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  1. I have a feeling UNC may break out some new kicks tonight. The "UNC" colorway of the newest signature Air Jordan model, the Jordan 2012, just released today. At the unveiling, they had a pair on a manikan that was wearing North Carolina's Platinum Elite jersey. Is UNC scheduled to weat their P.E. jersey tonight?
  2. ESPN said it will take 8 months for Billups to recover, that would put him back in mid-October, just before the 2012-13 season starts. We may not have seen the end of Mr. Big Shot yet
  3. A good Jets memory was Darren McFadden running for 170 something and the Raiders rushing for 230+ as a team
  4. Do the Clipers have the money to get JR?
  5. Man thats too bad. I hope to see Chauncey back on the court at some point. It will be interesting to see how the Clippers respond to this
  6. He'll be 36 by the start of next season, it would be tough to come back from a big injury at that age (if he's even ready to play by that time, I have no medical knowledge so I dnt know how long it takes to come back from an achilles injury). I hope this isnt the end for Chauncey, cause I've always been a fan of his
  7. Chauncey Billups is out for the rest of the season. Time to update that sig LO
  8. Wednesday is going to be a great night of college hoops, Syracuse vs Georgetown, Kansas vs Baylor, and Duke vs North Carolina
  9. Oh, this isn't the worst warm-ups ever, even for an Adidas template, thread? Seriously, this year's warm ups and shooting shirts are by far the worst Adidas has put out. I really like the previously posted Magic and Suns warm-ups, those are both awesome
  10. The A's home dugout is on the 3rd base side as well I saw a list on Wikipedia of home team dugouts, and I believe it was fairly even, a little in favor of 1st base if I rememeber correctly Edit: According to Wikipedia, the Diamondbacks, Cubs, White Sox, Indians, Tigers, Angels, Dodgers, A's, Pirates, Giants, and Jays all have their home dug out on the 3rd base side
  11. The jaguar just drank a blue raspberry icee
  12. Monta Ellis better make the team this year, among Western Conference SGs, he's second in scoring, 1st in assists (1.3 apg ahead of 2nd), 2nd in steals, and 1st in double-doubles A case could be made for David Lee as well, among Western Conference PFs, he's 4th in scoring, rebounding, and double-doubles. If he was put at center, which he can play and often does for the Warriors, he would be 1st in scoring, 3rd in rebounding, and 3rd in double-doubles
  13. Love should no doubt be the West starter at PF, but theres no way Rubio should be in the starting line up
  14. The All-Star starters have been announced West: Chris Paul Kobe Bryant Kevin Durant Blake Griffin Andrew Bynum East: Derrick Rose Dwyane Wade Carmelo Anthony LeBron James Dwight Howard