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  1. I have never seen a Hurricanes concept logo that was better than the real thing.
  2. Wow that second one looks fantastic, how did they not do that instead?
  3. I agree that I like the Jackets' jerseys in principle and that the black looked horrible, but those stripes definitely need to be less dainty.
  4. I agree that green in the orca doesn't work. That being said, there are way too many strokes in that logo. Self-promotion, but I'd like to see them simplify along these lines:
  5. Both logos are very very strong. IMO you should either darken the silver or lose it completely though.
  6. Cool idea on the screen but the material would have to be really reflective for there to be any contrast. Even the current Hurricanes third jerseys just turn to greyish mush on the screen.
  7. I'll say it - I honestly like the old one better. It's about the poses I think - the old one is neat and symmetrical while the new one looks a bit more haphazard. I think a version of the old one where the torso isn't as slim would be the best of both worlds.
  8. but this is a concepts forum
  9. Appreciate the input. The Caps logo edit is definitely something I wrestled with, the white does kind of distract the eyes.
  10. Final post in this thread for a while, by all means I would still love to hear comments on all the concepts I've posted here. 4/4: Metropolitan Division Ah the Metro, home of my beloved Penguins. There's a lot to like visually in this division. The Hurricanes keep basically the same design; I honestly like their logo and I thought their jersey update was very solid. I would change to black pants however to get some continuity between the pants and the hem. I just can't get on board with making the cannon illustration the primary for Columbus, so the star logo remains. I made the striping just a little more classic as well to match the socks. The Devils go back to what worked and should never have been changed. The Islanders actually through back to the right jerseys this time: the dynasty rather than their inaugural. The Rangers don't mess with what works, nor do the Flyers (whose collar is just less stupid). The Pens add some gold to the hem for continuity. Finally, the Capitals stick with their basic Stanley Cup-winning set but with some modifications; no more awkward connection between the white and the collar, no more weird side panels, a hem stripe, and an updated Weagle on the front. Thanks for checking out this series guys, hope you enjoyed it. When I get the chance I'll update with away jerseys and alternates (and maybe even Seattle).
  11. Totally fair, the NHL graphic I used as the template for the OP was used to announce the realignment after expansion so I was stuck with Seattle. I'll come up with something though as an update soon.
  12. I'll get there, the process of designing a whole new team identity is a bit out of the scope of this redesign but I'll probably do one soon.