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  1. They changed the template again. I really thought they had something with the banner 2.0 model, but aside from that this is a solid logo. Really has a rising flame, Phoenix from the ashes thing that I dig.
  2. Yeah they are just limited run souvenirs basically. I assume the game day jerseys will be sold later.
  3. Seeing the Iron uniform on a player makes me think the pants should have been grey. I get the no nonsense look and vibe they were going for so the logo-less helmet works for me, but the rest does look quite drab. The part that blows my mind is that even with its shortcomings the set still works because it continues the theme of unique identities within the templated uniform design.
  4. For the uniforms having somewhat of a template, they all manage to have their own identity. That’s a plus. I also respect some of the creative risks they took to help each team stand out. Some work better than others, but I don’t see any outright messes here. Maybe San Antonio might have one too many things going on, but it still manages to look decent. I’d say there is room for improvement, but not bad for their first run.
  5. They made the only choice they could make. Schooners was a no brainer. Hard to get excited about a team that technically doesn’t exist though. If they do make it I hope they incorporate purple as a primary color. It’s the one major color that doesn’t exist in the league.
  6. I really don’t like that they didn’t make the fly wire triangle piece yellow to complete the collar. It looks really cool outside of that though.
  7. I really wish the piping on the sleeves was thicker, or was higher up on the sleeve like it is on the last set. That way the colors pop way more. That pretty much solves any issues I have with the set. Other than the blue being for BP which is a bummer. Im hoping that piping issue is something they tweak moving forward. Seems like teams have freedom to make small alterations like that.
  8. I love it! The cap logo is more impressive than the primary, but the primary is solid. I actually like the laces because it calls back to the original logo, and combines with the last logo’s Miami nightlife colors. I don’t get why they teased the uniforms if the reveal is actually tomorrow but whatever. The number font looks pretty good though. That logo reveal video was pretty dope as well. I think they nailed this part, and hopefully the uniforms are good too.
  9. I love it. Yeah it kinda looks like Ultimate Warrior, but it’s very clearly a bird and the letter M. Clever. It also has a retro feel to it that I love. This could’ve been something created in the 70s that managed to stick around to 2019. This will fit right in with the rest of the league and its other minimalist/timeless logos.
  10. Ditto. While technically blue and red, nightclub neon blue and red aren’t exactly in the same ballpark as drab patriotism blue and red. Blue and red.
  11. I know the red/black/yellow/white has its fans, but this should be the look going forward. I’m excited and I’m not even a fan of the team. Top notch stuff.
  12. I never knew the Jets name and identity was inspired by the Jet setting age, and I’m super bummed that the team is totally gonna lean into military stuff now. I didn’t have an issue with the military imagery, but learning there was something more interesting to draw from that won’t be touched is deflating. I could see a modern 60s inspired Jets logo package in my head and that blows a fighter jet out of the water.
  13. I didn't notice it until I did. I found it neat. So that’s how. Everything else you mentioned? Spot on.
  14. The pinstripes read 3x5xShowtime. That’s kinda neat actually.
  15. The Clippers are really nailing the city uniforms. I wish the same could be said for their identity as a whole, but these one offs are really good. I’m not sure where the LA font was pulled from, but the Jersey is definitely a nod to the LA Stars of the ABA.
  16. I’m a big fan of MiMO architecture, and that would’ve been a brilliant way to go for the Marlins. They were almost there with the current logo, but you’re right about the Marlin and the M clashing. The M is also a bit heavier where MiMO design seems a bit thinner and lighter. I wish they would take what is there and make some adjustments instead of throwing the whole thing away.
  17. I don’t mind the purple jerseys at all. It’s not the Lakers per se, but as a design it’s not bad. That said it not being the Lakers is a big deal so I get the hate. I know that NBA/Nike wanted the statement jerseys to be a little more out there, but I don’t see why it couldn’t just have been a purple version of the gold. Purple could very much be considered out there as the team has demoted it to a third color behind gold and white. Thus making it more special and rare when worn.
  18. I was a big fan of the Art Deco look for this team so I’m really hoping that leak is the real deal. Keeping the nightlife vibe is key in my opinion so that has to be pink or salmon. I think I’ll be really bummed if it’s just red. Fingers crossed.
  19. Jax going black over teal. Such a great look.
  20. I actually prefer that lighter blue now that I can compare. Feels more Southern California, and is still distinct enough from the powder blue of San Diego.
  21. Yeah this should be what the Miami Heat look like from now on. They have a home, away, alternate, recolored logo, and a court design. Might as well go ahead and make that happen. That is so Miami and it’s perfect.
  22. Mahomes is for real. The kid didn’t have a big number game, but he had his best game tonight. Didn’t fold at all.
  23. Playoff logo package for a non playoff game. Weird. Also, how would they even get to a Wild Card tiebreaker? I really don’t get Baseball sometimes.
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