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  1. As much as I would actually love to see Tom Brady win a 5th ring (even as a Bears fan I still appreciate greatness) I can't imagine what the heck a fifth trophy would look like on a ring. They might be the first team to have championship brass knuckles...Dear Lord those are ginormous!!!
  2. Man, that green and black combo does look pretty fantastic! It would instantly look unique and recognizable. Nice job! Love the way the font is developing. I echo the comments about the bubbles; getting rid of them would probably be the best idea. Good Luck!
  3. It has that 'Oklahoma City Thunder Stock Logo Template' feel to it. Buh.
  4. ...and a piss test, but what's the fun in that???
  5. Just wondering...why in the world would you need to put "Cleveland" and "Browns" simultaneously on a football jersey and pants for one of the most easily recognizable professional football teams around?
  6. I actually really like the stripes against the shoulder/chest...more than I originally thought I would...but the "Browns" down the pants kills it for me. Totally unnecessary.
  7. Nice, but it'd work better if you did the rows by jersey rather than pants. How's this? What I imagine most die hard Browns fans will say: "F$%# You Nike!"
  8. I still find it hard to believe that they wouldn't go with brown jerseys as primaries. As mentioned in previous comments, the stripes on the shoulders might look better on a game jersey with the tight cut, but it still looks really awkward and forced to me. There is nothing natural about it. Oh well, I said similar things about the Seahawks jerseys when they first cane out and I've grown to appreciate their design. Maybe the same will happen with these at some point in time.
  9. I just can't for the life of me believe that they would NOT have a brown jersey; I just can't. I could excuse them for implementing a bunch of unnecessary piping, or sleeve/shoulder design elements, or whatever....but the biggest travesty would be to eliminate the brown jersey as the primary.
  10. Why? It's so super. You know...groovy. It's far-out, man. just saw this and I read it in Jon Gruden's voicejust saw this and I read it as Frank Caliendo's impression of Jon Gruden's voice
  11. We've already noted this is an unofficial graphic. That's Conrad's first attempt at rendering the logo. See page 21 of this thread. While I am not a big fan of this new logo (if it is indeed the new logo) I actually really like how the middle horns curve to form what looks like the beginning of a basketball; that's pretty cool. The rest is subpar for me, especially the 'M' in the neck part that feels ultra forced.
  12. To be totally honest, if they are anything like the Ducks I'd be more than happy with it. The Ducks have actually figured it out in my opinion. I honestly feel that they have been extremely successful with most, if not all of their most recent uniform and helmet designs in the past couple of years. I hated the monstrosities of years past, but absolutely love what they've done as of late....its just too bad that they have such a negative reputation that seems to negate their most recent uniform successes.
  13. Calling the MLS brand of soccer "Premier" would be like McDonald's calling their burgers "Gourmet" Its not only laughable, but insluting to great soccer leagues across the globe.
  14. Ahahahaha! thats hilarious! In all seriousness, I have to admit that I can't help but feel that some people sound like complete old farts with some of their commentary and hatred for this set. I've seen uniforms that are 1000 times worse than these, and they never got this type of hate. They are not that bad...they may not be THAT good either, but I can live with them and I actually like them. I'm just surprised at how strongly people are reacting towards a uniform set that really isn't that innovative and different from many other rather normal and tame more modern uniforms (outside of the ultra stylzed numbers). You would think that their previous set was an untouchable masterpiece or something. I honestly found them to be a boring, dark, complete muddy mess...but thats just me. Its still funny to read the comments though, I was laughing out loud at this entire page.