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  1. There's still passion for baseball here in Montreal, but no suitable stadium.
  2. Dodgers need to win at least one, otherwise they're like the Bills who can't win the big one. It's true that they won titles in 81 and 88, over 30 years ago. But this current era Dodgers roster still has no title.
  3. The Dodgers could become the 90s Buffalo Bills.
  4. Let's see which city wins 2 Titles.
  5. This was Photoshopped. But it's still a great visual of how beautiful the full Sabres uniform looks on a player:
  6. Saw this on an IG artwork page:
  7. Halfway there. Congrats Rays.
  8. The switch from Reebok to Adidas caused this. This is the result of transferring the Preds uniform from one template onto another. No aesthetics whatsoever. One of the many reasons why I think the new template is terrible. The cross piping at the navy waist stripe needed to go on the previous Preds jersey. If they got rid of that, the jersey would be near perfect.
  9. They used some kind of double layered fabric, some sort of thin, see-through gold material over navy made it look mustard. It was something they tried out in the 2000s. A product of that era. New ones are better. 9 and ½.
  10. I'm not sure about West Point. I've never heard of them before. New alternates usually sell a lot at the beginning no matter what. Sometimes, the trend fades out. Maybe, it depends on the promotion they do. IMO, a new gold jersey for the Golden Knights team in Vegas is going to sell like crazy. But I'm just guessing. Their current yellow home has (sorta) been around for 9 years, with seemingly no plans to change em' anytime soon. The Preds have been embracing the gold since 2001 because before that they had that gold alternate with that unique material. Back then, the first gold alt lasted 6 years. A couple of years went by after they retired it, fans wanted gold back, it wasn't that long before gold made it's return.
  11. The Golden Knights social media emphasized a lot that their name is the GOLD-en Knights, to explain the choice of having a gold jersey, especially in response to complaints from fans. This jersey doesn't work that great in gold with that template. But still, I can't help but think they might just go with a Gold primary jersey full-time, when a rebrand is possible. The NHL team is Golden Knights, their new junior team is Silver Knights. Something tells me they're going to rebrand and have the primary jersey colors match the name. As of right now, the Golden Knights wear grey and the Silver Knights are TBD, but it's clear they'll either be grey too or black. The Preds made a primary yellow jersey work. It's not out of the realm of possibility, imo.
  12. Tbh, I'm shocked. I did not see the comment that got mod-edited. But he was around for many years, I don't recall him ever getting into trouble. This one bad post gets him an instaban. I thought he'd get a couple of months approximately for his mistake.
  13. Cody Parkey hits another goal post, but this time it's good. Browns win. I loved Myles Garrett's reaction lol. Good for Parkey for getting his redemption.
  14. If we get a Rays vs Dodgers World Series, one city will have a double championship this year for 2 of their pro sports teams. Can Brady lead the Bucs to a Triple Crown? And last I checked, the Rams have a decent record thus far...
  15. Yankees eliminated, Rays advance!
  16. What I think most of us agree about is that the unique black and blue color scheme for TB needs to return. I've seen many concepts where black is featured more prominently on the current uniforms. But if I'm going to be honest, many times it doesn't work. Now I do believe that black and blue can work nicely on a Lightning jersey. It can be done imo, but it depends on how they're used and how much of each color.
  17. Bad logo choice. Either update the 90s logo or go with the 2007 redesign. This is a missed opportunity to create the best look this team has ever had. The jerseys look like their were done in 5 minutes. The stripes on the white are missing something to make it a good looking jersey. I do like the use of red against the black on the home, one of the only decent things about this rebrand, and one of the only elements I give them points for, so that the rebrand does not get a zero. I'm okay with a black home jersey because I used to enjoy the black =O= jerseys, at least they now use the same color. If I could grade their new unis overall, I give these a generous 2/10.
  18. Almost. I wanted an updated version of the 90s jerseys, ideally using the brick color more prominently and the new kachina hanger effect pattern on the actual uniforms. The Sabres, Padres, Brewers, and Chargers did that. That's what I wanted for the Coyotes.
  19. That's a brillant teaser. Too bad the unveil will only be their 90s throwbacks full-time.
  20. The new uniforms look like someone accidentally hit the invert colors command on their keyboard.
  21. Yeah. It's a visually flawed design. The new uniforms are receiving a ton of negative criticism both here and on the VGK social medias. If the uni design was better, the comments would be more positive, even if the jersey is gold.