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  1. This is probably apples to oranges, but how many different concept leagues do we have here in which all the branding is done by an individual? No one bats an eye at that unless it’s just awful work. I get none of those are for pro leagues, but if the logos are executed well I don’t see the issue. There are letter logos, an animal logo, Shield based logos, an inanimate object logo, a logo whose primary focus is a football, and some logos that have more depth than others. All the variety of most leagues is present. What am I missing?
  2. I love this batch of logos even more than the first. The names are definitely hit and miss. I do give them credit for choosing names that aren’t the obvious choices though. I think Arizona has my favorite package overall so far. The unique and locally relevant name, and really great colors. Really hope they don’t mess it up with a gaudy uniform.
  3. Indeed. As a Clippers fan I say no team should strive to be that. Should’ve stayed in SD. Go Rams. I really hope the Jags loss doesn’t stop them from wearing the teal pants with the white jerseys. That should be the default look after the suits decided nothing on the white Jersey should be teal.
  4. Personally I think they should find a happy medium. Bring back the teal as the primary color, but keep the Miami Art Deco imagery.
  5. I like everything here except for the Iron name. That’s just bland. Ironmen would’ve been better. The logos are solid, and the identities seem to be relevant to the markets so that’s a plus. Except for maybe Atlanta. Is that an MLK reference? The best part so far is the color variety. I really don’t see anything that is offensive or just bad, but we still have four left. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
  6. I could live without the sublimated design on the jersey, but this is pretty cool. There are elements here that could be used in a logo and uniform overhaul in the future.
  7. The Jaguars have to wear the teal pants with that white jersey. They just have to. That teal-less white combo remains the pimple on the face of a really good redesigned set.
  8. I wish the helmet wings were a different color, but Oregon looks great.
  9. I forgot that Columbus is going away. Losing the yellow team hurts my last statement. NFL might be ahead in that regard, but you’re right, primary pink is a trump card.
  10. The MLS has to have the most diverse group of team colors in American pro sports right? Yes there is still lots of blue and red, but it just seems more unique than the other leagues. They are missing a teal team though.
  11. Metros are my favorite hands down, but all of these are incredible. I don’t think any Seattle fan would be disappointed with any option were this a real choice.
  12. Holy crap. These look really good, and then the purple one showed up. Why were the black panels used? I guess this firmly plants the purple as just an alternate and not the true road uniform. I don’t really care for the yellow at home thing (I prefer the white), but purple on the road was cool. A yellow road uni is gonna take some getting used to.
  13. So what was the golden rule that got dropped here? I know the league basically let the throwback be worn more, but when was making it the color option put on the table? Feels like the Rams could’ve done that sooner.
  14. For context. I know terrible looks, and this is in no way a terrible look.
  15. I’m a Clipper fan so I’m used to terrible uniforms, but I don’t see how these are so awful at all. All the fixes I’m reading basically bring back the Magic era unis and that isn’t going to happen, nor should it. I like that different eras have different looks that represent them. I think the Lakers did what any look inspired by the past should do. I’d offer the “new” Charlotte jerseys as what not to do.
  16. They did the opposite of what the Lakers did. LA’s new set is inspired by the past, and Charlotte just copied it. Which is always a gamble because the remake isn’t always as good as the original.
  17. They haven’t all been home runs, but they still make each logo unique and I have to respect that.
  18. If the final look ends up being something like all the mockups I’ll be happy. It’s more classic than the modern leaning Kobe era refresh, but it doesn’t look old. Calls back to the showtime era, but doesn’t straight up copy it. Should be a solid look for the LeBron era.
  19. Shoot not just pyro but the money for unique sets for each PPV, and NXT marketing. If I’m a Roman Reigns I’m telling Vince we all sitting out Raw or Smackdown til we get an extra zero on the check.
  20. Amen brother. I’ve never met a Lakers fan that didn’t see a Clippers joke they didn’t like.
  21. Congrats to the Capitals and their fans. You guys deserved it, and the better team won. It was an honor just to have made it that far. Despite the constant bashing from my fellow board members this was fun. Long live the Knights.
  22. Those draft hats look like they have a tourism theme. The flags, and the pins. It all screams excited tourist collecting trinkets to take home. I’ve seen many people at Disneyland sporting this look. Not sure what tourism has to do with the draft, but what do I know?
  23. It’s great. I didn’t expect to be here. I feel like one of guys now.
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