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  1. Looks like the Blazers might be the last ones standing:
  2. Down to only the Nuggets and Blazers without a team (or plans to launch one).
  3. If this comes to pass, it makes me wonder if there would have been a different outcome to the Memphis Grizzlies/Express proposal if it was being decided today. (background: https://www.cbc.ca/sports/basketball/nba-rejects-memphis-express-moniker-1.278813)
  4. Besides the awful logo (easily a contender for the worst in AAA and possibly all of the minors), this reaction from a local columnist and sports-talk host perfectly captures the massive downside of this team ditching its local identity and taking on the parent club's identity:
  5. I was hoping they'd at least somewhat redeem this unfortunate idea of a name change with a good logo, but they totally Metsed this one up.
  6. Putting aside the, uh, merits, of this particular design, I do very much like that the Lakers seem to be taking the city edition gimmick and turning it into their own new tradition to honor past greats. I'm curious to see how they keep it going and represent guys like Kareem, Shaq, Jerry West, etc. visually in the future. And I'd like to see how other teams can use their city editions as more than just a cash grab, to do something unique to spotlight local or team history for a season.
  7. If you're a vexillophile and an NBA fan, New Era's new Tip Off collection is for you: https://www.lids.com/search/nba tip off 59fifty Some of these turned out pretty well! Not sure how they decided whether to use city or state flags, I would've liked to see how some of the California teams in particular would've turned out with their city flags.
  8. That's a shame. I've always felt like there was a strong marketing/recruiting opportunity for the Blackbirds in dropping or de-emphasizing the LIU and positioning themselves as just Brooklyn.
  9. The Nets have downgraded their baseline, getting rid of the nice subway mosaic in favor of a generic blocky, athletic typeface that isn't currently part of their identity: I liked the mosaic a lot, and I wish they had done more with it.
  10. The USL has announced a new structure, and unveiled branding for its tiers. Updated corporate logo: Championship (top-level league): League 1 (second-tier): League 2 (third-tier):
  11. Weird that they kept the slogan so prominent, or that they even kept it at all, if they're trying to wipe away any trace of their founder.
  12. The sadly-soon-to-be-former Columbus Crew have unveiled their crest:
  13. This may or may not have implications for their branding, but Syracuse is expected to announce their next shoe/uniform/apparel deal this fall.
  14. I love the art deco look - perfect for Miami. The sun alternate on its own looks like a for-profit scam university logo or for-profit scam rehab center, so perfect for Florida, I guess? The name doesn't bother me too much; at this point, it's just 21st Century MLS. I'm curious to see how they'll abbreviate it. ICF Miami?
  15. Via UnderConsideration: OLD: NEW: https://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/new_logo_and_identity_for_gb_basketball_by_mr_b_friends.php It's kind of amazing to me that they hadn't already had a design incorporating the Union Jack into the seams of the ball. I'd be curious to see how they execute this design in embroidery (coaches' polo shirts, etc.)
  16. If I didn't know better, I'd assume they'd been bought by City Football Group:
  17. Not only is it stale, it's not particularly Staten Islandy either. The Pizza Rat was such a uniquely subway phenomenon, and Staten Island, despite its MTA-administered railroad, does not share in the rest of the city's subway culture.
  18. Whoever suggested they lose the lox and onions from the sketch on the bottom right needs to be fired.
  19. Not a kit, but NYCFC is launching an amateur tournament this summer in the city, and unveiled this logo: I love the idea behind the subway map/ball design, but they puzzlingly mailed the rest of it in.
  20. Not to be outdone, New Era now has their own collection of hats with alternate logos of their own creation. https://www.lids.com/search/NBA Combo Logo 47's are pretty clearly better across the board.
  21. My first thought was of Zephyr's X-Line collection from the early 2000s that made angry, 'roided up versions of college mascots:
  22. I don't think it's too great, but it's infinitely better than the hot mess they've been using for way too long: Flames and a early 2000s bank logo swoosh!
  23. Actress Cynthia Nixon has launched her campaign for Governor of New York, with this logo: Probably a smart move to emphasize her first name, rather than her last...
  24. I stumbled on these two styles of NBA hats made by '47 Brand, most of which have logos I hadn't seen before (and don't seem to appear on most teams' pages on the mothership): https://www.lids.com/47-brand/style_nba-mash-up-47-mvp-cap?page=1 https://www.lids.com/47-brand/style_nba-mash-up-47-clean-up-cap I'm wondering where these logos came from - the league, the teams, the manufacturer? Are they non-canonical? Some of them I kind of like, and they all seem to at least be executed well and with an understanding of the team's overall branding.
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