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  1. New color scheme is spot on. Maybe “Bone“ becomes a secondary in the long run. I’m a traditionalist, but don’t dislike the bone nearly as much as I do the Pats Red Blue Red stripes on the white jersey. let’s see how they look on the field.
  2. and yet, there is a great love of the rainbow Astros jerseys by a large portion of their fans. when the Seahawks came out with their modern uniform, I wasn’t a fan at all, but now I appreciate the uniqueness of it. Ive been a Rams fan since the early 1970’s. Hated the St Louis update to colors and design with a passion, and have played with their look over the past few years, even having one of my mock-ups only a Rams fan-site. The shoulder treatment on the modern uniform cut is a challenge to not just become a small 2000’s swoosh knockoff. So I appreciate how they did it, not the 70’s over the top look, but it makes sense from a design standpoint. The bone color... I’d have preferred the white with blue and gold sleeves... but I can live with it. Lets see what the next two years bring in terms of alts. I’d expect one to be a throwback to that old road look, and another to be something else (I just can’t bring myself to say St. Louis look) lastly the helmet. I think with the crazy differences in helmet shapes today, that horn just works. It’s got great weight and I can even live with the separation. I don’t love it. But it is better than that navy, white, thing they’ve been wearing.
  3. I’d love to hear from some actual uniform designers. As one, I understand the client (here 2 clients) input that can sway a great uniform into a hot mess. But I also get the designer trying to be unique, while staying within the bounds of the “brand” ...so my thoughts on the Rams. and I’m going to start with just the Helmet • colors are perfect - perfect! • horn width a huge upgrade - the 2000’s horn was too narrow. • horn shape - I am not put off by the break, it’s ok. I like others would rather have seen a deeper gold rather than blue, but I can live with it. The thing that those who want the old horn (I hated the skinny horn) is that with modern helmet design and face masks that wrap well onto the sides is, the old horn didn’t work well anymore, and this one works with pretty much every helmet option out there. grade: A more on the home and road unis later
  4. Are the bones a place holder for road whites representing the 1970s-1980s coming next year? So as someone who fights with the new helmets while designing a logo, I get the new horn, and it will work with all the styles without losing a big chunk of it to the face mask, and chin strap attachment points. I like it.
  5. No complaints here. Not a fan of BFBS, but it does open a door. The historic number set and new word mark are upgrades. Happy to see Indianapolis make subtle but positive changes. still a classic uniform.
  6. off topic, but Texas State... WTH with those sublimated washed out unis??? stroke weight on that helmet logo and just wow. Im torn on the Aggie unis, and I was married to a red ass Aggie for a decade, but that fan base is just so hard up to be UT its almost sad. They are constantly reaching to top their underperforming rival in Austin. This leads to going away from what was one of the classic looks in college football, to this. And Texas Tech did the bevel well. So much better than that Aggie light TT they used before.
  7. Got all excited about the possible leak of info on Pats new unit, and come here to this!?! I had a Jags helmet when they were still the original Automobile inspired design... so I get it, but come on where is the Pats insider info??? Surely someone has something worth reading this morning.
  8. The F7 Helmet is why, the flags are lower on his helmet, versus smaller.
  9. This weight horn... I think the new logo lends itself to a heavier horn like this one.
  10. The Horn weight here. Always loved the heavier weight horns... they got far too skinny as they evolved. I think the new logo lends itself to a heavier horn like this.
  11. Like the Home, but the Rams need a more traditional block number set. And the Road Whites (Rams always wore the whites at home) need blue and yell ow on sleeves. Also those horns need to work better on the jersey... think how many panels you are adding.
  12. Just tell me the rams get a Royal helmet with the horn. Im even ok with the gradient.
  13. Nice! ok now line weight... look at the scallop (neck line) its wide and narrow ... needs to be the same
  14. I think you've done a nice job of capturing the Bengal; however, it looks like its standing and panting, versus being an aggressive predator it needs to be for this application. The Ohio icon... love it!! The eye needs to have a focus to it that says, I'm hunting, and you are my prey. (cheesy, but not sure how else to say that) That said, a nice start...
  15. I only went 5 point stars.. but yeah that one too. there are many other lower level teams with stars as well.