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  1. 100% agree, but I'm biased since their my favorite team. However, one little thing bothers me on the orange jersey. I don't really like the stripe on the sleeve colored the way it is. I think the stripes should be mimicking the numbers (w,b,w).
  2. The only uniform he will ever look right in is a Florida Gators jersey.
  3. it should be tatooed on the players. nothing better than failing at a lame joke...
  4. Jesus Christ, What are you going to do when he is traded or sign to NY? Shoot Yourself or Jump on his bandwagon? That's alot of coin invested in Carmelo if you ask me. What else of his do you collect? Snippets of his braids and Basketball cards? J/k, but really-- are you a 'Melo fan or a Nugget fan? Would you want to fallow him to NY? I'm a 'melo fan without a doubt. I've been a fan of his since 2002 (i turned 12 in july 2002) when I saw oak hill play svsm in trenton, nj during all star weekend when it was in philly. my uncle who is from akron was telling me all about how lebron was this and that and he somehow got tickets to the game. we went to some of the all star festivities that weekend and then went to the oak hill/svsm game which was the same day as the all star game. lebron and melo pretty much played evenly and for some reason, I liked melo better from that day on which I think it had to do something with oak hill winning. right around then was when i started getting really, really interested in sports and for christmas i got tickets to the syracuse michigan state game in 2003 and i became even more of a fan. he got drafted by the nuggets right at the same time that my infatuation with shaq and kobe was winding down and i followed melo to denver. i've been to every nuggets/cavs game in cleveland since and have been to denver once for a game against the lakers (part of grad present). i've always said i'm a melo fan first and will be a fan of his first no matter where he goes. so to answer your question, yes, ill get 2 melo knicks jerseys if that happens. what else do i collect of his? i have the melo 1.5 white, 2 melo 5.5's (white and black), 2 melo m3's (navy blue and grey), 2 melo m4 (black/light blue and black/red/oak hill), 2 melo m5 (dark blue and black w/light blue/yellow ca's), melo m6 future sole, and im getting m7's for christmas. other than that, I have a bunch of rookie cards and bobble heads, every video game he's on, and a signed basketball of his. on a side note, i also have an allen iverson game worn signed shoe that he gave me when the nuggets beat the cavs by 30 a couple years ago. and to answer your question, yes i have met him lol
  5. 1 Authentic Carmelo Anthony Nuggets White 2 Authentic Carmelo Anthony Nuggets Light Blue 3 Authentic Carmelo Anthony Nuggets Dark Blue 4 Authentic Carmelo Anthony All Star Las Vegas 5 Authentic Carmelo Anthony All Star New Orleans 6 Authentic Carmelo Anthony All Star Dallas 7 Swingman Carmelo Anthony Nuggets Blue Rainbow Throwback 8 Swingman Carmelo Anthony Nuggets/Rockets White/Orange Throwback 9 Swingman Carmelo Anthony Oak Hill Red 10 Swingman Carmelo Anthony Oak Hill White 11 Swingman Carmelo Anthony Oak Hill Yellow 12 Swingman Carmelo Anthony Nuggets Pickax Throwback Blue 13 Swingman Carmelo Anthony Nuggets Pickax Throwback Light Blue 14 swingman Carmelo Anthony Nuggets Green 15 Swingman Carmelo Anthony Nuggets/Rockets White/Purple/Yellow 16 Swingman Carmelo Anthony USA White Athens 17 Swingman Carmelo Anthony USA Blue Las Vegas 18 Swingman Carmelo Anthony USA Blue Beijing 19 Swingman Carmelo Anthony USA White Japan 20 Swingman Carmelo Anthony McDonalds All-American White 21 Swingman Carmelo Anthony Syracuse Orange 22 Swingman Carmelo Anthony Syracuse Gray 23 Swingman Carmelo Anthony Syracuse Black 24 Authentic Tyler Hansbrough North Carolina Carolina Blue 25 Swingman RaShad McCants North Carolina White 26 Swingman Michael Jordan North Carolina Black 27 Authentic Michael Jordan North Carolina Carolina Blue 28 Swingman Greg Oden Ohio State Scarlet 29 Authentic Evan Turner Ohio State Scarlet Signed 30 Authentic Evan Turner Ohio State Grey Signed 31 Authentic Troy Smith (Current Stripes) Ohio State White Signed 32 Swingman #7 (Current Stripes) Ohio State Scarlet 33 Swingman #2 (Current Stripes) Ohio State Scarlet 34 Swingman #7 (Old Stripes) Ohio State Scarlet 35 Swingman #47 (Old Stripes) Ohio State Scarlet 36 Swingman Archie Griffin Ohio State Scarlet 37 Swingman Kirk Herbstriet Ohio State Scarlet 38 Authentic Randy Moss Raiders Black 39 Authentic Darren McFadden Raiders 2009 Legacy White 40 Replica Charles Woodson Raiders White 41 Replica Tim Brown Raiders Black 42 Authentic Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles White Signed 43 Authentic Adam Jones Orioles Black Signed 44 Stitched-On Nick Markakis Orioles White 45 Stitched-On Miguel Tejada Orioles Black 46 Sidney Crosby Penguins Black 47 Replica Troy Smith Ravens Purple 48 Replica Chad Ochocinco Bengals Orange 49 Limited Edition Shaun Alexander Seahawks White #102 of 1204 50 Replica Derrick Brooks Buccaneers Garnett 51 Replica Michael Vick Falcons Black 51 Replica Michael Vick Falcons Pro Bowl White 52 Authentic Sean Taylor Redskins White 53 Swingman Tracy McGrady Rockets White 54 Swingman Chris Paul Hornets Yellow 55 Swingman Vince Carter Raptors Purple 56 Swingman Michael Jordan Bulls White 57 Swingman Michael Jordan BUlls Red 58 Swingman Michael Jordan Bulls Black 59 Replica Michael Jordan Wizards Blue 61 Swingman Rashad McCants Timberwolves Blue 62 Swingman Chauncey Billups Pistons Blue 61 Swingman Gibert Arenas Wizards Blue 62 Swingman Shaq Lakers Yellow 63 Replica Shaq Magic Blue 64 Swingman Shaq Heat Black 64 Swingman Kobe Lakers Yellow 65 Swingman Kobe Lakers White 66 Swingman Raymond Felton Bobcats Orange 67 Swingman Allen Iverson Sixers Black 68 Ohio State Baseball Scarlet 69 Ohio State Baseball White 70 North Carolina Baseball Light Blue 71 North Carolina Baseball Gray 72 North Carolina Baseball Dark Blue 73 Nike Baseball White 74 Swingman North Carolina Football #23 Light Blue 75 Swingman Florida State #89 Garnett 76 Swingman Miami (FL) #83 Orange 77 Swingman Texas #10 Burnt Orange 78 Swingman Oregon #96 Black 79 Swingman TCU Tomlinson Purple 80 Swingman Oklahoma #28 Red 81 Swingman Hawai'i #15 Black 82 Replica Toledo #7 Blue 83 Replica Bowling Green #4 Orange 84 Swingman Georgetown #55 Blue 85 Swingman Villanova #14 White 86 Replica Cincinnati #4 Black Probable additions to the collection: Ohio State Pro Combat #22 Scarlet Ohio State Pro Combat #8 White Jerseys of team that Carmelo gets traded to or signs with this offseason LeBron Heat just to mess with people here in Ohio
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