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  1. I thoght everyone knew he was a pitcher...I guess you mean the kids on here. He wasn't a pitcher, he was a outfielder for Stanford. He was supposed to play left field.
  2. here 's one most people don't know about: That's John Elway, for those who don't know.
  3. I wear 2 blockers myself. Easier to catch the puck that way, and i can easily swap my stick into the other hand when I need to make a glove save. It's also good for empty net shots!
  4. It's real: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Orleans_Night
  5. Played "spot the fake" at the Jay's game on Saturday. Here's what I saw: More than half the people were wearing fake jerseys, specifically those with "Reyes", "Bautista" and "Dickey" on the back for the Jays Saw 5 fake Red Sox jerseys (one had the black lettering instead of navy) Saw 4 legits the whole day, all of which were throwbacks (not including my own Kelly Gruber jersey, which I got for 8 bucks at Goodwill last year).
  6. Knowing these are fakes, there still the best fakes I've ever seen, but then again I'm not going to waste my money on something like that. I'd rather go to a thrift shop and get a real jersey or buy one from the team shop.
  7. 73 seems to be a popular number this season in the NHL. 2 rookies were wearing it (Gallagher and Toffoli) along with Micheal Ryder and Guliamme Lautendresse. First time that number has been worn more than once in a season except '07 (Pavel Kubina wore it as well as Ryder).
  8. Same here, I always think of Ray Allen as a Buck or Sonic, then maybe a Celtic, because he did good with all those teams. At the moment he looks wrong in a Heat jersey, but one day that might look right. Ray Allen not in green is his wrong uniform in my opinion. He wore green for the first 3 teams he played for.
  9. You sadly need a 34th team. 33 teams equals an odd number, which would make the playoffs almost impossible.
  10. Was this a pre-draft work out type thing? Nice find yep. the Kings invited him to a workout session before the draft because they were interested in him. I believe Crosby was allowed to keep the practice jersey as well. I've never seem a picture of this before, only video, so nice find.
  11. I have 2 versions of that logo. How's this? i like the second one more. It really pops.
  12. This is the nest logo the Sabre's have ever used, and It should be used now as the primary with a few tweaks here and there:
  13. I was a follower of the site before i joined, and people will sometimes do banners of creative things for signatures, like the scarf I have, in the concepts section. You have to ask for a request from the person who made the banner of scarf in order to get it for your signature. Not sure if you could get a champ banner though, because i believe requests are finished for that.
  14. Do you mean the Reebok logo on the lower part of the sleeve? Because A.) It's blue B.) All replicas come with the Reebok logo stitched on there, and the fact that it uses the old logo could simply mean that it's from a few years ago. Not exactly sure how that's a "dead giveaway", but sure. It looks black to me..... but it could be navy.
  15. Fake. The black Beebok logo that is no longer in use is a dead giveaway.
  16. YES. i understand why they went away from this look, but i still like it ten time better than their current getup You guys are in the majority. The navy and copper make Edmonton's "throwbacks" look dated, boring and meek. What if the Oilers did a combination of the two? Hardcore Oilers fans like the current jerseys because they are similar to the 80's but the 90's jersey change was more clean. Could the solution be 80's colors on a 90's jersey (and maybe keep the "Rigger" shoulder patch retired)? That looks really good, but Oiler fans wouldn't like it. Most miss the copper and how it looked on the jerseys. If this were copper, I'd buy it.
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