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  1. Those original Yotes unis were hideous.
  2. Are the Ottawa Senators fazing out the helmeted Senator logo in favor of the 'O Flag' logo? Seems so, as most everywhere you look on the internet nowadays you'll see the 'O Flag' logo instead of their usual primary logo. Website Media Guide Ice Surface #Hashtag Media Backdrop
  3. What does Sagueneens mean anyway? Tried translating it with some of the available online translators, and just keeps coming up Sagueneens, damn it! ***Nevermind - found the answer on the team's Wikipedia entry***
  4. Hmm...not sure why the link is broken, the file(s) are still in my Dropbox folder. Anyway here's the Leafs font link again. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zkyt4k70ftbadvx/NHL Toronto Maple Leafs 2016.otf?dl=0
  5. I read on Twitter a week or two ago where Bill Foley stated in an interview that the jerseys will be ready to hand out to players at the Draft as well as to purchase online or in store at that time. So I'd expect an official unveiling on or just prior to Draft Day. For any further news, I'd suggest following the VGK twitter.
  6. The 2018 NBA All-Star Game logo was unveiled earlier tonight.
  7. Yeah it definitely looks much like a TV Station/Network logo. Better than the old one though.
  8. Slamball, now there's a blast from the past. I doubt that this BIG3 league will fall to the level of Slamball. My god, that league was just as bad as that SpikeTV Roller Derby league from that era.
  9. I personally really like the White (far left), and Blue (2nd from left) uniforms the best. Those colours real pop well together. Green is third best IMO.
  10. This morning, Ice Cube, and NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson formally announced the BIG3, 3-on-3 Professional Basketball League. The inaugural season begins June 24, 2017, and will consist of 8 teams. The league was created by rapper/actor Ice Cube. The following nine former NBA players have agreed to play in the new league. - Allen Iverson - Rashard Lewis - Kenyon Martin - Jermaine O'Neal - Stephen Jackson - Chauncey Billups - Bonzi Wells - Jason Williams - Roger Mason, Jr. Structure There are a total of 8 Teams with 5 players per team with 1 coach per team. There will be an eight week regular season resulting in and 8 game regular season as all games are on Saturday with a week off between contests.[3] There will be one playoff game week nine and a championship game week ten. Rules Standard 2 and 3 point shots apply Exclusive 4 point shots when a player is touching ANY PART of the “4 Point Circle” Additional free throw taken if a player is fouled while making a shot A shooting foul will receive the number of shots corresponding to the missed attempt (2, 3, 4 points) All personal fouls will be counted as team fouls: No foul outs. On and after the 5th team foul (per half) opponents get 2 shots and ball possession A technical foul results in 2 foul shots & the ball. Every technical foul after the first results in 4 foul shots & ball possession First team to 60 Points wins Half-time happens after a team scores 30 Points Team must win by 4 Points Substitutions made on a dead ball or by calling time BIG3.com
  11. The Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (LFA) was launched one year ago. via Wikipedia The six current teams. Condors Dinos Eagles Fundidores Mayas Raptors Images of the uniforms for the original four teams. (No images yet for the two new teams) Uniforms are a bit too generic for me.
  12. Here are the logos and uniforms for the 2017 KHL All-Star Game, set to take place on January 21st & 22nd in Ufa, Russia. They'll use the same 3on3 Divisional format as last year's NHL All-Star Game. Quote from the news release: https://www.allstarweek.com/?lang=en The uniforms were designed, and created by Bauer Hockey. A close up of the jersey crest(s) Each player's team logo is placed on left shoulder, while divisional logo on right shoulder.. [article on KHL.com regarding the 2017 All-Star Game uniform designs] A look at the jersey number, and letter font that will be the same on each jersey. Also featured within the numbers on the back, there is this neat little design of crossed hockey sticks & diamonds. Even the player gloves will feature the KHL ASG branding. So what do you all think about these?
  13. Yep https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57955291/NHL Florida Panthers 2016.otf
  14. This Christopher Newport Captains have a pretty good logo.
  15. I'm not saying Division II sports logos wont be added, just wont be happening in the immediate future.
  16. I was the one that added all the Division II Conference logos to the site. That does not mean Division II sports logos will be added any time soon. It's quite difficult to keep the Division I sports logos up to date as it is. I'm not saying it wont happen, just not in the plans for immediate future. Sorry to disappoint.
  17. I was the one that added all the Division II Conference logos to the site. But, that does not mean Division II sports logos will be added any time soon. Sorry to disappoint you.
  18. Here ya go. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57955291/NHL Toronto Maple Leafs 2016.otf Really a shame that Conrad Burry shut his font page down.
  19. Yes, that retro Coyotes logo gets my vote. Absolutely hideous!
  20. The only old logos of theirs that I have, is what is in their College Vault file. (screenshot below)
  21. I have added the logo to the site. http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/list_by_team/897/Villanova_Wildcats
  22. I have the Villanova College Vault graphics PDF with this included, if you can tell me what approximate years they used this logo, I will add it to their page.
  23. Too bad those logos are not featured in their College Vault graphics PDF.
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