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  1. What ever Chris Chandlers main uniform was (Atlanta? LA Rams?) Houston wasn't it.
  2. Well it's not his most well known team, People do seem to remember Ayrton Senna's Lotus days, Albeit most probably forgot his last year with them was when they switched branding from JPS to Camel
  3. "Tomey, who also coached at Hawai’i from 1877-86 " I just noticed this typo.
  4. I like this logo, I wish it wasn't wasted on such a terrible team name though.
  5. Same reason Birmingham won't work for Pro Football.
  6. Does anyone like the mid00s Mets uniforms?
  7. Trent Dilfer This could also go to the Right team wrong uniform thread too.
  8. I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys are gonna disagree heavily with this one given I seem to be the only person here who likes this uniform but........
  9. I know its not the team he's most assocaited with,but while we're on the subject of the Astros 2017 roster wearing the pre-2013 Uniforms Carlos Beltran, who was a DH on the 2017 squad, layed half a season for them in 04 too.