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  1. What do you say about taking a crack at the old alt st louis cardinals logo that they used back in 50's...and also I saw it in the MLB combination of areas thread.
  2. Third logo is a good idea, but as CS85 said the arm is freaky and there is too much going on. Second one is awesome, I like its contemporary design (always been a fan) kinda retro, minimalistic but very cool. First one is simple, really professional and its easily recognizable. If I know anything about design its that simple usually works out great. Can't wait too see what you end up picking!
  3. I just scaled down the entire nose vertically, also the size of the nostrils from 100 to 85 %. Now the nose doesn't look as dominating as before, although I think a bigger nose eventually makes the bear even look a little more frightful. Beautiful! I like it now and if you were asking me I'd say that you got yourself a finished product.
  4. I like the colors on the last logo and the whole head looks much better than the first version. This might be nitpicky but that left eye is really annoying me. I think its the blue under it. Did you try to get rid of that a see how it looks with it being black?
  5. Ah thanks man, it means a lot. I've been really busy last couple of weeks, I'm getting ready for university and there is a lot of studying to do, so I'm not able to make a new logo like i said...but I have a personal brand logo coming up!
  6. I love the Chicago jersey with the wordmark in white. Just lovely.
  7. Thank you for being so analytic and I too think that it doesn't have too be very similar to a parachute. Example: the Nike swoosh doesn't quite represent a wing of the goddess Nike. If I find a better font I will defiantly use it, but s of now I'm pretty content with it. Anyway...here it is. I have one more pretty good idea which I'll make happen. Totally new logo...you'll see.
  8. Great stuff here. One of the reasons why I love baseball is the history behind some of the teams...its just amazing.
  9. Love the Thunder because of king Tomislav logo. Even though I'm not from Zagreb I absolutely adore that town. Maybe some kind of thunder bolt design on the uniform would make them less bland and more unique. The Patriots could use some checkerboard...even if you don't like that, I mean come on they are called the Patriots. I suggest subliminated checkers. They don't even have to be red, white and blue. What's up next?
  10. I think that the numbers are real complementary to the logo. The colors aren't helping you much, volt green and white don't provide the best contrast but hey watcha gonna do. Grey is your last option.
  11. :censored: dude! I was like: ''Oh a new comment, let's see what kind of constructive criticism is it.'' I'd spam you but i don't know how.
  12. I tried rounding the edges but it was looking so much more as a flower. So I made this...its a technological, machining and graphic school so I gave it a beveled look and more vibrant colors. I purposely dropped out the center circle because I think its not necessary. Not sure about the font, don't know what to look for, some kind of slab serif or sans serif.
  13. So I'm working on my school's logo. My school is named after Faust Vrancic (google him), who is the inventor of the first parachute. Here is the retrospective of what inspired me: And the logo is: First one is the main logo and the second one is just an acronym. The colors and font is not yet final, I may change them, but what's bugging me is that it just looks like there is something missing. I can't put my finger on what it is so this is where you come in. C&C is desperately needed. Please!
  14. Hahaha dugo sam na ovom forumu pa sam pokupio izraza. I like the Greenhorns as well, especially the monogram of GH and it kinda resembles a football. But I don't see the reason for that shadow under the main logo. Its a little bit confusing. Can't wait to see what's next. Welcome!
  15. Eeeej još netko iz Hrvatske, to mi se sviđa. Morat ću na engleskom da svi kontaju šta kažem hehehe. I like Rijeka Armada, but the thing that I don't like is the numbers and player font. Try playing and make the numbers resemble the wordmark. Just make sure they're legible.
  16. Beautiful! The color scheme and that alternative logo with the lone head...great!
  17. Now that's a lot better. I like that BS logo.
  18. Why hasn't anyone before thought of the simplified pirate flag, it looks great.
  19. ^^^ Agreed! Just make the orange a bit brighter.
  20. Uhhh! Loving the Admiral jersey.
  21. Great job! Can't wait to see what you to to the rest of the league. Mmmmm, I'm lovin' it!