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  1. That’s what is so fascinating to me. The uniform was unique as far as yoke usage in the league went. In an era all about change they stuck it out. Weird to change now. The changes don’t even appear to be much different from where they are.
  2. Which isn’t a bad mantra. I’m sure they pretty much own Golden State for that very reason. No one else would be caught dead using it. It just seems like a Band-Aid/Jacuzzi situation for them now. The brand name has surpassed the actual name of the product. Yeah they are the San Francisco pro basketball team, but everyone says Golden State out of habit.
  3. The annoying thing about almost all of these changes is that they are either one step over, or one step under being really good. - The Seahawks would look amazing if they used the grey pants with the white/blue jerseys, and not monochrome everything. - The Browns would look pretty darn good if the contrasting stitching was gone, and they had a pants stripe. - The Dolphins really just need more orange and it’s a home run. - The Lions are pretty good as is, but to nitpick, having different logos on each sleeve is silly. - Even the Jags could’ve been serviceable had the helmet been solid black from day one. Nike does these things to make each team stand out (and highlight Nike made it) which is fine, but they can’t just leave it at that one thing. They always find a way to tip toe over that line. It’s kinda frustrating especially with the teams above. Vikings nailed it, and there’s no saving the Bucs,
  4. Might as well. Only one or two players wear the uniform as it was designed. They might pull a Titans move and change, but not really. At least from what we have seen of the jerseys so far.
  5. This. Is “The Golden State” a nickname for California? Yes. Does anyone really use that unless they are talking about the Warriors? Nope. They own that now. Why get rid of it?
  6. Oilers aside my guy. The TITANS have been essentially wearing the same uniform since the rebrand. It was kinda impressive considering how often things change. I’m surprised the Panthers haven’t really made any changes.
  7. Is this the first time the Titans have completely changed their uniforms since the franchise started?
  8. These would look pretty darn good without the blue underarm stripe thing. That’s a shame.
  9. Oh this is awkward. I really like the Miami look. Also, anything Clippers related since the recent rebrand. It hurts to say it, but it’s true.
  10. I think we might see a day where the G League will offer high school prodigies, and one & done’s a chance to make some money. Then after completing a minimum amount of time becoming eligible for the draft. Possibly keep some prospects from going overseas if college isn’t for them.
  11. That tweaked men’s template is really working. This years and next look great. I’m glad they were able to make a change without completely abandoning the banner idea because it’s a good one. The Women’s Logo is awesome too, but it looks like they have gotten rid of the template all together. Unless this is a new template. Time will tell.
  12. Cool story? On the pro level it is the only option. I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, and I said I would like to see this happen. You have an issue with other people not watching semi-pro football take it up with them.
  13. I don’t know if this will succeed, but I hope it does. Kinda sick of the NFL being the only game in town. It would be nice to have a different option.
  14. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Only I would sink the ball into the cone so it looks just like the logo. The way you have it makes it hover above, but it’s basically what I was thinking. Great minds think alike I guess. That would make this trophy one of the best in sports by far.
  15. Can we talk about this? Talk about a travesty. The crystal ball was an awesome design, and the Playoff trophy is just dumb. If they wanted to keep the removeable aspect of the trophy they should’ve made that piece much smaller. I had this idea of riffing off the Playoff logo by having the gold cone be the base and the and the center be the removeable crystal ball. So from the top down it looks the same (like the Playoff logo), but the the middle comes out instead of the whole thing.
  16. Turns out that light at the end of the tunnel was a train driven by Ice Cap.
  17. According to those mock ups they should be tolerable as long as they avoid the monochrome looks. Even teal head to toe doesn’t look great without a third color to break things up. I still don’t understand why everything that is black on the white jersey isn’t teal.
  18. On it’s own it’s not a bad look for any new team. Modern, yet classic and clean. The problem is it’s for an established Jaguars team, and they dropped the ball...again. They went really modern last time, and over corrected by going too minimal this time. Really they should’ve found a nice space in the middle. All they really needed to do was make the helmet all black. If you really want to dig they needed to fix the collar and get rid of the shoulder graphics as well. But gun to my head, if they just fixed the helmet and nothing else? Their current set is better than this leak. I guess it can be salvaged if they wear the teal pants all the time. Those would eliminate the home monochrome issue, and provide the away with the teal it’s missing. That’s about it.
  19. Watching my team lose after playing their best game in sometime without a superstar is quite annoying. The Warriors are unfair man.
  20. SUPER BOWL 2019 or simply SUPER BOWL WWE has done weird stuff with Mania numbers.
  21. It was so weird seeing Blake in a new uniform. And he balled out. I know the Clippers didn’t go far with him, but this better be worth being without him.
  22. So I’m behind. I just found out my favorite team is trading away it’s best player a year after losing its other best player. A team that didn’t have much best anything to celebrate until they came around. This sucks, but it also looks like something Jerry West would do. I’m gonna wait it out, but I guess that is the life of a Clipper fan anyway.
  23. I get you. It’s a little crazy that 30 people is all it takes. Thanks for the insight.
  24. No disrespect, but I couldn’t care less about the teams history. I care about the history of those marginalized people more. They are the only group of people that has their imagery/likeness used like this and it’s because they didn’t have the numbers to stop it. Outside of the few Native started uses or uses where the Natives are collaborators (those schools you mentioned), the imagery is being used or created by entities with no ties to those people. We don’t need this anymore and if it does exist it should do so when the Native people do it. Also, those polls sound suspect. 90% of how many total?
  25. Very true. Nobody in their right mind would touch the N-word for a team. I’m black and I don’t type it because I know the censor would catch it anyhow. I guess that’s the problem. They are on a different playing field, but I do have to question why a little. Is it because the number of Natives to argue against it are so small that a narrative created by a racist white owner could stand the test of time thus far? A team called the N-words wouldn’t stand because black people wouldn’t have it, we have voices in high places, and have the numbers. I don’t know that can be said for Natives. You aren’t wrong, and going back to my last post, maybe it has evolved so far it doesn’t sting for that high school or others. Just like there are some black people that don’t mind their white friend using the word because he is “down.” I’m not one those along with countless others. It seems like for that link you posted there are a few in the other direction. That’s all I’m getting at. This is healthy though.
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