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  1. Some NHL ones: Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller in the goat head Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry in the Mighty Ducks Thomas and Chara in the old B Kesler and Luongo in navy
  2. I 100% agree with North Stars-in-black take from earlier. Most overrated jersey in NHL history, literally hurts my eyes to look at it. The black trim is so messy and ugly.
  3. Idk how you can complain that the light teal doesn't contrast with the grey when the dark teal completely blurs into black on TV.
  4. Honestly if the Preds just thickened the white stripe and got rid of the yellow stripe on the pants that would be enough for me. Love the Preds in gold.
  5. Count me as supportive of this, I mocked up a home equivalent of this a few months back:
  6. If they would just ditch the stupid silver they would look great in navy and gold.
  7. I have never seen a Hurricanes concept logo that was better than the real thing.
  8. Wow that second one looks fantastic, how did they not do that instead?
  9. I agree that I like the Jackets' jerseys in principle and that the black looked horrible, but those stripes definitely need to be less dainty.
  10. I agree that green in the orca doesn't work. That being said, there are way too many strokes in that logo. Self-promotion, but I'd like to see them simplify along these lines:
  11. Both logos are very very strong. IMO you should either darken the silver or lose it completely though.
  12. Cool idea on the screen but the material would have to be really reflective for there to be any contrast. Even the current Hurricanes third jerseys just turn to greyish mush on the screen.
  13. I'll say it - I honestly like the old one better. It's about the poses I think - the old one is neat and symmetrical while the new one looks a bit more haphazard. I think a version of the old one where the torso isn't as slim would be the best of both worlds.
  14. but this is a concepts forum