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  1. 8 in a row times 2. 5 in a row and counting. The Habs could use another top pick.
  2. What I meant to say was the Falcons should clean up/modernize their original logo like the Cardinals did.
  3. The Falcons logo needs to be toned down on the red spikes. I hope they get a new logo that's modernized, but is a better nod to their original logo, without going full throwback. Basically, the Arizona Cardinals.
  4. I have a feeling they're gonna keep the same colors. Only simplify their uniforms so that it looks more like their SB winning uniforms instead of those weird cuts and to remove that font with 6 outlines.
  5. He came back from a 9 month suspension and then gets suspended again for the same reason.
  6. The "Congratulations, you blew it!" Youtube video creator.
  7. The Texans blew a 24 point lead vs the Chiefs. I know it's in the past. But if I'm going to be honest, the AFC Divisional game was in the back of my mind during the Super Bowl.
  8. The Royals got a World Series. The Chiefs got a Super Bowl. Congratulations Kansas City.
  9. J-Lo is 50 years old, going on 51. She looks good.
  10. So if Kobe was still alive, the Mavs players could still wear 24? If so, that pretty much confirms it's just a reaction to his untimely death. It has to do with that way more than anything Kobe did on the court, imo. It's the first time I've ever seen a team retire the number of another player who never played for them (not counting Gretzky's or any other league-wide # retirement). But 8, his other number, is still available. He did a lot wearing 8 as well. Cuban forgot to retire both numbers. It would get complicated for some teams to be that hero and honor someone like that, if said number is already retired by one of their own players. If something happened to Larry Bird, what if another team already retired 33?
  11. The idea that Kobe Bryant is no longer with us, it's been almost a full day and I still feel shocked from the news.
  12. I've seen some of the tributes that other teams have done for Kobe. Class acts. I agree this is a bit excessive. Number 8 is still available to wear though...
  13. My sources were TMZ and a couple other random sites like TMZ. I thought there might maybe be a chance it was a hoax. Once the news was confirmed by the major sports stations, then I believed it.
  14. I was at work, found out during a 15 minute break on my Twitter, saw a headline that said Kobe Bryant dead, checked multiple sources, seemed legit but not conclusive, then posted here asking if it was real.
  15. So someone rolled the dice, made the call to go along with the flight, take a chance, and then this happens?
  16. I wish I could say it was. But it was a helicopter crash. I've seen what could happen. I'm just gonna second what you've said. I hope so too.
  17. Navy and white was a mistake using that full-time for the Rams. Good to see classic colors come back.
  18. Las Vegas Raiders doesn't sound very good. They should have just re branded to something new. Feels weird that Oakland's team is in Vegas now with the exact same logo.