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  1. Have always felt the Ravens are a team that are just a few tiny tweaks away from pretty close to timeless. Get the B out of the logo. Kill those dumb helmet stripes. Get stripes on the black pants. Wear purple socks with the black pants. That's about all they need. The number font and secondary logo aren't great, but I can live with them.


    The unfortunate reality is that if/when the Ravens do a redesign, they are sure to go way overboard with changes.

  2. 1 hour ago, WSU151 said:


    Different wordmark patches on the front? Plus the LA logo on the back neck? JFC




    I don’t mind the numbers, but all this extra stuff just ruins it.




    In disbelief at how awful those chest (shoulder?) patches are. 

  3. 20 hours ago, DNAsports said:

    Current helmet, throwback jersey. Huh.



    This one is even weirder. It's some combo of throwback and current elements, plus he's wearing a retired number



  4. Not sure if I'm allowed to do this here, but I felt like I had to drop this link. This has to be the single worst article I've ever seen written about NFL uniforms.


    5 NFL teams that could use a uniform makeover


    Among the highlights, the writer:


    - Calls the Giants' old red alternates their road uniforms

    - Says the Cowboys wear blue at home

    - Says the Ravens' "color schemes have remained very similar throughout their history" (???)

    - Says the Jaguars wear "light blue"