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  1. The Indians' red hats are red with a navy C, not black. Looks black to me, which is probably a weakness of the design.
  2. I can't stand the red and black caps, they make the players look like matches to me. I love when they wear their alternates with the Wahoo, easily one of the best sets in baseball. The creme and red? Eh. It's grown on me as the season has moved along, as well as the block "C", but it's still not my favorite. I will add though that the Stars and Stripes "C" this year is unbelievably good looking.
  3. I'm actually sad I can't bend the brim on my Stars and Stripes Indians cap. Looks stupid flat.
  4. I don't get this. You think "that looks stupid", yet you leave a sticker on anyway? Why? The hologram is because I like the hologram, not because I want anyone to know that I'm "so gangsta" that I could afford the hat.
  5. I leave the hologram on the underside of the bill but otherwise I take that off, it looks stupid.
  6. Congrats to the Tigers, good luck in the post-season, assuming you stay as hot as you are.
  7. The Tribe - It's perfect. I like "Halos" a bunch too. Brownies, "Dawg Defense" from the old Browns is cool. I also really dig "Bucs" for the Pirates.
  8. What are those anti-terror barriers he keeps referencing?
  9. Why are memorial patches always a circle? I think the Tigers are the only ones that have a different shape for their patch. (I think it's home plate.)
  10. I would argue that at this point, not even one game would be special?just pandering...but then again, I'm just a misogynist who's aunt is currently going through her third round of chemo. I guess I can see the resentment, but around here a lot of activism went down last year for the Browns' one pink game. A lot of the soroities handed out pamphlets, raised money, etc. But I'd agree that it would be better overall to just give the charities money.
  11. Eh. It's not special if it's for more than one game. That's why the minor-league hockey "Pink Rink" nights work so well; it's one night. More than one, well known, SPECIAL, occasion is overkill.
  12. Listen to all of this baseball talk. Anyhow, I hope the rest of the Central tosses the Indians aside like they are no threat. We are not out of it til we are out of it. Everyone seemed to lose to below .500 teams this last week. (or at least just the Yankees.) Did anyone see those pitcures from the first Marlins/Reds game? That was brutal. I really feel for the Marlins players and staff.
  13. It was actually more of an inappropriate shot recalling how Hawk was DROOLING over Thome like he was a Sox legend, I think the 2nd game our last series. Ironic that you bring up homerism then get mad when someone makes a joke about Hawk. At least I haven't called the Tigers or the Sox the bad guys yet.
  14. What's there to be "asspained" about? We're only a half game back of you guys with plenty of time left. Also, there's no "d" in tomato. Lol. OK. I don't think the Indians are scared of the Sox anymore, just the Tigers. Honestly, I wouldn't mind dropping a series to the Sox if it meant winning a series against the Tigers. You guys got Kubel (or at least blocked the trade like :censored:s) but ignored Thome so IDK what's going on. I bet Hawk was touching himself the last week thinking of Thome playing for the Sox again. Thankfully 'ol Jimmy came home. Even if we lose this race it's been a blast and it's going to be awesome to see 25 back in a Tribe uniform again.