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  1. I helped! Yeah! JK, here is the script. I tried to make it as close to the original wordmark in little time. It's a PNG format.
  2. I think that looks like some kind of Helvetica. Something like this Do some tweeks and there you have it
  3. O.k. I made little changes to the court. Went back to the old color scheme with darker gray and green outline. I made two versions to let you decide what court should be the final version. When i'm finished with this project, I will make a pretty presentation for you to enjoy. V1 (two tone) V2 (one tone)
  4. Is there a release date for this template? I really want to have it and I have a project that is on hold, 'cause I can't find a template that can satisfied my needs and wants.
  5. It was their best season when they actually won something. Nothing grand but it was something.
  6. Sorry, but the trees need to stay green! I didn't incorporate one crucial thing on this court and that's the parquet. It doesn't jump out like the celtics parquet but it's about the details. Oh and the script is updated. C&C please and thank you! Jerseys are up next.
  7. Hey forum! I'm trying to bring back the glory days of The Minnesota Timberwolves, the days of K.G. and Spree. Here's the court which has elements from their 2003/04 season court and the actual court that they use right now. Tell me! Should I do the jerseys as well?
  8. Love the kits but the only thing i don't love is that nike swoosh poking my eye. I'd much more like if the swoosh was on its traditional place on the jersey.
  9. Liking the preview. I also didn't forget about this template cause it's the best basketball template on the forum. Can't wait!!
  10. Again, with the kits, i'm sticking to the traditional design. Hope you like it, C&C more than appreciated.
  11. Yeah, I was thinking about doing it like that (so it can be as close to the original as it can), but it left so much open space. So i wrote Mostar underneath Zrinjski to fill that space up.
  12. Hello once again forums! Today I'm bringing my home town team Zrinjski Mostar's logo concept. I know how sacred the original logo is to the fans (Ultras Mostar), so i couldn't mess with it too much. After all they have been using it since the birth year of 1905, it hasn't changed since. Uniforms are going to come later on. Hope you guys like the presentation.
  13. It's not sports related but I really like this font
  14. i always liked formula 1's use of negative space
  15. anyone know anything about the uniforms?
  16. OliverP

    Seattle Seahawks

    the numbers and letters are way too big. the #3 fits but imagine how would #33 look like. that's the only issue i see, other than that good job.
  17. Wow, thanks for the awesome comments. I thought it was going to be too much, looks like I was wrong.
  18. This is beautiful. It's a huge update and an example of how modernization should be done. I wish I have some complaints about the logo but I don't. Great job, send it to them A.S.A.P.
  19. It's good to be back forum I was on a long, great summer trip and now I am back to finish this thread. You voted for a modern approach to the alt jersey. Hope this isn't to reminiscent to the 90's. Here's the jersey:
  20. OliverP

    C&C on this logo

    I think you should thicken up the pinstripes and try to put millwaukee text somewhere else.
  21. OliverP

    C&C on this logo

    Yea i like the font, i downloaded it my self a couple days back
  22. Thanks man i thought people would like it.
  23. Yeah I knew that Kristan doesn't play there anymore but I just wanted to honor him in a way. By far my favorite player on the team. Anyway here are some updates of the stripes and pants you guys said I needed to fix. Next up the alternates!
  24. If you commented earlier Id do something. I might update it tomorrow and to make it look 'heavier' I'll make the bear's neck. Here are the home and away jerseys, later on I will make alts. What do you guys thinks should I go oldschool or modern for the alts. The font is based of of classic block numbers with slight changes. Enjoy!