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  1. 52 minutes ago, TrueYankee26 said:

    Who else found out yesterday that the now New York Knicks player Quentin Grimes by the is the brother of Tyler Myers?





    They have the same mother.


    I learned that last night while scanning the NBA draft. That's pretty cool and crazy. Serious question - Is their mom a giraffe? 

  2. 17 minutes ago, DEAD! said:

    Water polo seems to be a greater challenge. 


    Water polo looks impossible and exhausting. It's like hockey where there's a separate skill that first needs to be mastered before you can competently play the sport. For team handball everybody already knows how to run. 

  3. 24 minutes ago, MJWalker45 said:

    I mean, Tim Howard in goal and Aaron Rogers throwing darts at some poor guy from Belarus? I like our chances. 


    23 minutes ago, DG_ThenNowForever said:


    We all do the thing where we're exposed to Olympic sports for the first time and inevitably devalue them in some way. It sucks, but it's the atheltic version of "my kid could paint that" with a pretty similar response (maybe, but they didn't).


    However, team handball does look like the rec sportiest of rec sports and seems basic enough that it could absolutely be dominated by dominant athletes (duh, of course). I agree with you, but also don't think it would take six months to learn the intracies, either. I say 6 weeks, if not 6 days. 


    I know. Normally I hate that "I could win olympic curling if I tried" bullcrap. But think about Patrick Mahomes, Kyler Murray, and Russell Wilson who were all high MLB draft picks throwing lasers at a net. You think Lamar Jackson couldn't figure it out if he wanted to? The hardest part would be teaching them defense and strategy, but those athletes who can memorize NFL playbooks would pick it up quickly.


    This Mahomes pass from the super bowl looks like he's playing Team Handball. He would dominate the first game he ever played. 


  4. 11 hours ago, the admiral said:

    Right, she was just kind of running up the score at this point in her career. Still, we don't really have a schema for taking a mental health day in the Olympics, so people don't know what to make of it. She did the right thing in the moment, but it wasn't an act of heroism equal to or greater than winning, pace the media outlets that are probably receiving strongly worded memos from Simone Biles's sponsors. That's all. 


    My wife was a competitive diver and as soon as she heard the word "twisties" she was like "yep 100% the right thing to shut it down". It's essentially an injury where you're not mentally capable of hitting the moves the way you're supposed to so if you try to do some of these insane elements that she does and can't perform them properly then you risk serious injury. It's the yips, but in gymnastics it's not Chuck Knoblauch throwing the ball into the stands, it's landing on your head and breaking your neck.  The problem is it got hijacked and framed as "So brave. It's okay to not be okay!", which isn't really what was going on with her and then other s***heads on the other side take that and go, "mentally weak quitter". It's an annoying topic. 

  5. 5 hours ago, who do you think said:


    Oh goodie, now you're putting words in my mouth. Arena location obviously is important. Due to bad arena location in the case of both the Senators and Coyotes, it's an obstacle to be overcome. Ottawa, historically, has done a much better job at coming through than Phoenix. Because, unlike Phoenix, it's a worthwhile hockey market that's home to an organization that's currently in the sh**ter.


    I didn't put words in your mouth. You said arena location was a weak excuse for Phoenix. It's just one of the reasons they're a s*** hockey market, but it's not a weak excuse. 


    5 hours ago, who do you think said:


    Ottawa? Similar results? No. Every year from 2006 through 2016, they were good for a posted occupancy of at least 94% on the season, with multiple season sellouts in there. You can question whether their numbers are truthful or not, but I could easily do the same for whatever the Coyotes were reporting.


    I'm guessing you missed the 'until recently' disclaimer covering the team's recent BS; right now the Senators are getting the 90's Oilers/00's Blackhawks treatment due to the organization falling into disarray at multiple levels and the owner becoming more and more of an antagonistic turd in response.


    You've lost the plot. You cited Ottawa and Tampa as two examples of teams who draw fans despite bad arena locations. Tampa's arena is in the ideal place in their city, so, no, and people from Ottawa complain about the arena location All. The. Time. A centrally located arena in a Canadian city would probably draw close to 100% capacity even in bad years. 

  6. 54 minutes ago, DG_ThenNowForever said:

    Maybe it's because of the Kraken that I'm more attuned to it, but I feel like ESPN's been doing a ton of .com hockey coverage today. Must be the new partnership deal, right? I don't ever remember hockey player movement being ESPN front page headlines before.

    ESPN completely ignored the NHL for over 15 years. This treatment is new and it’s 100% because of the new deal. It’s laughably transparent how hockey is suddenly a sport again in their eyes.

    2 hours ago, IceCap said:

    and that's about it

    Where was the lie in anything I said? Or were you just trying to get off a cheap joke? 

  7. 21 hours ago, -Akronite- said:


    Also from Akron and went to OSU. I always see the Cleveland/Cincinnati rivalry as brotherly and root for the Reds & Bengals whenever it's not against the Guardians & Browns. I don't understand the fans from either side that truly hate the other.



    That mindset was always just dumb city rivalry stuff. It never made much sense to me either. The Indians, sorry, Guardians weren't in the same league and never a threat to the Reds playoff chances so I pulled for them too.  I've never really needed to feel concern about the Browns who've been a gift 1.5 wins most years. This past year when I did need to be concerned about them they played the Steelers in the playoffs and the Steelers are easily the worst people alive so I was a Browns fan that day.  

  8. 23 minutes ago, oldschoolvikings said:


    He's gotta be from Columbus, right?


    He's from Akron, but after graduating from Ohio State he worked in Cincinnati radio in the 80's and early 90's and occasionally traveled with both the Reds and Bengals on road trips, which means he was around the 88 Bengals who went to the Super Bowl and the 1990 Reds who won the World Series. Hard to be that close to teams like that and not get swept up in the excitement and not pull for the people you know who work for those teams. 

  9. Simone Biles didn't need to prove anything to anyone and gymnastics is dangerous if you're not in the right headspace. 




    Unrelated, I was curious how they were going to hold the surfing competitions in future Olympics that aren't held in places with good surf. Waves off Japan's coast nearest Tokyo are relatively small for a surfing contest, but they're doing their best. Did some googling and Paris' surfing competition is going to be held in Tahiti aka French Polynesia, which is 10,000 miles away from Paris. If that's the case then I definitely think the 2020 games should've had every sport hold their own event in their own preferred location somewhere on the globe instead of forcing this into Tokyo, which doesn't even want them there. 

  10. 20 hours ago, infrared41 said:


    This is where I'm at and maybe it will help put a less political spin on the people who aren't crazy about the name change. If I'm being honest, my heart would have chosen to keep the name Indians. Why? The best reasons I can give you are that I grew up with it. I'm used to it. It's what I know. That being said, in my head, I know changing the name was the right thing to do. I'm pretty sure I'm not a unicorn in that respect. Simply stated, we're going to need a little time to let our emotions catch up to our better angels. That is not going to happen overnight. Sorry if we're not moving as fast as people would like. We'll get there. 


    Sounds like my dad. He's been a fan of the Cleveland Indians for 60 years and he's a smart, thoughtful, open-minded, forward thinking man who calmly explained to a 7 year old me why people were protesting Chief Wahoo the first time we went to Jacob's Field in 1994*. He's evolved his own politics over the years as well as his stance on the logo/name and has known for a while that this day would eventually come. He's not one of these boors who can't be an adult about it, but at the same time this thing he's had a relationship with since he was a little kid is gone and although he knows it's for the best I think he's having a harder time coming around than he thought. He had the Browns and they were taken from him and now he's losing the Indians too and I think he's also sad that he** never got to see either one win the championship proper. 


    *for anyone claiming the protests are new, they aren't.

    **he is the only person I've ever met who is a Bengals, Browns, Reds, and Indians fan. 

  11. 23 minutes ago, who do you think said:


    They were drawing like crap at the end of their American West tenure too, once the new team smell wore off. Lemme guess, the heckin obstructed views. It's always something, huh? It's never the fact that the Coyotes are a useless franchise with wholly inadequate fan support. It's always someone/something else's fault.


    Never said that. Here's what I said - "You can say Phoenix is a bad market for hockey, which it probably is, but the arena location is a significant factor in all of their problems. "


    Listen, Phoenix is not my favorite place. It's hot, it's huge, everything looks the same, they're not a great market for any sports team, and their residents are some of the craziest in the nation, but to dismiss the arena's location as a "weak excuse" is weird. Some excuses are valid! Hockey in Phoenix, Arizona was always going to be an uphill climb that needs all conditions to be perfect for the team to do well financially, but the decision to move to Glendale made success impossible. They put the team very far away from most of their should-be fanbase. You make an entertainment destination harder to get to and fewer people will be drawn there. Location is a pretty basic principle in business yet people here always to want to argue with that.


    23 minutes ago, who do you think said:

    Ottawa's attendance was never ideal over multi-season stretches, but it also (until recently) wasn't joke-tier either, unlike the Coyotes. Similar circumstances, different results. Because one is a worthwhile hockey market, and the other is Phoenix.


    No, they've had similar results too. I didn't imagine the constant discussions during the 2017 playoffs when the Senators had a hard time selling playoff tickets throughout their run, which included Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals. You make an entertainment destination harder to get to and fewer people will be drawn there also applies to Canadian cities. 

  12. 5 hours ago, who do you think said:

    If there really was a massive Coyotes following in Phoenix (East Valley or otherwise), they'd find a way to get to Coyotes games and give the team a respectable amount of support on a year-in year-out basis. It's that simple. The arena being in Glendale is a weak excuse; Ottawa (until recently, when the organization went to hell and Eugene Melnyk turned into Peter Pocklington) did just fine under similar circumstances. If people in Largo and Clearwater can get to Lightning games, people in Tempe and Mesa can get to Coyotes games.



    Why do people do this? They do the same thing with the Rays. You can say Phoenix is a bad market for hockey, which it probably is, but the arena location is a significant factor in all of their problems. It was a terrible place to build because it's on the opposite side of a physically huge city far from the largest population center and the areas with the most income, and they moved there early in the franchise's time in a new hockey market, which killed fan culture. That's not a weak excuse. It's a big reason half the city doesn't go to games. 


    Think about this - It takes my family in Gilbert over an hour to get to that arena. They're pretty big Coyotes fans, but getting to the arena is such a chore, especially on weeknights, that they don't go very often and opt instead to watch on TV. It's not because they're not devoted enough hockey fans, it's because they're people living their lives day-to-day and the arena is in too far a place to reasonably expect regular visits. Now extrapolate them to every person who lives on their side of the city. If the Coyotes played closer they might be season ticket holders. On top of that who wants to drive two hours round trip to sit in a half empty, lifeless environment? It's a bad cycle.  


    Tampa's arena is in the perfect place for Tampa. Centrally located, on the good side of the bridges, and the Lightning draw because it's easily accessible from more high income areas. Not really analogous. Ottawa - Ottawa routinely had problems with attendance even when they were good for the exact same reasons people don't go to Coyotes games. They've been trying for a while to replace an arena that is only 25 years old because they want a more centrally located building. 






  13. On 7/21/2021 at 5:39 PM, JayMac said:

    I don't watch ESPN much at all but I thought she was, at the least, decent on College Gameday. What don't you like about her?


    I didn't dislike her. She was fine on College Gameday. This probably isn't even fair to her, but she has this "HERE I AM!" energy that I find off-putting. 

  14. On 7/23/2021 at 10:36 PM, the admiral said:

    Not sure how to feel about Seth Jones; if he were as good as initially advertised, he wouldn't be on his third organization. 


    Boqvvist should be useful for Columbus. I don't think calling him "the next Erik Karlsson" because he's Swedish did him any favors.


    Seth Jones will be on his third team because he asked to be. The trade from Nashville was the Predators being the Predators and it took like 11 minutes to clearly determine that Johansen for Jones was a huge steal for the Blue Jackets. He was a top 3 reason the 2016-2020 Blue Jackets were a regular playoff team. 


    Analytics people hate him because he doesn't meet their criteria for good defenseman in the face of what he actually does for the team on the ice. Allison Lukan who writes about the Blue Jackets is about the biggest analytics disciple you can find and even she says defensive analytics are shaky at measuring dmen quality and eyeball test is why you want Seth Jones. Real life example - before the bubble series Leafs fans got all up in my mentions about how his advanced analytics suck and how he'd be at best the 4th best dman on the Leafs. Then he went and shut down the Leafs top lines, ate minutes, and titled the ice in the other direction, and beat what was the superior overall roster. His 2021 was bad for him, but it was bad for every player in the organization and I'm almost certain we saw a full Tortorella mutiny. It's unlikely he'll be worse next season. 


    I don't know anything about his brother, but I will say that his family is not so secretly MAGA and seems very uninterested in carrying a torch for black hockey players. I was never won over by his personality in interviews and I don't get the sense that he's a particularly deep thinker. 


    And that contract.....YIKES

  15. 1 hour ago, the admiral said:


    I feel like suburban Cincinnati must still be very conservative in a way that, say, suburban Chicago no longer is.

    Probably, but I drive through my mother-in-law’s affluent neighborhood and there’s a lot of pleasantly surprising signage in people’s yards. I think the west side is where you’ll still find most of the old school Cincinnati folks and that might as well be Mars to me. I don’t need or want to go over there. 


    9 minutes ago, SFGiants58 said:

    I’m curious, what’s the Kentuck/Ohio breakdown for Cincinnati suburbs? I know the airport is in Kentucky.

    Draw a circle around a city’s center and imagine there’s suburbs all around it. In Cincinnati metro area 25/30% of those suburbs are in another state. 

  16. On 7/24/2021 at 7:28 AM, JustForFun said:


    I grew up in Dayton and aside from concerts, my friends and I all tried to avoid going to Cincy if we could. It was a racist and archconservative place, belonging more to Kentucky than Ohio (this was before Ohio politically turned into Alabama). They built a highway named after Reagan while he was still alive. If we had to go to the "big city" we went to Columbus, which is bland and generic but not as nakedly right-wing.

    Thanks for the history lesson. I'm a pretty firmly blue voter and it doesn't feel like the city of my youth. Are those people still here? Yeah, but there's fewer of them. The demographics feel like they've shifted and if it was still the place you described I would've stayed in Columbus. 


    So I'll repeat myself - it's gotten sneaky cool in the last 5-10 years and if I didn't live here I wouldn't believe it myself. 

  17. 4 hours ago, infrared41 said:


    It all depends on where one is in Ohio would be my guess. I got nothing against Cincinnati, I just have a northern Ohio bias or something.


    Athens? Mansfield is bigger than Athens.

    I went to college in Athens and it’s one of the best places on earth. The only thing I know about Mansfield is their high school baseball team in 2005 was a bunch of a***oles. 

  18. 2 hours ago, DG_ThenNowForever said:


    Cincinnati (and Northern Kentucky) were pretty sweet when I last visited in the mid-2000s. And Great American is an incredible ballpark.


    I had a way better time in Cincinnati than Cleveland. Glad to hear it's on the rise; American needs affordable, cool cities to live in.


    I feel like I've been weirdly praising this city too much on here lately, but I always say it's the easiest place I've ever lived. It punches well above its weight class for fun and activities, but has all the benefits of a smaller city. Everything is close to everything else as opposed to the sprawl of, say, Columbus. Nightlife is good, food scene is great, tons of fun things to do, architecture drips with history and character, cool topography, not unlivable winters, lots of pro and college sports options, and I was able to buy a cool old house with a bunch of charm and a nice yard in a nice neighborhood for a price that made my Seattle friends fall out of their kayaks. My favorite thing of all is there's this sort of collective attitude among people in my generation to stay now and will it into being a cool place to live whereas my wife's parents' generation didn't care one way or the other if downtown burnt to the ground.



  19. 3 hours ago, SFGiants58 said:

    “Spiders” had a lot of negative stuff towards it. What better way to piss off fans than by changing your name to the historically worst team ever? Especially only a season after you traded your franchise’s biggest star since Grady Sizemore or even Albert Belle? Bad optics.


    I’d prefer Spiders, but the name has some bad optics for a team in a bad position.


    Always thought this was an over-thinkin' it reason to not use the name Spiders. Reasons: 

    A. There's no stink surrounding that name because nobody alive now was alive then. Few people know and fewer people care about what happened in late 1800's baseball. It's not bad optics unless you go around shouting "THEY WERE THE WORST TEAM EVER!", which nobody would do.

    B. the reasons they were the worst team ever was a bunch of old-timey, barnstorming era of baseball reasons that explain why everything went wrong and I'd argue adds a touch of whimsy and charm to the entire thing.

    C. The name would be used by a group of modern 2020's baseball players who would very quickly change any associations people have with the name to just something that means "Cleveland's pro baseball team". The Mets have the worst record in modern baseball history and are still called the Mets. People don't care. 

  20. 22 minutes ago, infrared41 said:


    That is interesting. Cincinnati is kind of an afterthought around here. Like if you asked me to list the cities in Ohio, I'd say Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Akron, Dayton............oh, and Cincinnati.


    EDIT: For the record, Columbus is the biggest city in Ohio.


    That's weird. I go with the Big 3 C's and then Dayton, then Akron because my grandparents lived there, then Athens, then Toledo, then Lima, then Youngstown. 


    Here's a fun fact: Cincinnati has the largest metro area in the state right now and the northern burbs are creeping upwards while the southern burbs of Dayton are creeping lower so at the current rate of growth at some point in the next couple decades the Cincinnati metro area will be redefined to include Dayton as one large metroplex and then it's over for all you suckers. 


    And if you haven't been to Cincinnati in the last 5 to 10 years I'd suggest coming for another visit because it's gotten sneaky cool as of late. If I didn't live here I wouldn't believe it either. 


  21. 13 hours ago, the admiral said:

    It's a dark thought, but you have to wonder how many players who made fun of the victim were molested at one point themselves. Apparently the entire sport of hockey can't stop letting child molesters be involved for some reason.


    If you think about it junior hockey is basically the perfect trap for child molesters to use. Young boys get sent hundreds of miles away from home to live with strangers, which means they lean on their coaches and billet families to be their support system and bad people can take advantage of that vulnerability. They're also very easily manipulated because there's the threat of taking away their dream of playing in the NHL if they don't do X, Y, Z. It's so f****d. 


    Jerry Sandusky, Larry Nassar, Michael Jackson, the OSU doctor that Jim Jordan didn't do anything about, etc etc - Child molesters create systems that allow for easy access to prey that also makes the victims dependent on them. I just saw this story yesterday about how Brad Aldrich, out of prison now after a separate molestation incident that happened after he left the Blackhawks, now runs a glass etching business in Michigan and how he uses a lot of high school and college aged interns and it's like HELLO! Alarm Bells! Red Flags! He's still doing it! 

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