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  1. New Orleans is ripe for a Green / Puple combo Maybe the Jesters or Princes or something like that?
  2. I'd swap the promary and Secondary logos and maybe have tighther Kearning on the wordmark. Ither than that you look good.
  3. I think Birmingham, Orlando and New Jersey should use their secondary logos on the helmets. Other than that you got an amazing looking league so far.
  4. Nah they look fine and hey striping! Also D'Backs should have used that color scheme instead of what they have now.
  5. You have it backwards Second set is a major downgrade *runs off to unpopular opinions thread* Also I actually like the Branding, but the Uniforms are so bland.
  6. Wrong thread for this Your looking for: Also I present to you William Perry on the London Monarchs
  7. to be fair apparently no one in Minnesota attempted to watch Football at the Met in the cold either.
  8. Raines is the only one where Expos are the first team I think with them. Dawson I think of as a Cub and Carter as a Met.
  9. At least two of the three here deserve to be on this thread.
  10. Dude spent Ten years with the Rangers and their farm system, and people probably mostly remember him for three years with the Mets Also who can figure out who this is? :P
  11. Isn't it just like that in the Padres logo? I assume this is based off of the Padre uniform