Red Bull TAG/Renault engine will no doubt vastly improve over the course of the season whereas the 2015 Ferrari engine used at Toro Rosso will not be receiving any development.
  22. I don't like them either but if they are a necessary evil to keep this place going then so be it.
  23. Judging by the length of the deal and the details involved, it seems likely that UA are building Southampton up to be their flagship partnership... ...which (and this is only an assumption) suggests that they are not going to be renewing the contract with Tottenham when it expires.
  24. I believe the reasoning behind the change is exactly this, as well as to help digital applications. I read that in a club statement somewhere. That's why it is only a small update and nothing major. I wish there was a bigger difference between the blue and the yellow though. It hurts my eyes to look at it for too long.
  25. Well, I can't see this F1 qualifying format lasting too long. At the very least a major overhaul is needed. Last season quali built up to a climax. Now it seems that however you get on during your first run of the session pretty much determines where you will end up. If your first run is poor then there isnt enough time to get back into the pits to refuel and put new tyres on so drivers just get out the car and we end up watching nothing. Would knocking 2 cars out every 3 minutes instead of 1 every 90 seconds solve the issue? How about longer between each elimination. Rules about not refueling during each session so that cars need less time in the garage - would also mean a gradual improvement in lap times as fuel is burnt. I know I'm often cynical but how about returning to the previous format?
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