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  1. Which is why you can't see his eye. He has it closed and his mouth open in pain.
  2. This thread was is gold Jerry, gold! https://twitter.com/malitzd/status/1037129145531215878
  3. Of the caps linked above, the Cubs, Phillies and Rangers look like Expos caps with the wrong logo. I can't unsee it.
  4. I'm an 80s kid, and I may feel different if it was a better picture of the flip, but as it currently is, my OCD kicks in and it looks off compared to the rest. And doggone it, I want to see his face. Luckily that '85 homerun pic is pretty iconic for him as well and I think it would look better. I mean, no one is ever going to forget the flip. I love the flip. In my opinion it just doesn't look good there.
  5. Personally, I prefer the LF wall portraits, with the Ozzie exception.
  6. I pretty much overlook the numbers only in right field because of the pictures on the left field wall. If they were gone, I'd notice the numbers more. However, if they want to keep the pics, for the love of Pete, change Ozzie's. I get it, he's famous for the flip. I saw it many times growing up, but it looks so out of place with the others and you can't see his face. I'd change it to his "Go crazy folks, go crazy" trot from '85 with his fist in the air.
  7. I was glad to see they used the same design they used with Stan. Perfect choice and the most appropriate by far.
  8. Those don't look "futuristic". They looks like crappy Spring Training alts. PASS.
  9. C’mon Padres, these are perfect!!!
  10. As if the Padres aren’t a big enough mess...I’m watching the Cardinals and Padres and just noticed that even though the Pads are wearing their brown and yellow jerseys tonight, AJ Ellis is wearing a navy helmet under his catchers mask.
  11. Exactly. If he had been wearing pink, blue, red, orange etc...then I get it. But they better be warning every player that has some funky colored cleats. But he was wearing a team color for Pete's sake! If they want to enforce a uniform code, do it for all players for all parts of their uniform, all the time. Everyone wears either long pants, or high pants with matching socks; everyone wears matching undershirts, pads, etc...all in team colors. I don't see how Lowrie wearing green cleats with an A's uniform is worthy of a warning from the league and all the other nonsense that goes on is just fine. I'm a Cardinals fan. I'm happy to have Marcell Ozuna. But if green cleats for an A's player warrants a warning, surely a neon green arm sleeve with a Cardinals uniform warrants one! On the road he's used red, so he obviously owns one.
  12. Agreed. They should be thanking Lowrie for wearing those cleats and force the rest of the team to get green ones to match.
  13. Sorry, I was talking about Busch in St. Louis and the giant plot of dirt we had for quite a few years. They kept saying they wanted Ballpark Village done before the All-Star Game in 2009 and it didn't actually get done until a couple of years ago. I've never been to DC but that's really a shame. You'd think with it being as new as it is they would've added something special to it to help it stand out.
  14. I know what you mean. It's still better than when St. Louis hosted the All-Star Game and we still had a view of a big dirt lot. I'm glad they finally got something built there that looks decent, but man it would've been better if it had been done then.
  15. Do they have multiple carts for bringing the entire bullpen out for a bench clearing brawl???
  16. While I may be a bit partial having grown up with him, I find Fredbird to be one of the best mascots. I do think it's more for the kids, but part of me still loves it as it reminds me of my childhood. And ultimately, that's part of the greatness of baseball, being able to still bring out the kid in us that just loves the game.
  17. That would explain it. Thanks for the head's up.
  18. From a color standpoint, I'd love to see the Cardinals use this as a road cap. Bringing back some navy, while not losing the red. EDIT: For some reason I can't get it to upload the pic, but I am referring to the new Cards BP cap. https://twitter.com/Cardinals/status/932684345734770689
  19. From a color standpoint, I'd love to see the Cardinals use this as a road cap. Bringing back some navy, while not losing the red. IMG_FA329F262C9B-1.jpeg
  20. Yep, I had forgotten the Astros. I knew I was forgetting someone, but I am so used to the Astros previous set from all the times they battled the Cardinals for the NL Central in the 2000s and I haven't seen them as much since the switch to the AL. I still think that they could both pull it off, especially since they are in different leagues now.
  21. I suppose my opinion doesn't really matter as I'm not from San Diego or a Padres fan, but man, those navy/orange uniforms look so much better than the current bland nonsense. I know there are varying opinions on what color scheme the Padres should go with, but those are the ones I remember most and just feels right to me. I don't recall any other team with navy and orange. I think I remember some arguments that navy/orange was to close to San Francisco's black/orange but I never mistook one for the other. It's a shame they won't pick a good option and run with it. 1. Navy and Orange - my preference 2. Navy and yellow (2016) - Looked pretty good, no reason to ditch it this year 3. Brown and yellow - not my favorite, but if updated and done correctly could work No excuse for the bland ridiculousness they are now.
  22. Based on the Pirates design vs. actual leaked cap, I'd say those designs should all include the *designs subject to change* disclaimer.
  23. Hard to tell until I see the real thing, but I'm kinda excited to see the Marlins in that blue cap.
  24. Completely off topic....As a former Walmart employee I have a theory. Remember the Walmart smiley face..you haven't seen him since this Walmart logo came out. My theory is a Walmart worker finally got tired of his "Walmart is so wonderful" attitude and shot him. What you see there is the splat pattern that was left. That's kind of place your brain goes after 17 years of Walmart.
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