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  1. The rangers set looks good, I think you could possibly get away with making the Statue of Liberty logo it's off green color as the blackhawks logo uses colors not in the rest of the uniform.
  2. Solid work with the A's, I love that you went for the monochrome with the old colored pants. The sounds update is thing of beauty, the bucs colors look perfect on them. As for the red alt with the musical staff stripe across the chest I think a pewter cap with a Red Bull would look good.
  3. The new mets script looks good, i think the pink script and stripes are the way to go. The new stripe for the Yankees socks are a nice improvement.
  4. Not what I was expecting for the mets, but I like it. Yankees look good, I really like the alternate hats, but I'm not sure about the socks.
  5. New orleans looks great, I love the yellow road set and the color balance. My only suggestion is to maybe change the teal to green
  6. Awesome job on the sounds I really love the vols orange identity. However I think you could use the light blue more prominently and use the music City alt as the away but with the Nashville script.
  7. Glad to see this thread back, expos look great, I especially like the blue alt with the pinwheel hat.
  8. Couldn't have said it better myself. The home set is perfect but the white jersey needs more red to balance it out.
  9. Solid work in the jays, not much you can do to make them look better. Love the white panel hat and the powder blue set, but I think it would look better if the script colors were reversed to make it more legible.
  10. Really love all the twins sets you've put out thus far, the color scheme and the sock stripes are beautiful. I think your best bet with the blue jerseys is a full white front panel and the white Minnesota script.
  11. The new color scheme looks great on the marlins. My only complaint is that the yellow alt feels a bit out of place as it is only an accent on all the others and it doesn't really have any orange. Great sets all around I really live the striping pattern you used.
  12. I like the racing stripes but not on the socks and I think that white paneled hat would look best with each uniform. The outlines look a bit odd i and I think you could accomplish a similar goal with a solid outline and a drop shadow or a gradient outline. All in all it's a solid look and is definitely unique.
  13. This last round of updates has been some amazing work. The new shade of purple and the retro wordmarks really bring it all together. That new primary is a thing of beauty.
  14. Looks great with the white outlines
  15. I think the home would look nice with spoon piping like the current home but with the tiger stripes. I also think some white outlines would help the stripes on the socks and the blue uni. All in all a great set, can't wait for the next team.
  16. The reds are looking solid, I love the white hat with the mono-red away set.
  17. Really digging both Chicago teams. Could we see a cubs alt with light blue as the main color instead of red? Also I think the white sox set would be improved if the collar/pants piping and numbers had outlines that match the sleeves and chest to better unify the set.
  18. I definitely agree with coco1997, it's a great Marin's concept and I think you could distance it from the mets more by adding more yellow throughout. Also any reason for the 'Miami' wordmark at home and 'Marlins' on the road?
  19. Third option is beautiful, and I'm actually digging the teal on teal alt.
  20. Really liking this set but maybe darken the road set a bit, as it looks like a cream color now rather than sand. The pinstripes and omission of black were great ideas.
  21. This is definitely one of the best thunder sets I've seen but I think it could be better by having the pattern go the full length of the jerseys and shorts on the home and away. The alternate set needs no tweaks.
  22. Not really feeling the piping on the vegas unis, but other than that they're pretty solid. On the other hand that caps set is arguably the best I've ever seen, I love the combination of eras and the shade of blue you used.
  23. The wild look exactly how I've always wanted them to and I really like the alt logo
  24. The jerseys look great and I like that you went all out on the green but I'm not really feeling the vintage white for the stars. I'm curious to see what you do with the wild with the stars in all green. Keep up the good work man.
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