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  1. 4 hours ago, MBurmy said:

    IIRC, they were kicked out of the Summit (back when it was the Mid-Continent Conference) for constantly finishing last back in the mid-00s.


    So yeah, the WAC was desperate...which other D1 conference would take them?


    Chicago State bailed, they weren't kicked (although life in the Summit League was apparently too hard for them, which again raises serious questions about why you are in D-1 to begin with since the Summit League is the league teams fresh out of D-2 join.)

  2. 23 hours ago, QCS said:

    It's a shame that this came out after BOB was fired, because I bet the Panthers could've gotten Watson for a fifth-rounder. I'd love to see us trade for him but I doubt either team is willing to do so.


    Could have dumped Jared Goff on them straight up.

  3. 22 minutes ago, See Red said:

    Elway is stepping... uh... up from his GM role with the Broncos and will be the President of Football Operations.



    Screams "kicked upstairs" to me.  Elway's probably done meddling with the roster.

  4. 2 hours ago, leopard88 said:

    The Philadelphia-WTF game was the only game all week that was guaranteed to be "win and in" (or at least "win and clinch the division") without other backup scenarios.  That made it the best candidate for SNF since the league prefers to have games played simultaneously when they affect each other.


    If the Titans-Texans game was played on SNF, there was a chance of it being meaningless if the Colts lost earlier in the day.  Meanwhile, most of the 1:00 games also involved "____ win OR _____ loss OR ____ loss" clinching scenarios.


    Rams-Cardinals for a playoff spot.


    Granted both are smaller fanbases and much of the Rams offense was riding the pine for injury and COVID reasons.

  5. 3 hours ago, Lights Out said:


    It's not like there were any obvious better options, though. I guess they could have picked Steelers/Browns, but people would have complained about Mason Rudolph just like they're complaining about Sudfeld.


    Rudolph gives Pittsburgh a better chance of winning after the last month.

  6. 55 minutes ago, habsfan1 said:

    Almost like Cody Parkey.


    Only this time, it went through where it should, so the kick was good. That was close.



    His first attempt this year bonked out on the uprights.

  7. 9 hours ago, dont care said:

    1st overall draft picks make less than 9 million a year. It’s fairly small when you see teams paying that much for their backups. It’s worth the risk to get some energy into a franchise and build the team around them in the time before they need to give him another contract. Also it’s not like they don’t have the draft capital or salary cap room to build a team around them.


    Yeah, 1st Round QBs on rookie contracts are cheat codes.  The thing that more teams need to do though is that they should be treated as the league's version of the Putty Patrol and dumped the moment their contract expires (unless you blundered into a legit unicorn QB).

  8. Miami vs. Buffalo

    Baltimore vs. Cincinnati

    Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland

    Minnesota vs. Detroit

    Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay

    NY Jets vs. New England

    Dallas vs. NY Giants

    Las Vegas vs. Denver

    Arizona vs. LA Rams

    Seattle vs. San Francisco

    LA Chargers vs. Kansas City

    New Orleans vs. Carolina

    Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis

    Tennessee vs. Houston

    Green Bay vs. Chicago

    Washington vs. Philadelphia

  9. 4 hours ago, See Red said:


    The head coach himself said they were treating it like a scrimmage and trying to get young guys game reps.  After the Alabama game he said as far as he was concerned, the 2020 Gators played their last game against Alabama.  It's an exhibition game.


    Oklahoma only practiced a handful of days themselves, but Oklahoma wasn't starting scout teamers.  You're not going to develop chemistry between WRs and a QB in a week... so why not let the kids see their families for the holidays?


    I dunno, Indiana got exiled to Tampa so Florida could get their reps in this very high value "exhibition".  They can piss off.

  10. 3 hours ago, BBTV said:


    You know who the worst teams are by everyone's 12th game - especially by their 14th game.  Stopping it right there doesn't change who's fans get to see the 'fruit of their suffering', nor wiill it stop tanking (though as we've discussed, it doesn't happen much in the NFL.)


    But as a FAN, I want to always root for my team to win, and I simply can't now.  I should never be disappointed by a victory, but that's the situation I'm currently in.  If the draft order was wrapped up last week, then I can root hard for my team to win just like usual.  Wouldn't that benefit all fans?


    Weren't you like a huge fan of The Process?

  11. I just assume Jared Goff actively tries to avoid Aaron Donald at the Rams facilities at this point and they don't have full team scrimmages because I have no idea how Donald hasn't just flat out murdered Goff at this point otherwise.

  12. Minnesota vs. New Orleans


    Tampa Bay vs. Detroit

    San Francisco vs. Arizona

    Miami vs. Las Vegas


    Cleveland vs. NY Jets

    Indianapolis vs. Pittsburgh

    Atlanta vs. Kansas City

    NY Giants vs. Baltimore

    Cincinnati vs. Houston

    Chicago vs. Jacksonville

    Carolina vs. Washington

    Denver vs. LA Chargers

    LA Rams vs. Seattle

    Philadelphia vs. Dallas

    Tennessee vs. Green Bay


    Buffalo vs. New England

  13. 8 hours ago, Kramerica Industries said:

    So TAMU and ND will both have blowout losses to prospective playoff teams on their profiles for this season, and every other top-ranked P5 school outside the playoff spots has multiple losses. There's also an undefeated, top-10 G5 school as well in there.


    Indiana clears throat, gives modest death glare.

  14. LA Chargers vs. Las Vegas


    Buffalo vs. Denver

    Carolina vs. Green Bay


    Houston vs. Indianapolis

    Chicago vs. Minnesota

    San Francisco vs. Dallas

    New England vs. Miami

    Seattle vs. Washington

    Jacksonville vs. Baltimore

    Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta

    Detroit vs. Tennessee

    NY Jets vs. LA Rams

    Philadelphia vs. Arizona

    Kansas City vs. New Orleans

    Cleveland vs. NY Giants


    Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati