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  1. It's actually a newly updated crest.
  2. Should we expect red and white versions of this template for Canada?
  3. That hornet concept is nice, but treads a little too close to Brentford.. I'd prefer to see Watford stick with the hart.
  4. I had a twitter exchange with Chris and sent a follow-up email offering to cover the league for the mothership, but never got any response. AAF was covered a fair bit prior to kickoff. Chris isn't a soccer guy, so it's just not a priority for the site, unfortunately. But if you want live updates on MLB uniform colours, you've come to the right place!
  5. Check #CanPL on twitter for some excellent speculation on these teasers
  6. All signs point to the kits being anything but boring. Whether that turns out to be ugly and over the top, or unique but classy, remains to be seen.
  7. Yeah there's potential for every club to own a colour (as above in that graphic), but there's also a chance we see Edmonton in navy, Valour in black, York in grey, Halifax in navy... which would be a very dark league overall.
  8. The Canadian Premier League is set to unveil 14 kits for all 7 clubs on Thursday of this week. They've posted a teaser of something on Twitter. That's the league motto, on what appears to be a back collar(?). Hoping that's just some sort of league marketing top, as it would be strange to have a league motto on a club kit..
  9. I found myself thinking that the white on the Portland shirt was too much as I watched the game yesterday. I feel like if they switched the trim colours, so it was primarily gold with just a bit of white, it would look more cohesive. Either that or the adidas stripes should be white.
  10. To build on this, 2019 is 40 years since the Whitecaps won the 1979 NASL Soccer Bowl. They often use next season's kit designs in their season ticket push. I wouldn't be surprised to see a white shirt with the blue chest stripe, with white shorts and socks.
  11. By the way, the next reveal will be Winnipeg on June 6th. The rumour is that the club's name will be Valour FC. The club is owned by the same group as the CFL's Bluebombers, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a similar colour scheme.
  12. I always thought going with a more literal translation of the Citadel shape would be a bad idea, but you're making me question that opinion @Lafarge. What you've come up with is really sharp. On Twitter there seems to be consensus that the Wanderers look is the best of the three unveiled so far. To me though, I think it might be my least favourite.
  13. It's an excellent look. Timbers have really knocked it out of the park (is there a soccer version of this idiom?) lately with their designs, particularly changing to the old gold.