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  1. I see you've done quite a few birds already, but if you are up for it, I'd love to see a REAL logo put together for the University of North Florida Ospreys ... Their sports teams have one of the worst modern logos I have ever seen and it pains me....
  2. Looks like UF is getting new uniforms for this year. Source
  3. Jags are meeting with Alex Mack. Interesting to see if/what kind of deal is offered there. He/his agent seem to want him out of Cleveland. Has said he could craft a contract that Cleveland wouldn't dare match. He is the FA I was most interested in for the Jags before the period started. So my interest is perked.
  4. Going to be a lot of red in this thread, wish restaurant chains weren't so by the book with their color schemes sometimes. Love that DD uni. Makes me want donuts . mmmmmm donuts.
  5. First .. thanks a ton for the template! Looks awesome. Second ... both sets look great. Really like your updates on both. The tan color sets off the orange and brown so well for Cleveland. And I love the retro-ish look of the Skins.
  6. Dang that was my favorite part haha,When I get on my laptop I'll try out the script on there. I originally had the "pro-combat" F logo on there. But I didn't think it looked right, and I like the way the skin showed through the gator logo to make it look kind of 3-D But you are the gator fan, not me lol I agree the F didn't look right, and to be honest is one of my least favorite logos they have ever had on one of their helmets. It honestly might be as simple as making the orange and blue of the logo you did you chrome, so that it pops off the gator skin enough to be seen. I may be the fan, but you are the artist. lol They are your babies and in the end if you are happy with it, then that is what matters sir. Great work overall man and looking forward to the other conferences.
  7. I think if you are going to go with the gator skin for the helmet on Florida's lid, there needs to be a different logo on there. I know a lot of people hate the Gators script, but I'd like to see it kept on t his one ... maybe in orange?
  8. Love the work you are putting in man. Which template is this, or it is your own creation?
  9. Awesome work my man. That full logo sheet is brilliant.
  10. Great updates so far! The weakest two for me are Rushmore and the cutout Nebraska plate. The idea of the cutout plate doesn't move me but that is probably due to it never being done before more than anything. I like my plates rectangular. I think a lot of the Rushmore image is lost behind the lettering which just makes it seem overly busy as a design to me. Love Montana's basic plate!
  11. Love plate designs, even though there are too many alternative plates offered in most states. Florida has three basic designs, each with a different text at the bottom ... state nickname, county or In God We Trust. That's ridiculous if you ask me. We have 36 university designs, half of which I have never heard of. Seventeen pro sports plates, including one for the Olympics. There are 29 military themes plates. And then 61 other random specialty designs ranging from Wildlife Protection to Family Values. That's not bothering to count the vintage/authenticated plates you can get. For those interested in the possibilities ... Looking forward to what you have in plan to clean that mess up. Kind of hoping to see something other than an orange in he middle of the thing. I have always disliked our basic plate design.
  12. That's because the Seahawks use just a plain block font for their lettering. I know, just saying that it is very different than the other teams that have had updates with Nike
  13. Funny how the Bucs, Jags and Vikings sets make the Seahawks letters looks so normal and plain. LOL
  14. I likw that quite a bit ... but would like to see the OKC monogram from earlier on in the history of the concept. Glad to see the arrow head make a return.
  15. If you can find the time to release that template, I would bow at your feet sir. I think I prefer the earlier uniform ideas you had in thus thread, but even the stuff you jam in the trash can is better than what they released. Great job as always.
  16. The outline next to the R in thunder of the previous set needs straightening to match the opposite side. My eye is drawn there and refuses to move on.
  17. Definitely like it more than the prior angled version. Still feel like it is a lateral move, is mostly a pick'em now between the two on which wing design you like more.
  18. Especially since the "Universe" era we are currently in is going back to a more clean-cut family friendly product which coincides with the sleeker/cleaner network logo. With that said, I came across this fan-made logo earlier today and love it way more than what they chose. Ding ... I love that. It takes me back to the old logo that I grew up with while being modern enough.
  19. Somebody on twitter pointed out that the uni looks like the A-Team van ...
  20. I disagree with those saying this isn't bad because it's just the number font that makes it look bad. That's like saying the Jags helmets don't look bad because the logo and facemask are decent and it's only the gradient that makes it look bad. The numbers make up a SIGNIFICANT part of the jersey. You can't look at any major part of the top half of the uniform without seeing them. They ruin the yoke, the front and the back. Add in the mismatched sleeve logos/wordmarks, copy/paste leg stripe and the pewter socks .... and it's a bad design.
  21. I believe the Tampa one is farther down the leg and actually ends at the bottom of the pants.