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  1. On to the AL Central, starting with the Southsiders of Chi Town.... CHICAGO WHITE SOX Global Logo – All-new logo! Used for global marketing. Primary Logo – Update of current Primary Logo. Secondary Logo – Update of current Alternate Logo. Tertiary Logos: - Batterman, update of the 1980s Alternate Logo. - Vintage Sox, update the 1936 Primary Logo. Primary Home – Update of the 2019 Home Jersey. Primary Road – Update of the 2019 Road Jersey. Primary Neutral – All-New jersey. Based on the 1973 Road Jersey. Six-pointed star on sleeve. Worn sparingly during the season and all of Spring Training. LATE 20th CENTURY Silver Series Home – Update of the 1993 Alternate Jersey. Silver Series Road – Update of the 1969 Road Jersey. Windy City – Based on the 1973 Road Jersey. Six-pointed star on sleeve. EARLY 20th CENTURY Gold Series Home – Update of the 1936 Home Jersey. Gold Series Road – Update of the 1916 Road Jersey. Worn with black pants. Patriotic – Update of the 1917 World Series Home Jersey. Flag on left sleeve the celebrate the troops of the Great War (WWI), patch on right sleeve to celebrate their 1906, 1917, and 2005 World Series titles. THE 80'S Batterman – Update of the 1982 Home Jersey. Batterman Alternate – All-new jersey based on the 1986 BP Jersey. Batting Practice – All-new jersey. Based on a losing design from their 1981 Uniform Design contest. The Chicago White-Sox have had many different uniform designs over the years. Because of this, a lot of jerseys had to be sacrificed in order to keep the updated designs consistent. I know, I gave the Yankees random designs, but they were simply an exception that I likely wont repeat. I also decided to have black and white as the White Sox main color scheme, with splashes of silver, gold, and red to highlight their three other uniform sets (Silver for their current era jerseys, gold for their vintage era jerseys, and red for their 80s jerseys). Still, black and white are the primary colors here. I considered adding an all-red jersey, based on their 1989 Batting Practice Jersey. But I quickly realized that this team is called the “White Sox”, not the “Red Sox”, so that idea was quickly abandoned. Also, in case it wasn't plainly obvious, if you look closely at the new Global logo, you’ll notice that the stitches on the baseball are actually white socks! It's the same one seen in the Diamond logo. I really hope you guys like this one (looking at you, @coco1997!) C&C is appreciated!
  2. I see the jet, flying towards the left. I think....lol Though as a wordmark on its own, its a little too jarring. The best course of action with these types of logos is simplicity and minimalism. I would eliminate the "window" of the J, shorten the E "wing", and shorten the S "fin".
  3. Thanks guys. I think I'll keep the Blue script as a part of the set. But I'll leave the others visible in the thread so other can see. I also update the font on the Pastime jerseys. The J no longer looks like an L, and the overall font is streamlined and matches the classic script a little better. Speaking of the Pastime Jerseys.... The Pastime jerseys are meant to celebrate the history of baseball in Toronto. In case you didn't know or I wasn't clear, the jerseys aren't a reference to the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. There was actually a Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team in the International League. The jersey I used was their 1952 jersey, seen here: Outside of the Black Jays era, the Jays jerseys have pretty much followed the same template...same split-lettered script, same logo placement, etc.To break up the "uniformity" (pun intended), I decided to introduce the Maple Leafs jersey, but updated for the Jays. The North Raptors jersey would make for an interesting baseball jersey though.. The Beautiful Jays has to remain black. The actual bird called "beautiful jay" is black and blue, and I wanted to give SOME call back to their 2004-2011 set. We still have the powder blue Vintage roads! Cool ideas though.
  4. You're right...it does look like an L. Maybe they have a Lays potato chip sponsorship? Lol I'll fix it. For the Canada Day Jersey, its tough because I originally started off with a white script but something about it just felt too tame: How do you feel about the options? I mean, I like the white script. Primarily the one with the outline. But....the Blue script stands out as more impactful to me. Probably why the Braves, Red Sox, Angels and Cardinals opted for a colored script on their reds. Maybe the white script could be used for another Canada Day? Anyone else care to chime in? I'll change it if the white script is overwhelmingly favored. Thanks for discussing these jerseys with me btw. Means a lot.
  5. Ok, Blue Jays. Let's Play Ball.... TORONTO BLUE JAYS Global Logo – Update of current Primary Logo. Used for global marketing. Primary Logo – Update of current Alternate Logo. Secondary Logo – Update of current Alternate Logo. Tertiary Logos: - Retro Bird, based on the 1977 Primary Logo. - Big Leaf Bird, based on the 1997 Primary Logo. Primary Home – Update of the 2019 Home Jerseys. Primary Road – Update of the 2019 Road Jerseys. Primary Neutral - Based on the current Batting Practice Jerseys. Worn sparingly during the season and all of Spring Training. Alternate Home – Update of the 2019 Blue Alternate Jerseys. Alternate Road – All-new jersey. Based on the 2019 Road Jerseys. Beautiful Jays – Based on the 2009 Black Alternate Jerseys. Pastime – Update of the 1952 Toronto Maple Leafs (baseball) International League Home Jerseys. A zipper jersey, instead of buttons. Heritage – Update of the 2000 Blue Alternate Jerseys. Worn during the Weekend before Canada Day, Canada Baseball Day, Civic Holiday, and other Canadian commemorative days. Canada Day – Based on their entire Canada Day Jersey history. Worn on Canada Day obviously lol. Vintage Home – Update of the "Drive of '85" and 1993 Home Jerseys Vintage Road – Update of the 1978 Road Jersey. Worn with powder-blue pants. Batting Practice – Based on their 80s Batting Practice Jerseys Had the Blue Jays kept all of their jerseys, the Black Jays Era would've never happened. Their itch to jump on the BFBS bandwagon would've been quelled by an alternate. The "Beautiful Jays" jerseys, based on the black-coloured beautiful jay (a close relative of the blue jay), is a product of this. In other words, I hated the Black Jays jerseys so I didn't want to include them lol. Their black and red alternates feature the nickname "Jays", because, well, they're not blue. I kept the classic jerseys and updated them. Their less vibrant colors allowed for a unique, vintage look. My favorite of the set. Enjoy! C&C is appreciated!
  6. Alright so it seems as though #1 wins out. Now I did end up making an 8th option, which pretty much inverts the colors. These are the last two options, and I will update the logo when I post Toronto. So you can choose which one: A ) Light Logo B ) Dark Logo Haha same, especially the alternate. Thanks man.
  7. WOW!! Thanks for the love and suggestions! For the main set I wanted to keep them somewhat simple since all the other jerseys and crazy. The double piping was done for the 2001-2007 set, because I felt that unique trait shouldnt have left. Now, the Global Logo. Based on your suggestions, here are seven (7) other logos. You can choose which one you like best, and still give further C&C. I would really appreciate it if you would choose your 2 or 3 best, so that I can get an idea of which one is universally the best: Once again, thanks for the replies!
  8. The Colorful Rays of the Bay and Beyond.... TAMPA BAY RAYS Global Logo - All-new logo. Based on 2008 Primary Logo. Color of water can change depending on jersey being worn. Used for global marketing. Primary Logo - Based on 2007 & 2008 "TB" logos. Secondary Logo - Based on the 1998 and 2018 Alternate logos. Tertiary Logos: - Devil Ray based on 2001 Alternate Logo - "Starburst", based on 2008 "Sunburst" logo. Re-purposed for the classic set to convey an outer space feel. - Fauxback "tb" logo Primary Home - Based on the 2001 & 2008 Home Jerseys. Primary Road - Based on the 2001 Road Jerseys. Primary Alternate - All-new jersey. Based on the 2005 Green Alternate Jersey. Worn sparingly at home, as main alternate on the road, and all of Spring Training. Manta Ray - Based on the 2010 Powder Blue Alternate Jerseys. Stingray - Based on the 2005 Green Alternate Jerseys. Ultraviolet Ray - Based on the 2008 Navy on Navy Alternate Jerseys. Devil Ray - Update of the 1998 Home Jerseys. Flying Ray - Update of the 1998 Road Jerseys. Cosmic Ray - Update of the 1998 Black Alternate Jerseys. Electric Ray - Based on the 2012 Fauxback Jersey. Skate - Based on the 2012 Fauxback Jersey. Sun Ray Batting Practice - All-new jersey. I wanted to go back to the Rays' roots by reinstating their "gradient" color scheme, with purple at the forefront as it (ambiguously) was back in 1998. This time, it would be done in a unique way, spreading the purple, blue, green and gold across multiple jerseys. Both their "Navy" and their "Forest Green" color schemes felt too drab, so I decided against them, opting to go for the brighter colors. I hope you guys like them! C&C is appreciated!
  9. Awesome! I'm glad you all liked it. As @bucknut42 pointed out, the goal was to keep the Yankees looking classic. I tried to keep the mainline jerseys modern but simple. I also limited the amount colored jerseys overall (including none of the first and third pages), and left some jerseys unaltered, including an aged flannel version of their current uniform. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
  10. The Yankees invade.... NEW YORK YANKEES Global Logo - Update of current primary. Used for global marketing (and thus, eye-catching colors are preserved). Primary Logo - Update of current alternate logo. Secondary Logo - Update of current primary (used domestically). Tertiary Logos: - "NY" 1904, 1913, 1927, 1947 Primary Home - Update of the 1949 & 2019 Home Jerseys. Primary City - Update of the 1949 & 2019 Road Jerseys. Primary Icon - Update of the 1912 Road Jerseys. *There is no primary road jersey. Both road jerseys are worn equally. Alternate Home - All-new jersey. Based on the 1911 Home Jerseys. Alternate City - Update of all modern Road BP jerseys. Worn sparingly during Regular Season and some Spring Training Road games. Alternate Icon - Update of all modern Home BP jerseys. Serves as 'Primary Neutral'. Worn sparingly during regular season and most Spring Training games. Classic Pinstripes - Preservation of the 1947 Home Jersey. Murderers' Row - Preservation of the 1927 Road Jersey. Worn during interleague road games against the New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates, and St. Louis Cardinals. Settlers - Update of the 1913 Home Jersey. Highlanders - Update of the 1909 Road Jerseys. Invaders - Update of the 1904 Road Jerseys. Worn with blue pants. Batting Practice - All-new jersey. Based on the 1910 Home Jerseys. C&C is appreciated!
  11. Awesome! Yeah I think it's a better design. Simpler overall, but still somewhat unique. For anyone concerned, I updated the Orioles and the Red Sox with caps. With that, I'll be back with the New York Yankees soon! Thanks everyone I really appreciate the engagement!
  12. Thanks a lot guys, but after much deliberation I've decided to try out another design. This one takes cues from the already made BP jersey. Is it better than the others?
  13. Hey if anyone else can offer futher C&C on Boston's "Red Stocking" Jersey it would greatly appreciated. Here are the three base options: @BellaSpurs prefers #3, because its traditional and not so busy. I prefer #1, because its unique, and not so plain lol. Complete difference of opinion. I just need more opinions on it before I update the Red Sox.
  14. True, but I just wanted to do jerseys lol. Im doing twelve jerseys per team after all. Pants are very straightforward, and I only included the socks that are special. Otherwise all socks are just the primary color of the team. Though I will include the hats! Hope you like them.
  15. I wanted to just do the jerseys, but I'll see what I can do with the hats. Thanks. The hanging sock white roundel is the global logo. But what I'll do is keep the hanging sox navy roundel as the global, while keeping with "EST 1901 B" white roundel as an alternate. That should complete the look.
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