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  1. So Basically the Jets template with a few tweaks?
  2. I think he used the actual MS paint version (yes, there is one). But still, these don't look good.
  3. The pants need stripes here. Without them, the whole concept seems like it's missing something.
  4. Solid looks all around. Can we see Carolina next?
  5. How about Igor Larionov? 16 seasons and only 644 points in his whole career.
  6. No. The O's cap should be worn more often than it already is. The cartoon bird is nice, but I don't like him as a primary cap.
  7. The pants need stripes, and the collars shouldn't be all black. Kootenay and Minor Black works, not with Black just screaming at you.
  8. Not sold on the blue cap/red jersey combo here. Love the cream alternate though.
  9. I have no idea what you're talking about dude. My school doesn't use the Hamilton Bulldogs logo.
  10. You got it. We have a small patch we wear on the right side to represent the other school we share our team with, which kinda sucks.
  11. Hey guys. My high school football team has had the same uniforms for the last 3 seasons, and I was wondering what you guys thought of them, as the school asked me and a few other people to think of some new ideas as we are thinking about doing a throwback jersey. Feel free to post uniforms for your guys schools too. It's nice to compare uniforms, even at the high school level.
  12. Oh hell yes. I LOVED that set, both home and away. In fact, short of these, I've never seen black, red, and gold look so good together. (Even the Serpentine numbers fit well.) And the laurel trim was just a thing of beauty. You also have to admit the shoulder patch is the best one they've ever worn. I have one of these (Heatley's on the back) and I love it. Wish this could be the primary jersey, with a nice white one to match.
  13. Congratulations. And congratulations to the Broncos. What about that wacky helmet stripe we saw on ESPN? Via Colorwerx: I think he was talking about the picture that showed the broncos helmet with titans helmet stripe This is what the helmet will look like for the 2013 season. So that one was a mistake. I knew what he was talking about.
  14. Congratulations. And congratulations to the Broncos. What about that wacky helmet stripe we saw on ESPN? Via Colorwerx:
  15. Flacco5, we already had this thread:, and it was only made a few days ago. Why'd you make this one? Seems kinda useless to have two threads about the same at the same time.
  16. JCR, can you post all of these in one thread from now on? It would be much easier that way, and I gotta say this is your best one yet. That logo could still be used now.
  17. That looks fantastic, and i'd love to see more, especially a home jersey based off that wonderful road.
  18. Cuban should go have a sandwich, think about this for a bit, and can the idea. He's not going to get his money's worth, considering he's asking for this to just be handed to him.
  19. I was a jersey obsessed little kid. My uncle used to get me a new jersey almost every time I went to a game with him. I would look at the uniforms and get which ones I liked the most. My taste has changed quite a bit over the years, as I own the 2000-07 Sens alt, the Preds mustard jersey, a Picasso Yotes jersey and a Thrashers home jersey.
  20. I'm kinda offended here. I'm considered to be in the "youth" category (I'm 18) and I can't stand that helmet. It looks like someone barfed tar on a gold helmet, and it doesn't work at all with their uniforms. In fact, my favourite helmet design in the entire league is a toss-up between the Eagles and Browns for me. Two classic designs that will last till the end of time.
  21. I thoght everyone knew he was a pitcher...I guess you mean the kids on here. He wasn't a pitcher, he was a outfielder for Stanford. He was supposed to play left field.
  22. O6 Final? Yeah, that's right. Nothing on Earth better than that. I'll wear one of my white Lightning sweaters tonight. They're indistinguishable anyway, for the most part. I broke out my 9 year-old Leafs sweater for today at school. Waving it like a flag, as it gave me luck last time.