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  1. Pretty great that because I don't have cable there's no way I can watch the reveal. Instead this is from the mayors twitter account, numbers inside the arm striping confirmed. Edit: other jersey in better quality I don't hate the road sweater as much as I did yesterday, hope it grows on me more.
  2. This was apparently taken inside the Sens team store. Looks like just a single red stripe along the hem on both sweaters and the black doesn't extend to the cuffs on the road.
  3. Im assuming they are talking about this logo Makes me wonder if they're considering ditching the "O" logo and doing something new with their third jersey.
  4. So this "new CEO" has just been fired, along with seemingly everyone else in the org [who talks about re-branding]. If there isn't a plan for a new jersey to be revealed this summer, then I could see a good chance of it being further delayed assuming it's even something the team is really looking to do. Similar to when Tom Anselmi changed almost everything about the Sens' branding to the "O'" logo and we got our first real wind of rumours about a rebrand, then when he left it immediately reverted back to what it's always been and almost nothing has happened since.
  5. Maybe, but I doubt they'd unveil a new jersey near the end of a season with 6 days notice and no prior rumours. Actually, looking at the teaser image again that logo looks like it could be really small and the textures don't really look right for a jersey. It could be something like a throwback night with scarfs or towels etc. in the stands.
  6. Probably bringing back their winter classic sweater from last season like they did a for a few games last year.
  7. The Sens new CEO, Jim Little, talked about potential new jerseys in a radio interview a couple days ago. He said that fans will be in a good mood and that we'll see a plan take place this summer around/after the draft. This message is pretty similar to what the ex-CMO said a few months ago, when she said new uniforms could be ready by the 20-21 (or 2021?) season. https://www.tsn.ca/radio/ottawa-1200-1.1441584 (at 7:20)
  8. This is what was said. Seems as if they're at least considering it for the future.
  9. I wouldn't jump to that conclusion, Price had an absolutely crap November last year then had a very decent season the rest of the way. He's seemed to have stretches of being good and being bad the last few seasons but pinning the last 8-10 games just on him and not also the Hab's defence is not totally justified. I hope that the contract doesn't totally screw the team (somewhat) and tank Price's legacy, but I do think the term will come to bite them.
  10. I'd be shocked if Pochettino makes it to the next international break. Spurs are basically a meme club right now. Edit: At least they got a point? I'd have hated to be in the stadium when the VAR screen went from Goal, to No Goal, and back to Goal again within about 5 seconds
  11. The Oilers third has grown on me since it came out and it doesn't look half bad on the ice. That being said I still hate the direction they went with a couple years ago and the orange sweater hasn't grown on me at all. Although if it were up to me I'd have the Oilers back in Navy and Copper, at least as an alternate.
  12. Yeah I should note that this concept is not exactly what the jersey is rumoured to look like, but just one of the closest comparables. The guy also said that if he had to pick a template that it most closely resembles, it would be Nashville's. He never actually saw the design either, just claims to have been given description of it. The big takeaways were black primary and the 2D logo. I'll still believe it when I see it.
  13. FWIW there's a poster on the Sens HFBoards that claims to have a reliable source within the organization, saying that the team will go back to a black jersey with a modified 2D centurion logo for next season. He claims it will look something along the lines of these (minus the heritage sweater): I can't really attest to how reliable this person or his source is, but he's trusted on the board so I think it's worth noting. There has been a lot of turnover but I wouldn't suspect that the CMO leaving would push a redesign that's (supposedly) already in progress too far back.
  14. Weird because the NHL100 sweater has been on sale for about $30-40 on most sites for a couple months now. And there's been absolutely no word from the team about alternates this year until they came out onto the ice today, they usually market them fairly well due to them being more popular than their regular set. Wonder if there was something in the works that they scrapped at the last minute.
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