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  1. According to, other teams unveiling will be: Marlins 5/21 White Sox 6/5 Cubs 6/12 Diamondbacks 6/18 Giantess 7/9 Dodgers late August
  2. There is some on the numbers, but I would like to see much more.
  3. I agree with you. I have PM'ed you. I'll also gladly apologize publicly if any of my comments have seemed to be anything other that what I was saying. With your agreement, I will be glad to have any and/or all of these comments removed. This is exactly what I would rather not have on a sports logo forum.
  4. I made no accusation. I said "I'm not saying that is what was done by Sec19Row53? I'm just asking." This was general question The response was "Suppressing? No. Pointing out why an argument is invalid (IMO, obviously)? Yes" The above is the quote that was the acknowledgement of it being done and that it was the intention by Sec19Row53. I think a legal argument of a statement being admissible in court is for a legal forum. I think that a sports logo forum is for sports logo opinions. I don't understand why someone's opinion here has to hold up to legal standards. Ark felt that the two logos are not similar. IMHO, most people who come to a sports logo forum like to read what others think about about sports logos. There are many logo/designs opinions that may violate legal qualifications or just league rules. All I was asking is why is there a need for that. Again I was making no accusations toward Sec19Row53.
  5. I like how they used the wrought iron designs, and the lettering is really clean. The only thing that I don't like is the NCAA blue circle. The only thing good about it is that it is balanced with the basketball.
  6. It is perfectly valid here. This is a sports logo forum. Ark thinks the two logos are nothing alike except for the oil derrick. I like hearing others people's thoughts on sports logos. Again, I'm not saying that you are trying to suppress (or invalidate) someone's opinion on a sports logo board. You did that. I just think that Ark's (or any others) sports logo opinion shouldn't be attempted to be invalidated. I don't know why there is such a need by some for that. Maybe it makes people feel better about themselves. Thank you Ark for expressing your sports logo opinion here. I feel that this is the correct place to do that. I enjoy reading them. I'm sorry that others need to attempt to invalidate that you or anyone else has an matter how "obviously" others think that it should be made "invalid".
  7. Well, first, this isn't a court case. This is a sports logo forum. Second, the obvious opinion stated in Ark's second statement doesn't change the fact of Ark's first statement. Nobody is going to attempt to submit Ark's comment on this Chris Creamer's Sports Logo Community as evidence into any legal hearing. IMHO, I think that others should be allowed to say what they think about logos here...even if it isn't admissible into a US court of law. Why is it that some people feel the need to suppress others input and thoughts on this forum? I'm not saying that is what was done by Sec19Row53? I'm just asking.
  8. Thank you for sharing that. It is really cool that you got a real response.
  9. You use words like most without any numbers to back it up. I have native American friends who would argue that as incorrect. Some may, and I think for those it is worth changing the name as to not be disrespectful. As far as the father, it is something that is used from decoration up to ceremonial and religious purposes. I would like to see them come up with a completely different design, but I don't think it is terrible if they kept a similar design, even if those changes put something in place of a removed feather. Washington's iconography isn't like Wahoo. It was tastefully done. It is the name that is arguably racist.
  10. A feather is not a slur. I don't know how it could "looks like the slur". Native American iconography is not racist. So what if there is an animal part replacing another animal part in a team roundel?
  11. To the mods, Can we put concepts and "what-ifs" in a concept thread? I think a 2020 changes thread should be for actual 2020 changes. Thanks in advance!
  12. I think Blazers would be one of the worst names, because of the reference to the Civil War.
  13. I think just because it doesn't copy all of the others, doesn't mean that it isn't great and better than most.
  14. To the mods, Can we try to keep the MLB mega- thread in Sports Logos about sports logos and put arguments about teams in Florida and who had it worse than Montreal fans in General Sports threads? Thanks in advance for whatever you can do!
  15. Mods, can the discussion of rules be moved and get this thread back to a sports logo/uniform/colors discussion? Please!
  16. I wear my khakis full length, but then again i don't slide around in the dirt at my job.
  17. I think a "TC" logo is fine if they want to be the Twin City Baseball Club. Right now it is just ridiculous. "Twins" is okay if you want to be the Minneapolis & St. Paul Twins. If you are Minnesota, then find a mascot that represents the whole state. I think their whole identity and logo is a hodge podge of confusion. IMO, figure who you represent then create any identity around that. Right now they don't know if they represent the state, or two cities within. I think they have the weakest identity in any major sports league.
  18. I may have just missed seeing out posted, but the yankees also had matte helmets today.
  19. IMO, Because the present value of that cash flow is much greater than the value of that cash flow postponed a few years.
  20. I doubt both Lawsons will wear the same number! I bet we'll be able to tell them apart...... because they will have large numbers that are different on their jerseys.
  21. Would there be any other option with an open bidding process for a public institution? Going with the lowest bidder would be illogical. Since all three companies are capable of providing the same support, the amount of the bid would be the only other variable to consider. Well technically contracts for the exact same service can contain several elements of compensation that aren't strictly cash which can be assigned different valuations depending on the terms. Also the cash payment terms of the contracts like lump sums or royalties can vary quite a bit which makes things less cut and dry. Correct. Commercials which promote your school, guaranteeing your school the latest and greatest over the other schools under the brand, as well as many other factors that would be what was in the manufacturers control. All of which any of the big three manufacturers could offer. As far as money the present value of whatever cash payouts to the school is what would be looked at by the AD when taking the monetary aspect into consideration. If all services are the same, then the AD would look at the present value of the cash payout. So the AD would not want to go for the worse monetary deal. Right?
  22. Would there be any other option with an open bidding process for a public institution? Going with the lowest bidder would be illogical. Since all three companies are capable of providing the same support, the amount of the bid would be the only other variable to consider.
  23. I just noticed there's an orange stripe in the rainbow stripes on the uniform, but there's no orange stripe in the rainbow on the helmet. That's going to really bother me.I agree! Four rainbow stripes on the helmet and five stripes at every other rainbow location on the jersey seems odd. Regardless of the presentation of the rainbow colors on the helmet( separated and outlined ), there is no reason to not be consistent with the colors and order of the stripes. Although historically 5 stripes have been used so have 4, with white thrown in instead of green on some of the green jerseys. This isn't an issue of 1 white stripe on the helmet and 2 white stripes on the pants. With an inconsistency through Hawaii history, why not clean it up and be consistent?
  24. I like that they aren't using the multiple unbalanced center least on this version of the helmet.