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  1. This weight horn... I think the new logo lends itself to a heavier horn like this one.
  2. The Horn weight here. Always loved the heavier weight horns... they got far too skinny as they evolved. I think the new logo lends itself to a heavier horn like this.
  3. Like the Home, but the Rams need a more traditional block number set. And the Road Whites (Rams always wore the whites at home) need blue and yell ow on sleeves. Also those horns need to work better on the jersey... think how many panels you are adding.
  4. Just tell me the rams get a Royal helmet with the horn. Im even ok with the gradient.
  5. Nice! ok now line weight... look at the scallop (neck line) its wide and narrow ... needs to be the same
  6. I think you've done a nice job of capturing the Bengal; however, it looks like its standing and panting, versus being an aggressive predator it needs to be for this application. The Ohio icon... love it!! The eye needs to have a focus to it that says, I'm hunting, and you are my prey. (cheesy, but not sure how else to say that) That said, a nice start...
  7. I only went 5 point stars.. but yeah that one too. there are many other lower level teams with stars as well.
  8. Honestly it's a complete play on the original Oilers logo, which is why I love it; and I was not an Oilers fan... but the silver helmet, if only they had gone powder blue! What blows my mind is how thought out the Oilers, er, Roughnecks logo is, while the Vipers have a generic logo with little stroke weight that could have made it an interesting logo. As for the Star, its inherent to Texas, and its distinct enough to keep them out of hot water.
  9. You obviously aren't a Texan. Dallas Cowboys - Star Dallas Stars - yeah you get this one Texas Rangers - yep a star (on and off as a primary in logo) Houston Astros - Star Texas is the Lone Star State... it gets tied into Everything... EVERYTHING. Hence the Star.
  10. Well Portland could cure that issue quickly... or more likely a Portland XFL team. But Portland Seattle games would be Dallas/Washington from the 70's.
  11. Ok so here is the version I did about 2 years ago
  12. Please for gods sake, can we stop using that riddell revolution from 2000. It makes my eyes bleed! Far too many good easy to use modern helmet templates out there to keep using that abomination. ***rant over***
  13. I'm going to keep my mind open to this not being a complete Jags or Bucs level train wreck...
  14. Not a fan at all but I can imagine the A being two colors... just my quick color change to the already posted image