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  1. Highmark Stadium (home of the Pittsburgh Riverhounds of the USL, sorry best small pic I could find) And here it is set up by the Penguins for hockey.
  2. Sorry for size, but I love this Louisville Southern Miss matchup pic.
  3. A couple pages back I wrote that I obtained the black Ohio Bobcats football jersey. Well now I added to my collection again...the black Ohio Basketball Jersey. Actually very sharp in person. EDIT: Sorry for the Huge Photo Size. DIdnt realize it was that big.
  4. I like Grey Facemasks with colored helmets. Love that the browns went from White to Grey, and I liked Michigan's throwbacks more than their regular helmets.
  5. how were you able to get those? I got the green one when I was still in school. I knew somebody who had access to them in the Athletic Dept. after the switched to the sewn on numbers from the screen, so I was able to get one of the old ones. The demand was actually high on the black ones, so the athletic department placed another order about a week after the Marshall game when they were first unveiled. I luckily was able to purchase one of them, and finally received it today. I also have a game worn green Adidas Basketball jersey and shorts from when they switched over to Russell. I was able to get that actually at a spring game on campus, when the Athletic department had a surplus sale. That Sale is a gold mind,
  6. Probably will get asked why I got it, but I received one of my whales in the mail today. Probably the most infamous jersey in the College football thread. Without any further adieu, the black Ohio Bobcat Jersey. I gotta say, I like it as much as my game worn green one too. It looks better in person than it does on TV.
  7. What if no player in the MLB resides in Pittsburgh? So players from smaller towns (ie Larry Bird from French Lick) are not even given a shot to play in the professional leagues? Im confused by what you are trying to say, can you please elaborate?
  8. Adam Laroche Red Sox, Played in 6 games with them after getting traded from Pittsburgh, but before getting traded to Atlanta.
  9. Accidentally stumbled over this while browsing eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Wheeling-Nailers-Thunderbirds-hockey-jersey-/260790272613?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item3cb84fc265 You have no idea how pumped I am. Really hoping I win it. Thanks!
  10. Wow, that logo looks awfully similar to this: Never really thought about it, but yes they are similar. About 10x better than what they had in Winston Salem.
  11. Grew up going to their games, don't mind the jersey since they changed to the Nailers, but what I would give for a Wheeling Thunderbirds Jersey. Heck, anything Thunderbirds.
  12. I know he never actually played for them, but it's still odd seeing Crosby in this.
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