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  1. Chicago State bailed, they weren't kicked (although life in the Summit League was apparently too hard for them, which again raises serious questions about why you are in D-1 to begin with since the Summit League is the league teams fresh out of D-2 join.)
  2. The athletes actually bolster enrollment.
  3. Urge to eviscerate marketing team rising.... rising.... rising.....
  4. Indianapolis vs. Buffalo Los Angeles vs. Seattle Tampa Bay vs. Washington Baltimore vs. Tennessee Chicago vs. New Orleans Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh
  5. Could have dumped Jared Goff on them straight up.
  6. Screams "kicked upstairs" to me. Elway's probably done meddling with the roster.
  7. Rams might have tried anyway because it doesn't feel good to go into the playoffs on a 3 game losing streak, but yeah, that was a concern.
  8. Rams-Cardinals for a playoff spot. Granted both are smaller fanbases and much of the Rams offense was riding the pine for injury and COVID reasons.
  9. Rudolph gives Pittsburgh a better chance of winning after the last month.
  10. His first attempt this year bonked out on the uprights.
  11. Yeah, 1st Round QBs on rookie contracts are cheat codes. The thing that more teams need to do though is that they should be treated as the league's version of the Putty Patrol and dumped the moment their contract expires (unless you blundered into a legit unicorn QB).
  12. Miami vs. Buffalo Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland Minnesota vs. Detroit Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay NY Jets vs. New England Dallas vs. NY Giants Las Vegas vs. Denver Arizona vs. LA Rams Seattle vs. San Francisco LA Chargers vs. Kansas City New Orleans vs. Carolina Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Tennessee vs. Houston Green Bay vs. Chicago Washington vs. Philadelphia
  13. I dunno, Indiana got exiled to Tampa so Florida could get their reps in this very high value "exhibition". They can piss off.
  14. BYU is the very last team that gets to complain about cheap shots, just tossing that out there.
  15. Weren't you like a huge fan of The Process?
  16. Rams-Cardinals was another option and that game is full on “Sickos” status with the Cardinals flagging and the Rams possibly running out a QB with no regular season experience and down to RB3.
  17. I just assume Jared Goff actively tries to avoid Aaron Donald at the Rams facilities at this point and they don't have full team scrimmages because I have no idea how Donald hasn't just flat out murdered Goff at this point otherwise.
  18. Minnesota vs. New Orleans Tampa Bay vs. Detroit San Francisco vs. Arizona Miami vs. Las Vegas Cleveland vs. NY Jets Indianapolis vs. Pittsburgh Atlanta vs. Kansas City NY Giants vs. Baltimore Cincinnati vs. Houston Chicago vs. Jacksonville Carolina vs. Washington Denver vs. LA Chargers LA Rams vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas Tennessee vs. Green Bay Buffalo vs. New England
  19. Gonna go set myself on fire outside of the Rosemont Fogo de Chao.
  20. Indiana clears throat, gives modest death glare.
  21. LA Chargers vs. Las Vegas Buffalo vs. Denver Carolina vs. Green Bay Houston vs. Indianapolis Chicago vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. Dallas New England vs. Miami Seattle vs. Washington Jacksonville vs. Baltimore Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta Detroit vs. Tennessee NY Jets vs. LA Rams Philadelphia vs. Arizona Kansas City vs. New Orleans Cleveland vs. NY Giants Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati
  22. They should put Cincy in, but they won't.
  23. Did USCe's arena ever replace the ice plant? IIRC that was what killed the Inferno before.