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  1. So...how does @Bungie goof Destiny 2 up so badly? As a die hard I die more inside everyday playing it. I just miss… https://t.co/UVADVSdaFp

  2. RT @thisisinsider: A drunk man cooked his own meal at @WaffleHouse after finding the staff asleep https://t.co/8myqDvtqRX https://t.co/M96M…

  3. RT @globalhalifax: BREAKING: ‘Trailer Park Boys’ actor John Dunsworth has died at the age of 71 https://t.co/DAgFUxTBi2

  4. WLJC is my favorite affordable premium MAX VG e-liquid! https://t.co/3TiRcjHJfB

  5. It looks much stronger with the (Black with no script) versus White (with no script). At least now the Cap logo matches the Primary.
  6. As someone born with a lifelong diagnosis, these are the people who inspire me. https://t.co/LMmSH7JWUK

  7. @YouBeeBeeWhy how else do you watch Pee Wee Herman?

  8. RT @Bungie: Vosik has challenged you Guardians. This is not a drill. https://t.co/7MEU6fThKN

  9. It's been 2 years since my last tweets. Now there is two, how do you all do?

  10. Better play some Sabbath as their goal song. It's perfect.
  11. @K2theIzzo This is perfect

  12. Wow. From being "the chosen one" and an Intercontinental champion to being the backup goalie for a minor league team. He's fallen pretty far. He even went to TNA, *gasp*
  13. I always listened to either WLUP or The Drive. When I was a youngin' it was Wiil Rock out of Waukesha. Mandatory Metallica Mondays was my thing. WIIL Rock is out of Kenosha and sucks. Music for high school weight rooms. Right! Kenosha, sorry for the brain fart. It was back during my Middle School days in the early 00's. Where they played more Classic Hard Rock than contemporary. I don't know what they play now. They took the station from the SW burbs. and put it on an off dial channel. So to get back on topic: I really like the Rays Fauxbacks. For a team with a "young" history. They have a lot of imagination. In 20 years those rainbow gradients will be a true throwback when they are 40 years old.
  14. I always listened to either WLUP or The Drive. When I was a youngin' it was Wiil Rock out of Waukesha. Mandatory Metallica Mondays was my thing.
  15. I think Konerko without the goatee qualifies. He had/has a love hate with his goatee for years. Even with the Sox.
  16. So does that mean, that since the Bulls logo can be flipped and seen as a robot reading a book that, that also makes it a bad logo? People will find an image from anything. The Hawks just did the cool thing and embraced it. It's The Pac-Hawk now and forevermore. It's not hard to tell what it should be, it's just fun to say, "Hey it also looks like this!". It's a damn good logo, and the newest pac-hawk really lessened on the original stylings which lead to it kinda resembling Pac-man.
  17. The Toronto Raptors:Started from the top.... ...Now we're here. (at the bottom.) Says it all... On what planet is this an upgrade? On the same planet, where these... Are replaced by this: Had to check if this was the 'Unpopular Opinions' board haha. I think it's pretty unanimous around here that the "Pac-Man" logo is vastly superior to the full-winged Hawk they were using since the '90s. It has so much history to Atlanta, and the work on it is minimalistic. But the best kind, just enough so you can visually make out the target, but not enough to befuddle it up.
  18. Casualties of Cool: Casualties of Cool update: Fan boxes ready!!! http://t.co/Wi7xPtkEuf @PledgeMusic #casualtiesofcool

  19. I've played for 69 minutes.【http://t.co/igkMU6ZfIz】 #MinuteQuest

  20. Casualties of Cool: Casualties of Cool update: Casualties Of Cool - product update nr 5 http://t.co/8uyvIY6el2 @PledgeMusic

  21. It wouldn't be a terrible look, but having the navy uniform with white pinstripes would contrast with the solid navy hat. Like, imagine the Yankees (or any pinstriped team) wearing a solid white hat with their home jerseys. It would look off, and I don't know that there'd be a way to make it work. Pair it with the BP hat they currently wear the Grey with Blue bill. Since the Pinstripes are grey.
  22. Yep. With pants to match. Is it completely wrong to really dig that uniform? Even as a one off alternate, it's pretty. Thing is with the Yankees history it's highly improbable to ever see THAT team wearing anything like that. But if it was a Negro League or Throwback jersey I dig it.
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