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  1. Not part of the color scheme? Correct me if I'm wrong but the whole city uniform last year was black, right? Have they not had black in their identity in the past? So I'll get it out of the way: the purple ones are ???
  2. Nah you're not. Just not the majority voice. I ordered the purple one so no you're not.
  3. So being that I was raised in Denver, I wanted to see about getting a MPJ jersey in the new style. So I went over to fanatics, official provider of the NBA to see about getting one. Well the have MPJ jerseys available, but in the style he will never wear. I got on the live chat to ask about if it would be updated. Here was the conversation: Quashaun: Hi there, my name is Quashaun. How can I help? Joshua McClintock: Hello... I was looking at possibly buying the Michael Porter Jr jersey at this link: Quashaun: Okay, no problem. Quashaun: How may I assist you today? Joshua McClintock: However, my question is if I do order it will it be in the old nuggets style as pictured or will it be the newer one he will actually be wearing that they unveiled a couple weeks ago? Joshua McClintock: ie: Quashaun: It will be as pictured. Joshua McClintock: Do you have any timeframe as to when you guys will have the new nuggets jerseys? Quashaun: Unfortunately, we are un aware when we will get them jerseys. Seriously? You're putting out a jersey he will probably never wear, you are THE official provider and you have no clue? Wow! Just wow! SMH
  4. I'm not sure why I cannot find it now but didn't someone post a sample of what the entire font set looked like? Or did I just imagine that?
  5. Ah I got ya. Silly me. That would be pretty cool. Didn't even register in my head like that.
  6. I see. I think also with the locale and the fact that Washington is so lush with foliage that green should play the part. I love the name "Evergreen Emeralds"! However the shortened version would be funny to see on a score ticker: VGK 0 SEE 3
  7. So I think we are all in agreement that whatever this team is called, the colors need to be green of some sort or two. Possible a shade of gold etc. Correct?
  8. AMEN! They could have used the same colors and not been locked in with all the previous heritage that the Browns had. Much like the Oilers did and since the team has been atrocious since returning it would have been on that name and not have tainted the Browns name as a whole!
  9. If they really want to fix this entire mess of this that and the other, just retire the name and rebrand the team. What this team has been since they came back is nothing short than an embarrassment to what the historical name of the Cleveland Browns has been. They are the laughing stock of the entire league and if you rebrand, you let the name be and can start over and if you are horrible then you're horrible on that name. If you're good (by some miracle) you're good on that name. While I love the Browns, I personally, do not feel the "new uniforms" were as horrible as some make them seem. Yes there are some things I would definitely change, ie the Browns down the pants, probably not have the stripes wrap, etc. I just hope they do the team justice and not butcher it further.
  10. DM me. I'd love to see all of this.
  11. I just noticed on Cleve...The Land jersey it's got the logo under the armpit. I don't know that I like the logo there. Kinda weird.
  12. So everyone is talking about these but no one is talking about these: Or did I miss something?
  13. I'll come out and say it. Unpopular as it may be, I will probably be one of the only ones that rock the black Cavs jersey with no problem. I think it's a cool nod to Goodyear being from Akron and embracing a surrounding area. Just my two cents. Probably to most people wrong but whatever. We all have our own tastes.
  14. That's what I was thinking. I'm sitting there screaming at my phone that they're not even out yet lol.
  15. Someone is already selling fakes here in Northeast Ohio.