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  1. Well that was an ass kicking. The Knights are picking one hell of a time to look like an expansion team. Sheesh.
  2. I don’t know if LeBron has the patience of a monk or was just too stunned to move, but JR is lucky he didn’t get dropped.
  3. Damn I feel for LeBron. Had an all timer and had it all snatched by minimum 3 bad calls, Hill missing the FT, and JR not knowing the score. You could tell he was deflated before OT even started. The bright side is they did some great things in this game. I think they have a chance now.
  4. This is gonna be a freaking fight. That save was nasty. Caps stole one at the fortress. Now we gotta take one in Washington. This is fun.
  5. I’m not gonna call your explanation weak. That’s how you feel and I respect that, but I will say I don’t understand. I don’t believe in the “waiting period” for success in sports. I have to think every team wanted be great from day 1, but unfortunately things don’t normally work out like that. Which I feel is a far cry from it didn’t happen because it wasn’t “supposed” to. As a die hard Clippers fan I don’t appreciate the constant state of mediocrity that franchise lives in, and if I could start it all over I wouldn’t wait for year 5 like you suggested. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would anyone shoot for failure to reach some sadness quota before trying to be good? Sports has conditioned us to think it’s not supposed to happen so fast, but I don’t think that should be law. I’m a Knights fan, and I’m not going to apologize for this team having a unicorn of a season. I know the draft was favorable, but who knew they’d end up here? I feel for cities that have had teams longer and haven’t had this success, but I’m happy I may not have to feel that pain for the immediate future. A title in year 1 is just a sweet as a title after a 20+ year drought. It’s a title for crying out loud. You could argue it would mean more after a losing period, but suggesting that be a requirement doesn’t hold water. It’s an archaic fan concept like a player playing for the same team because loyalty.
  6. It’s true, but I have to believe you keep trying to get in there (or take a mid range two) over 3 pointers considering their percentage.
  7. I can’t believe the Rockets are playing inside the 3 point line is lava 2 games in a row.
  8. Starting to wonder if the Warriors or Rockets will score as much as these two teams. Edit: That pass was sick by Oshie. I can’t even be mad at that.
  9. It’s wild that everything on this list is very possible except number 1. As long as the Warriors are a cheat code, and LeBron is the only one on his team that knows what is on the line. Ok, maybe not number 2 as well. He’d be a wideout for the Browns.
  10. I didn’t catch Jordan in his prime so I’m glad I’ve been here for all of LeBron. Dude is a robot. It ain’t 6-0, but 8 finals appearances in a row is crazy. Especially with this team.
  11. I’m with you on this one. Dude’s a walking penalty. I don’t care that he scored today. That has been one of his only positive contributions.
  12. How does one not love that? But seriously, Las Vegas isn’t just the strip. The tacky levels drop immensely just a few streets over. On a different note the OldTakesExposed Twitter interactions are fantastic. Maybe it’s the enlightened ones on here that saw this coming, but almost everyone else had the Knights in the toilet. Lots of Fleury doubters as well.
  13. No sir. You don’t get to move the goal posts because you don’t like the city it happened in. I’d expect nothing less than scorched earth from you if this were the Metropolitans. I’d feel cheated to be honest lol.
  14. They are so much fun. I honestly would be disappointed if Vegas didn’t do extra.
  15. Scrolling through the Jets fans on twitter freaking out over the pre-game Medieval Times Show is a highlight of today.
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