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  1. Likely a kicker. It was pretty common then, and now with with one brand of shoes, because of the feel kickers want on their kicking foot.
  2. The guy treated me completely unprofessionally on Twitter after I made a legitimate (and unabrasive) correction on one of his assertions. He'll always be a complete asshat because he acted like a irritable, inarticulate, drunken idiot at 8am. Plus, his constant insertion of politics and political correctness into everything is just asinine at his level. This is my largest gripe with him, and the primary reason I stopped reading his site. He cannot handle when people have different opinions than him, and always rebuts with "Think harder." Additionally, for someone who choose a career that involves covering sports uniforms he sure has a disdain for anyone who purchases any modern merchandise.
  3. The Patriots did the same thing as soon as he was assigned 5 early in the off-season.
  4. Would those be the first mismatched sets of numbers on a single color jersey since the early 90s Pats?
  5. As long as Majestic continues to produce their retail products in the US, this is a fantastic announcement.
  6. That's a real doozy, because it's Kyle Arrington's body with Revis' face. That's a bad 'shop.
  7. Those don't look terrible. Nice werx.
  8. DId Adidas change the on-field number when they took over, or is this just an odd jersey? Cuz that # font certainly isn't the same...... the Starter one is worlds better.That's the font every non-Starter replica had for those Pats jerseys. I have a Ben Coates Champion, and it's the same way.
  9. Grey facemask and here you go: Or keep the facemask red and do the 20th anniversary of these: Yes to all of this. ALL OF IT.
  10. So, the Youniform was a rip-off of this design? That's super-bogus. I didn't care much for it in the first place, but now I'm really glad it was a one-off.
  11. Isn't this the Brewers Youniform with a similar, albeit different, script and roundel?
  12. That design won't change until Brady is done. Kraft is sentimental in that way. Surprised it took the Pats this long to change the wordmark on the front.