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  1. Fabulous stuff Brave-Bird. Which program do you use to design them?
  2. Wanna talk about re-branding the uniforms? How about changing the number and letter font by using the style it was used on the 2009 Nike Pro Combat Uniforms. And use the Seminole feather as the stripes on the pants, as well as on the part on the shoulders (something similar to the 2007 San Diego Chargers jersey design). If I had a drawing, I could had shown what I'm talking about.
  3. At least someone agrees with me. But I hope they use this as a future uniform set to be mirrored by that PCR.
  4. Love your concepts @bigmike. But I personally like the Florida State concept. Those numbers look legit! By the way, how do you design those? And do you know what's the name of the Noles' number font? Because I've always wanted to make a concept design of my own.
  5. I know this topic is like 4 years old, but damn! I still love these uniforms even since it firstly appeared! But if only the regular uniform set (since 1998-99) had improvement, it would mean a lot. By the way, what is the number font used in the that 2009 jersey? It truly looks legit in my opinion. Besides, I'm having a concept design related with this of my own.