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  1. Hey guys, Thought this might be a good place to post this, as I need your help. I'm planning a fantasy baseball league with my friends for this season and we've got 16 members with "realistic team names" here and there and thought we could use your keen eye on where to realign the teams. Here are the teams: Arkansas Travelers Atlanta xxxxxx Birmingham Barons Chicago Zephyrs Dayton Hunters Florida Suns Iowa Oaks Long Island Ducks Long Island Yanks New Jersey Mobsters New York xxxxx Pittsburgh xxxxx Rochester Red Wings Seattle Cascades Springfield Isotopes St. Louis Pitchers (Yes, I know some of the teams are named after minor league teams, but whatever, lol) I'm not sure if we could go with an "East/West" thing or "AL/NL" thing. The way I see it, it could be 2 "confernces" with 2 divisions within each conference. If we do the "east/west" thing, we'd like to call East - Pioneer and West - Frontier. And as for the divisions, yeah it's "logical" to place the teams geographically close with each other, but I still wouldn't want to call the division after "X" direction (i.e. West, Central, South, Northeast, etc etc). I want something creative, like the old NHL days, I guess. But if we do the "AL/NL" thing, I'm not sure on how to divide up the teams.... What do you guys think?? Thanks for the help! --- Here's my idea so far: Pioneer League Metropolitan Long Island Ducks Long Island Yanks New Jersey Mobsters New York XXXXXXX Industrial Florida Suns Springfield Isotopes Pittsburgh XXXXXXX Rochester Red Wings Frontier League Heartland Iowa Oaks Chicago Zephyrs Dayton Hunters St. Louis Pitchers Sunbelt Seattle Cascades Arkansas Travelers Birmingham Barons Atlanta XXXXXX
  2. Thanks for these 3 nuggets of random, nonsensical crap. Please, just ignore him. Fight the urge of pointing out his moronic statements and just ignore him. My hopes are if ALL of us continue this thread by ourselves, communicating only to each other and ignore him, eventually he will stop posting. Even if he does keep posting, we should strive to only comment on each others' posts/ideas. a.k.a. Don't feed the troll.
  3. I def. agree with you. But would it, possibly, work if they were to start a brand new league? Most likely in the soccer sport. Basically "restart" the MLS because...they aren't THAT popular yet and they could combine the MLS with all of the other leagues throughout North America and install the promotion/regulation system? Just a thought off the top of my head.
  4. I like this realignment a lot. It always baffles me a little bit about why Memphis is in the WESTERN Conference. Also, another note; I always think that the Thunder should at least be in the same conference as the Mavericks, Rockets and Spurs. "Pelicans" too, probably.
  5. Actually, I like your set up too. I'm also a fan of rewarding the top seeds to the division winners (home field advantage, etc etc), so in that case, there'll need to be a little more divisional games to make the divisional a little more meaningful. The 4 division winners get seed 1-4. Next top 4 with the best record, regardless of division, get seed 5-8. ::**** he said:: Ok, let's ban him and bring back Cody21. Less painful. PLEASE!!!
  6. This is what I've come up with if all leagues had 32 teams, 8 divisions of 4 teams split in 2 conferences/leagues. NBA/NHL - 4 games against the other 3 division opponents, (4 x 3 = 12 games) o 2 home, 2 away- 4 games against 2 (out-of-division) conference opponents, (4 x 2 = 8 games)* o 2 home, 2 away- 3 games against 10 (out-of-division) remaining conference opponents, (3 x 10 = 30 games) o 1 home, 1 away, 3rd game alternates home/away yearly- 2 games against teams in the opposing conferences, (2 x 16 = 32 games) o 1 home, 1 away* - A 6-year rotation determines which out-of-division conference teams are played 4 times MLB - 18 games against the other 3 division opponents, (18 x 3 = 54 games) o 9 home, 9 away- 8 games against 12 (out-of-division) league opponents, (8 x 12 = 96 games) o 4 home, 4 away- 3 games against 4 opponents from one opposing league division, (3 x 4 = 12 games) * o 6 or 9 home, 6 or 9 away. Home/away rotates in 3- or 6-year rotation.* - A 3-year rotation determines which opposing league division are played for interleague
  7. Yeah that's definitely better. Again I think 32 is going to be the ideal number of franchises for scheduling/alignment purposes and MLB/NBA/NHL will expand to it over the next decade or so. Then hopefully they stop. I like this a lot. Wonder how the scheduling would work though? Let's just assume that all leagues have 32 teams, 8 divisions of 4 teams, split up in two conferences. How would their schedules work? NFL - Already done, lol MLB- 162 games. It could get a little tricky here with interleague games NBA/NHL- They both play 82 games, so their format should be pretty much similar.
  8. Please do. Even though he's 'trying' to contribute to the thread, which I can see, but what he's posting is just completely full of non-sense and is basically killing this thread. I've always enjoyed reading through this thread to see some interesting and 'out-of-the-box-that-still-makes-sense' ideas here and there because that makes for a fun read. But this guy wouldn't just stop giving up and post confusing things.
  9. Just stop. None of your realignments are making any sense at all. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know you're saying it's PURELY geographically, but you aren't making ANY effort in making it more logical (even divisions, conferences, etc etc). You're also missing a few teams in your Pacific Coast League realignment. So yeah. All of your "geographic" realignment are stupid. Please do us a favor and stop. Thanks.
  10. I did a screenshot from google maps and then added the points in photoshop with a little 'outer glow' with it.
  11. Okay, I've been away from my home (Central Iowa) for a couple of years for college and when I came back home for the holidays, I just saw that the CIML (Central Iowa Metro League, highest HS sports level in Iowa) has undergone a major realignment and I think it ended up being stupid. Before when I was growing up and attending high school, the CIML had a nice, easy 18-team, 3-divisions of 6 teams like it've always been. Now with a new high school joining the CIML, making 19 schools, there are now two "conferences," the Metro Conference with 7 teams (the 5 Public Schools of Des Moines and two random schools), and the other conference, Central Iowa Conference, which has its own three divisions (North, West and East) with four teams per division. Yes, I know there's 19 schools which is a little bit odd number, but that's how it is, I guess. What I would suggest is maybe have 4 divisions, 3 with 5 teams and 1 with 4 teams (North. They have enough traveling to do anyway). The image you see here is how the CIML currently have their divisions/conferences set-up. It just seems so wacky to me, don't you agree? How would you set up the new CIML with 19 teams? How many divisions here and there? *note - Yes, I realize you don't know where exactly the 'schools' are and what their names are, but if you're coming up with something, just describe the school to the best ability using the map above (i.e. "southern-most pink school" should go to Division "A" while "west red" should go to "B" and so on forth" I guess this is how I would set it up, no conferences, 4 divisions: Metro 5 blue dots in Des Moines North Same as it is (only 4 teams) Eastern The two "south blues" The two "north reds" and the "east red" Western Same as it is now, plust the "far west red" That's how I would set it up. How about you guys? How would you set up the CIML? Or show your high school set up? Is it pretty straight up, or is it somewhat wacky like what you currently see in the map above here. Thought High School Realignment would make an interesting discussion....
  12. Would it be possible for you to post the entire list? I'm really liking this! I applaud your hard work and reserach and the time that you've surely given into this project!
  13. I was just wondering if anybody have any opinion on this post I made a while back.... Thanks
  14. If the Triple-A Baseball did a realingment just like the MLB, by putting 15 teams in each league, this is how it would look like: International League Northeast Buffalo Bisons Pawtucket Red Sox Rochester Red Wings Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders Syracuse Chiefs Atlantic Lehigh Valley IronPigs Charlotte Knights Durham Bulls Gwinnett Braves Norfolk Tides Midwest Columbus Clippers Indianapolis Indians Louisville Bats Toledo Mud Hens Nashville Sounds Pacific Coast League Central Iowa Cubs Memphis Redbirds Omaha Storm Chasers New Orleans Zephyrs Oklahoma City RedHawks Southwest Albuquerque Isotopes Round Rock Express Colorado Springs Sky Sox Tucson Padres Salt Lake Bees Pacific Tacoma Rainers Fresno Grizzlies Las Vegas 51s Reno Aces Sacramento River Cats I have two possible schedule options: 4 games vs one outer-league division [5 teams], division rotates on six-year basis (20 games) 4 games vs outer-divisions [10 teams], home/away alts yearly (40 games) 28 games vs division members [3 teams], 14 home, 14 away (84 games) 4 games vs one outer-league division [5 teams], division rotates on six-year basis (20 games) 8 games vs outer-divisions [10 teams], home-home series (80 games) 14 or 15 games vs division members [3 teams], 7/8 games home, 7/8 games away (44 games) The basic rules would reamin the same. Using DH if an AL-affiliated team is in the game. If both teams are NL, then no DH. All-Star game will still be PCL vs IL. Playoffs would have 3 division winners and 1 wild-card team. "Champions" of each league play against each other for the AAA Championship (Perhaps best-of-five instead of single game like before?) This whole idea is just simple. It would have "inter-league" for the first time in AAA baseball. I think it would be great for fans as they can see "unusual" teams coming into their stadium to play their favorite teams while they would see their favorite team go on the road to new cities. I guess it's the same idea that MLB originally had when they first added inter-league. Now, personally, I'm not a fan of interleague because it makes the schedule unbalanced. But I guess it could work for AAA baseball since the minor leagues aren't usually too big on the playoffs.
  15. What the MLB should have done with the whole 15-team per league thing: AL East Yankees Red Sox Rays Blue Jays Orioles AL Central Twins White Sox Indians Tigers Royals AL West Angels Mariners Athletics Rangers Rockies/D-backs NL East Marlins Mets Phillies Nationals Braves NL Central Cubs Cardinals Brewers Pirates Reds NL West Giants Dodgers Padres Astros Rockies/D-backs That way, both West divisions would have 3 teams in the Pacific Time Zone, 1 team in Mountain Time and 1 team in Central Time. Perfectly balanced. "locked interleague rivals" Cubs - White Sox Yankees - Mets Athletics - Giants Dodgers - Angels Rays - Marlins Orioles - Nationals Cardinals - Royals Twins - Brewers Indians - Reds Pirates - Tigers Phillies - Blue Jays Braves - Red Sox Padres - Mariners Astros - Rangers Rockies - D-backs
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