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  1. I always assumed that they’d make the Icon uniforms the default home look when that happens, which makes sense. “Thunder” primarily at home, “Oklahoma City” (or “OKC”) on the road.
  2. Yeah that was mentioned on UniWatch.
  3. Makes sense why they eliminated gold helmets this past season.
  4. 14 new Statement jerseys? Or 14 new ones total?
  5. Yeah...this teaser significantly lowered my hopes for this kit. I'm not a fan of skyline kits in general, but especially in Dallas' case. Yes, the Reunion tower is distinctive as far as buildings go, but not necessarily attractive, like say the Bay Bridge or something. I fear something that will end up looking like the Mavs alternates which I'm not big on.
  6. Count me out on this plastic silver swoosh trend.
  7. In my mind the biggest reason has got to be jersey sales. Outside of a small minority, I don't think many would be rushing out snatch up purple Steph Curry jerseys. Black/white is much more universal.
  8. This was the first time OU has had a white CFP decal. Previous two trips it was black.
  9. It's a diamond Jumpman for OU.
  10. Looks like they already are for some teams:
  11. Based on what I've seen on Twitter it seems like Nike didn't do a great job communicating the December 19 drop date. With both the Jazz and Thunder examples I've read about people trying to buy it and being refused. Stores pulling the merch after having it out on the floor.
  12. That is strange. I hadn’t noticed that. I believe LockerVision has the correct breakdown.
  13. Thats not accurate. OKC has worn every uniform they have this season. They’ve worn white the most, but all four uniforms have seen the floor.