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  1. Hello all , I am currently designing a logo for a Vancouver based NBA team and I need some ideas on teams names and icons relevant to Vancouver, if anyone has any ideas that would be great.
  2. here are some of my rough designs for new Dallas Mavericks jeresy designs, i focused on bringing green black because i think it works well. please feel free to leave some constructive criticism home - away - alt -
  3. ohh i never noticed, its actually the gray taken from the pacers logo
  4. thanks, yea i though they were the ones you were talking about, i loved those jerseys!
  5. yea i see what you mean with the font, i had abit of trouble finding the right font, thanks its always good to have some constructive critism to work with in the future ok hawks it is next!
  6. Hi fellow designers, ive started up a series where ill be taking old retro NBA jersey designs and recreating them and making the a bit more modern. The first team ive done is the Indiana Pacers, any helpful comments or ideas would be much appreciated. Home: Away: Alt: (this design was based on this jersey )
  7. good job this design has plenty of potential, i really like how youve brought back the green
  8. top 3: timberwolves heat spurs bottom 3: clippers nets thunder