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  1. Italian fotball club Chievo have given their new signing Jonathan de Guzman - a central midfielder - the No.1 shirt virtually always worn by goalkeepers:
  2. Got a (strangely positioned) close-up of that new FC Nantes badge embellishment, looks a lot smarter now but I'm not sure the year needed repeating...
  3. Article on the Wilmington Hammerheads' anniversary badge and the USL restructuring that resulted in the foundation of the USL-1 and USL-2, 2005:
  4. At Wembley, no less... This Evertonian Catalan clanger was at a kit launch that had already gone down poorly! Bet he loved this... Rovers' return to typos... Repeat offenders And finally, there was this story...
  5. Just the Armada, the Strikers' and the Scorpions' secondaries.
  6. I don't know if we're still using this thread or not, but behind this link is a treasure trove for nu-NASL stuff, including two style guides and some very high-quality primary and alternate logos.
  7. Schalke have been doing this for as long as I can remember:
  8. Update on FC Cincinnati: as well as the typical logo explanation guff that greets these unveilings, there seems to be an alternate (it has no accompanying commentary, and the file name only refers to a "emblem" I like that a lot more than the one posted earlier...
  9. Colour-keyed badges are fairly standard fare for away shirts, so it's hardly just an Everton/Umbro thing. My club, Nottingham Forest, took delivery of their training wear recently and the trim is orange but they've used a white crest, which looks like an afterthought. In my view, it depends on the kit itself.
  10. I actually like that, though as Pabig says it is at risk of being made horrific by a poor choice of sponsor.
  11. There's a new club with the name Miami Fusion FC, that will join the NPSL next season:
  12. They've had that longer than they've had the shield...
  13. Yes, it's quite common in male humans...
  14. Umbro have had some corkers in recent years: Forest still use this on their training garb despite signing up to Adidas two years ago... ...while the font in the most recent Umbro-made England kit was also very smart. I also really liked this from Nike...
  15. Not to be "that guy", but...