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  1. Cody21

    Heitert's NHL

    maybe try and fuse the rockies logo with the avalanches? like ross did.
  2. 90's scripts with the fire-arm effect from 80's?
  3. Cody21

    Fox's MLB 2.0

    My bad. I just thought the D-snake would look good on the black jersey.
  4. How about the 90's era with the fire arm days? i don't know why but i'd like that.
  5. Tried it out, got to level 7.
  6. the only jersey i'm not a fan of is the alt. try something different, like a silver jersey.
  7. This: To the Japan version: Which ones better?
  8. if somehow you were able to make a hockey template, I'd love a Pekka Rinne one.
  9. maybe they should take the black cap and use it as the home alternate.
  10. thanks so much, kiwi!
  11. Why is this just sticking into the States? Canada would love more basketball clubs. Why not move some teams?
  12. I hate the Kings new look. All they needed to do was remove the Los Angeles from the bottom of there old jerseys and place the pencil logo as the shoulder patch with the purple crown. I also hate Rangers and Nationals not able to make up there mind about what colour team they are. Are they a mainly RED or BLUE team? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS, !
  13. I know it's weird, but what did Abbot do when he had to swing the bat? Any videos around? Did he always try to bunt for a hit? From a technical stanpoint, Abbot held the bat in his left hand in a traditional batting stance while balancing the upper part of the handle of the bat over his right wrist. It was similar to the way Kevin Youklis sets up with the bat where he's not actually holding the bat with his top hand, but instead letting the barrel rest on the thumb of his open hand. As he went into his swing, he would keep the handle supported on his right wrist while tucking in his lead elbow, putting a lot of "body" into the swing. It was basically a very sound swing. On another note, Abbot was also an accomplished bunter. In fact, I actually have one of his baseball cards where the picture is of him bunting and not pitching for the Angels. Thats the one. 1991, before I was born.(its easy to find 90's cards at dollar stores)
  14. Here what I would do because the links don't work: convert the photos to PNG format. The links are working for other people, so I really don't know what to do. First, how would I change them to PNG format, and then once they were converted, what should I do? by opening the pictures up in ms paint, you can convert. then, using the photobucket account you created, upload the photos. then click on the picture and hold it up to the tab. copy the link. then, do you see the picture with the little tree in it. place your link in there and the picture will be posted. i know its a lot of work, but its worth it. i got the links to work, but still, for the benefit of others.