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  1. Baseball road uniforms should be team colored not grey .
  2. Ok So I think I came up with my roster for the all time Angles "Wrong Uniform" team Thoughts? SP Nolan Ryan (Astros) RP LaTroy Hawkins (Twins) 1B Bill Buckner (Dodgers) 2B Rod Carew (Twins) 3B David Freese (Cardinals) SS Benji Gil (Rangers) RF Reggie Jackson (Yankees) CF Fred Lynn (Red Sox) LF Von Hayes (Phillies) C Bob Boone (Phillies) DH Albert Puljos (Cardinals)
  3. I think he was a Right Fielder, Maybe move Puljos to DH, Buckner to 1B (Which is sadly his most well known position) and find a new LF? EDIT: Alternatively but way more controversially, put Puljols at DH, bring Jim Edmonds in at first and leave Buckner out in LF.
  4. So I've had a thought I could come up with a starting lineup of "Wrong Uniform" players for the Angels and come up with a damn good team SP Nolan Ryan (Astros) RP LaTroy Hawkins (Twins) 1B/DH Albert Puljos (Cardinals) 2B Rod Carew (Twins) 3B ??? SS ??? LF/1B Bill Buckner (Dodgers) RF Reggie Jackson (Yankees) CF Fred Lynn (Red Sox) C Bob Boone (Phillies) DH ??? Not sure about DH, SS or 3B as most the option that come to mind are players who have time to grow as Angels and have that team as their primary.
  5. You could argue this isn't his right team (And be correct), but here's Randy Johnson in his second stint with Arizona
  6. Charlie Hough who was born in the 1940s, played for the Florida Marlins for two years.
  7. lol, don't watch any HS or College baseball then, there's a high chance you'll end up watching game with either the "Winning Ugly" or the "Tequila Sunrise" uniforms.
  8. the 1987-1990 White Sox uni's may be the worst in baseball or at least most uninspired.
  9. I find this card funny, as Nolan Ryan and Rod Carew are more well know for works on other teams.
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