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  1. IMO, the best Raptors court. The ball at center court is huge and makes it look ominous, like an volatile and evil-looking gas giant planet. Awesome job, kodrinsky, for everything. I will looking at all of these over the next few days.
  2. Love the entire set!!! I also like the court with the trees on the baseline, and the updated "B" wolf head that you have on the back of the jerseys. Would they also have a green alternate with "Wolves" on the front? That would look nice on their home court.
  3. Sorry man, I gotta protect what's mine. If I didn't put them, chances are someone else's gonna steal my work and claim it as if it were his. I'm sure he knows what the purpose of a watermark is. That being said, there's is absolutely no reason to put such an insane watermark over a jersey that simply a tweak. Someone else made the official jerseys, and you tweaked it with minor alterations. Because of the watermark I can't see it well. It's more important for us to see it, than for you to protect it. In a hypothetical case, if someone did steal it, the upload date is enough to prove that you made it. As for the jerseys, I like the number change only. The color of the ball on the shorts being different than the "T" is offputting, the removal of the silver line on the shorts is disappointing, and the straps are bland. As someone mentioned before, these are more plain than the already plain official jerseys. EDIT: Thanks for updating the watermark. Looks much better.
  4. THANK YOU!! I'm very disappointed after reading through this thread. "We the North" is a play on "We the People", the preamble / first three words of the U.S. Constitution. "We the People" has become a three word phrase that pretty much summarizes the entire constitution. Therefore "We the North" is, in essence, a three word phrase / preamble / battle cry that summarizes an entire imaginary document. The contents of that imaginary document would essentially be explaining how the North (Canada) is independent from the powerful South (U.S.), but the North will still fight for their right to be recognized as champions over the South. The Constitution would've done well to use better grammar, but despite that, "We the People" is almost a slogan now. "We The North" is a play on a slogan, and therefore is grammatically correct. Only a few people in the basketball community seem to know this, so hopefully this post can enlighten the ones who don't know so that they can spread this info. TL:DR, "We the North" is grammatically correct because it is a play on a slogan. Let's stop debating this forever.
  5. Yeah, a skinnier, more rounded number font would work best. Like one similar to the Cavs' current ones. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. I'm glad you liked them!!! I like this design, but there's no way to incorporate purple into it unless I add piping. Don't want to add piping. I don't think the primary is busy as a primary. However, it does look busy on the court..... I will be honest with you. I don't like red jerseys, but I LOVE red as a complimentary colour. Weird, I know. I would want the black as their primary road simply because it's different than anything you'd see elsewhere in the league, and it keeps in line with the white and black being their primary colours with red and grey as complimentary. I think the numbers are okay. But rounded numbers could also work. Good eye. The claw is supposed to be the moon LOL. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Over a year ago I posted a layout that I did for the Raptors potential redesign. Since then, I have updated many aspects of the scheme, most notably the primary logo. There are many aspects that I feel make a perfect Raptors set for all fans of the team, and I wanted to share that with you again. So without further ado, here it is! My skyline jersey was actually made posted before Dallas introduced theirs. It had "T-DOT" on the front, but I changed it to "TORONTO" because no other jersey in the set had the full city name on it. So, how do you like it??
  8. Blue Jays going 8-24 for the rest of the season?? I highly doubt that. A team with a .459 winning percentage will not go .250. Not even Houston's overall season is that bad. Try 70 - 92 at worst, 78 - 84 at best. Fixed. Thank you. Blue Jays are currently 64-76 lol. They are not losing all 22 remaining games, which would tie the longest losing streak in 52 years.
  9. Well, as stated I found the logo online from Logos.co. I guess he found it first. I don't see any need at that point to point it out, because I'm not gonna shuffle though the entire concept forum to make sure that a logo I found online hasn't been used yet lol. This logo and the Detroit tiger I found on the same website. Blue Jays logo came with inspiration from a picture I found. All other new logos were made by me.
  10. Pretty great. I think the logo for the Herd needs a white outline or something. Either that, or make the antlers thicker. Also, add another stripe to make it 4 seams at the top of the logo. Other than that, it's perfect.
  11. TEXAS RANGERS (since 1927) Division: N/A Colors: Brown, Navy, White Ballpark: League Park Era: Liveball Era We end the American League today with the Texas Rangers of 1927. Brown was chosen because of the typical garments that law enforcement rangers wear, while navy livens up the jersey with color. The front of the jersey features a stitched outline of the logo, while the back features the rare back logo....an all brown version of the primary. As for the road jersey, the team nickname is used at the front as opposed to the city/state name, as nicknames saw a rise in popularity during that era.
  12. Thanks alot. I always get worried doing pre-60s uniforms because they are so plain. But, I think the road jerseys are pretty original, and still fit the late 40s.
  13. LOS ANGELES ANGELS OF ANAHEIM (since 1948) Division: N/A Colors: Red, Navy. White Ballpark: Wrigley Field (Los Angeles) Era: Post-World War II Back in 1948, the Los Angeles Angels were simply a Triple-A minor league club in the Pacific Coast League. But in today's random expansion, we promote them to a major league ball club. The pride of Los Angeles-Orange County feature two off-white home uniforms (one with the "LA" logo, and the other the "ANGELS". The alternate home also features the shoulder stripe motif that a couple of teams used in that era. As for the road jersey, it features both cities on the front, seamlessly initialled by the logo.
  14. SEATTLE MARINERS (since 1913) Division: N/A Colors: Navy. White Ballpark: Dugdale Field Era: Deadball Era In the early 20th century, some home teams never saw the need to have any lettering on the front of their home jersey. The idea was that the home crowd should know who their team is anyway. That's the case in this random expansion. The home jersey simply features the logo on the sleeve. Next, the road jersey, which features vertical lettering on the button placket. As for the alternate home, the first "T" in Seattle is white on top of the navy center. Also you'll notice the military/standing collars on all three. P.S. Did you realize that I put the Mariners in PINSTRIPES???!
  15. I just changed the silver to gold and it looked awesome LOL, so I ran with it. Haha I actually tried to tone it down a bit. But if it was revealed in 90's, nobody would think a thing. As for the cap, I was thinking about using "C" or "CWS", just to change it up a bit for the "SOX" logo. But in the end, I decided against using letters.