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  1. LOL! http://www.wholesale-mlbjerseys.org/MLB-Cleveland-Indians-17--Choo-Cream-Jerseys-p-5880.html
  2. Love how he very deliberately took a picture of the collar, as if to try and make it seem legit. lol.
  3. I don't know too much about football tech but that "padded practice jersey" made me laugh pretty hard. Who would wear that around? Ha!
  4. I just noticed that on the Steve Mason jersey I got a while back the Reebok Edge logo is on upsidedown. LOL.
  5. Here's a few. 1.) I hate the Steelers' logo not just because of the team but because it's a blatant lift of another logo. (US Steel for those that want to know) 2.) The Browns do not need an official logo. (Let's be honest, they don't have one). The Brownie is the closest thing we've got and it's fine with how much it's used now. (Especially since it wasn't even introduced by the team). 3.) The CBJ logo is awesome. I liked their pre-Edge Alts better than their primaries now. (Pretty much because of the black) 4.) The Penguins' "dove" logo is miles ahead of that anthro penguin. 5.) The Oilers' newer color scheme is better than the light blue and sherbert. dealwithit.gif
  6. Sure it is weak, but so is the whitewashed demonization of people who own knock-offs.
  7. The normal consumer doesn't know it's a law. Or more accurately is unaware of the illicit sellers. Obvious counterfeits are obvious, sure, but some clever knock-offs aren't obvious. It's easy to assume that you're getting a good deal or "cutting out the middle-man".
  8. I think we both know how nowadays sports teams represent and identify so much more than we can imagine. A person is entitled to spend their money on a product that most think is a legit licensed product. People don't look at the majority of these things and go "Yeah! YEAH! F*** the NHL! I'm paying for a sub-standard product! Fight the system!". They want to get what they can and to be honest no one wants a f***ing practice jersey just because they'd feel bad paying less than $120 for a piece of team clothing. Without sounding as cliche as possible, during the " "'s tenure here with the Cavaliers, every kid from East Cleveland to Parma to Beachwood wanted a " James 23" jersey. At the height of his popularity, how many of those were fake/counterfeit?
  9. It sucks that knock-offs even exist but for apparently "sub-standard" people like college kids or poorer people, acquiring an actual authentic (licensed) jersey is impossible. I bought a jersey off of website and it looks allright, but more likely than not is it a counterfeit. Sure, it's bad, but it only cost me $60 which is the "sweet-spot" for my means. I got a license CBJ Alt Customized jersey over Christmas, but that was a special present. It's not fair to look down on the buyers as much as it is to look down on the sellers. Just my pitch. ~Brett
  10. Care to explain why that's odd? I thought that's how the early '00 Oilers jerseys looked before this hard-on for throwbacks. Gretzky only wore these. He left the Oilers even before the pre-Edge navy jerseys were used. Oh well, if that's it, then that's fine. I like the newer style a bit better. (I'm pretty bad but I knew when Gretzky played, lol.) If Cleveland had more of a history, I'd get an older name on a newer style jersey. (Like putting Bower or Cheevers on a LEM jersey)
  11. Care to explain why that's odd? I thought that's how the early '00 Oilers jerseys looked before this hard-on for throwbacks.
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