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  1. I'm mostly interested to see how this plays out with Teams with complicated histories like the Thunder or the Hornets/Pelicans/Jazz trifecta.
  2. Ah yeah, I think those are considering practice/training gear. Though, to your point, it looks like those are using team fonts this year too.
  3. Last season's shooting shirts used team wordmarks...
  4. Not apples to apples but these two college uniforms come to mind:
  5. And now for whatever reason, they've decided to stack it in the bubble.
  6. For the first few days it’s social justice message above number, names under. After that, everyone’s name will be under the number. If a player chooses to keep a social justice message above for the remainder of the games, they can.
  7. I like that uniform too. But I hate nickname jerseys. Mile High City, Buzz City, The Land, etc. All terrible IMO.
  8. Was hideous when Texas Tech did it. Will likely still be hideous now.
  9. Super quick and dirty mockup, but something like this would be great, IMO.
  10. I thought the idea behind the team logo on the front of the All-Star jersey was interesting, because like @Digby said, I'm more prone to want a team-focused jersey than one that says "West" or "All-Star." I think that's part of what was always fun about the Christmas Day uniforms: still team-focused, but a totally different design than what was normally worn. While the overall design wasn't great, I still love what the 2015 Rising Stars uniforms did. I'd love to see the All-Star game use a standardized design with each team's normal wordmark on the chest. I feel it's a nice blend between the old days of players wearing their normal uniforms, and the modern templated style.
  11. Luka’s temper tantrums aren’t really Nike’s fault tbh.
  12. Another year of the USA vs. the World uniforms being superior to the ASG uniforms.
  13. Soccer fans around the world have been doing this for years. I'm sure you'll figure it out.
  14. That helmet was purely commemorative. Hurts is wearing an OU helmet on the field.
  15. None. I actually interned there as a graphic designer about 10 years ago. They were very intentional about treating it like a clean slate.
  16. All of that may be true, but in practical application, the Thunder never refer to the Sonics history, nor hang their championship banner in the arena, nor discuss past great/retired numbers/etc. While it is technically a maintained history, it is practically treated as a new franchise.
  17. I'll take this current system over this tbh. I really think the biggest issue is with TV broadcasts. As others have mentioned, it doesn't appear to be an issue for soccer broadcasts to match score bugs to the teams uniforms. And knowing that everything is planned out before the season begins, it really shouldn't be hard for TV stations to align.
  18. OKC's debuting their City Edition uniform tonight that features dazzle fabric on the side panels:
  19. Did any teams have the black stripe on their jerseys last night? I didn't notice any yet.
  20. That’s OU’s old endzone wordmark. The one they haven’t used in two season. Last year’s CFP Semifinal had their correct endzone wordmark. Weird...
  21. You mean like how Utah and San Antonio kept theirs?
  22. I mean, at least the Nets actually hired an actual street artist to do theirs...Dallas' looks like someone that's never done graffiti trying to visualize what they think graffiti should look like.
  23. Didn’t they do that for the Statement uniforms the first year? Would be cool to bring that back for one of the editions each year.