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  1. Well, I guess I might as well too. I disagree that the Sens original logo isn't dated, the lines are so thin, it looks pure 90s.
  2. The problem with the Sens' inaugural white jerseys is that the black completely dominates the red so on TV you can't even make the colour out. That being said, there are absolutely 90s jerseys that are timeless and would be great to bring back. There are also some that really aren't. The Ducks, Sharks, Panthers, and IMO Kings never looked better than they did in that decade. I think there's something to the idea that many of the more sunny teams looked better in their 90s threads.
  3. I'll defend the "Jets logo looks like clipart" take - yes, in concept it looks like the Air Force logo but the double-red and double-grey shading does make it look like clipart. I personally think the logo would be improved by simplifying it, but that's just me.
  4. Or alternatively that list wasn't comprehensive/accurate and/or they reassessed after Sockeyes got ruled out
  5. RMNB reporting that the name will be Kraken... That's a surprise for sure
  6. It could be simplified though. Also I'm really pissed that those jerseys can't be made in NHL 20.
  7. Yeah just superb work Sparky
  8. Your stuff is always superb, and that template... wow. Wonder what it would take to get you to share that with me, because it really takes these concepts to a whole other level. I have a few nitpicks though. On Pittsburgh, gotta go with gold numbers on the home jersey. A few teams just have a few too many thin stripes - I'm thinking Toronto, Chicago, and St. Louis in particular The Sharks teal needs to be brighter, right now the home does not have enough contrast on it. The Predators logo does look very nice in the mockup but the gap between the fang and the mouth should be made transparent. Keep it up
  9. Count me as another person who thinks the Stars look better than they ever have. That colour of green is just spectacular. I used to love those star jerseys but the lack of contrast and the warping between the logo and uniform star throw me off. As do the double outlines on the numbers and the unreadable name and numbers on the white sweaters.
  10. Agreed, it made sense back when they were using the Rbk jerseys but they nailed these so much there's no question
  11. Respect to the concepts in here but not a single one of those looks better than the current Avs home uniform. The blue, silver, and burgundy is a perfect combination and the black looks fine.
  12. White helmets look good. Dark helmets with white jerseys generally look weird. I don't know why we need to change this...
  13. Yeah I've never seen a single Avs concept with non-black pants that doesn't look weird.
  14. Some thoughts on the previous few pages Canucks throwbacks are fun but I far prefer their regular jerseys and logo. Would be sad if they went there full time. Oliers look way better with the navy than the royal blue on those orange jerseys. The orange and blue sweaters were so garish.
  15. Some NHL ones: Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller in the goat head Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry in the Mighty Ducks Thomas and Chara in the old B Kesler and Luongo in navy