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  1. Gary Bettman doesn't like when others question his authoritaaaah! Even when it's completely justified. OITGDNHL
  2. Somehow, landed a job interview for the position and found a way to convince the higher up that he's the right guy for the job. And he got the job. **facepalm**
  3. Proof that the Habs need to protect Jake Allen and Cayden Primeau and expose Price. They just admitted that Allen is better and they're interested.
  4. Those posts are from 2014.
  5. Most of the re-design teams in all 4 major pro sports have been on fire lately! The Sabres, Padres, Kraken, Brewers, Buccaneers, Chargers, Bengals, and Hornets all look excellent. Let's see if the Cardinals can pull off the best of both worlds combo. In other words, the right combination of past and present, so that they have something that looks great and that ties in to the team history just right.
  6. I prefer that they removed the overabundance of tiger stripes. If the look has nostalgia purposes for some fans of the team, at most I'd bring it back for throwback nights. The team needed to move foward. And that's what they did. The new look is very appealing.
  7. They never wore them. But they came close. Had the team decided to greenlight these, they'd be number one:
  8. No Habs games till at least March 28. Covid protocol.
  9. As far as the Senators are concerned, the team went with the most popular Senators fan choice. They chose the 90s 2D look over the Barberpole =O= and any of the 3D Centurion styles. I would have expected an updated version of that look, to try to sell something new and fix the flaws of that look. Instead, they just re-did the jerseys and fit them however they could in the new template without making any needed tweeks. The roundel with the 2D centurion doesn't count because the fans wanted the one with the more unique shape. That could be a reason why they didn't go with that. I think the rebrand is awful looking, lazy, and uninspired. But I was not their targeted demographic.
  10. The old Dolphins logo is better, even though it might be considered cartoonish: Now I do like the new logo style. The outline traces are lighter and a tad bit more simplified, the new one is brighter and more tropical. It just that when I see the new logo, I think of something like a Marineland resort, it doesn't give away football vibes like the old. If Miami re-draws the classic Dolphin character using the new style and colors, they might not need to change logos again. It has the potential to be outstanding like the Sabres.
  11. I think the shield makes sense to be used on the current black home jersey. The purple era of uniform had a shield for primary logo, but used only the crown for the jersey crest. The Chevrolet, Gretzky-era black unis from the 90s used the full shield crest, and the current ones are mimicking that era. That's probably why the LA Shield is used front and center.
  12. Various eras:
  13. Yup. I'm honestly a bit disapointed they didn't bring back the Fisherman. The Ducks brought back Wildwing.
  14. From that video post, the Isles RR's look like they're royal blue (ish). The cuffs looks better in orange. They flip flopped the orange and white, the subtle change is better than the original jerseys.
  15. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/former-argo-chris-schultz-dies-at-age-61-1.5938007
  16. Sending prayers. I hope he fully recovers.
  17. I'm okay with switching things up a bit for a Habs alternate, longs the two home and road jerseys remain intact. But at the same time, I agree that blue is not the Habs color, even though aethetically it does look pretty good. But with the horrendous record in those jerseys, it's another reason why I don't think they'll last.
  18. Last year, Carey Price beat the Penguins in dominating fashion during the bubble, which destroyed the Habs tank, cost them a top pick, a shot at Lafrenière, and put the team back in no man's land. In the actual playoffs, Price again was weak and couldn't get a series win when it actually counted, making it 5 years in a row for Price without a playoff series win. Basically, he does everything in reverse, when it should be the other way around. When Seattle's expansion draft takes place and the Habs can protect only one goaltender, at this point they need to give that immunity to Jake Allen or Cayden Primeau and put Price up for grabs.
  19. Bad idea to host an outdoor ice hockey game, in a location where the average weekly weather is about 4-5 degrees Celcius.