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  1. I'm going to bump my nearly 3 year old thread now that the original title is no longer true. The worst part about the new uniforms from Adidas is the change to the black socks like the old alternates had. It looks too much like Pittsburgh now. I really hope they can change back to yellow.
  2. I really hope the Bruins switch back to yellow socks. I remember a few years ago when the Red Sox got new road uniforms, they had been paired with blue undershirts and socks, and that lasted like a month before they went back to red.
  3. Looks good. I think if you made the under shirt the same color as the diamond pattern and removed the sleeve striping, it would have a nice continuous kinda look from undershirt to jersey.
  4. As some of you probably know, Uni-Watch ran a Redesign the USA Baseball contest this past week. This was my submission. It was a little rushed, but I was happy with the overall look of the uniforms.
  5. Patriots logo should be a little bigger. The top of the logo should be just in front of first vent and tail ends further back, but I know you said you aren't gonna be too picky about that stuff.
  6. Thanks Patchez! That looks awesome! And it does look like Will Ferrell a bit
  7. Aside from baseball scripts on jerseys, has another team used lower case letters on a jersey? I can't think of any at the moment.
  8. Maybe for the Joker helmet, you could go without a logo and use a pattern like pinstripes on one of his suits. Or the could be the Browns and just go with the logo-less helmet. I'm interesting in seeing the Batman helmet.
  9. Awesome work, would love if you could try out this logo I made, thanks!
  10. Blue Patriots helmet, just to see what it would look like.
  11. Replica baseball jerseys are the absolute worst. Sometimes the number's don't have outlines and a lot of them leave out the numbers on the front of the jersey (if the team has that). Teams like the Red Sox and Yankees who don't have names on the home (and for Yankees, road jerseys) have them on the replicas which is annoying.
  12. How about this, for the ASG, two companies will get to sponsor the two teams and have full uniforms with their logos and colors on them. For example, there could be Team Gatorade vs Team Honda (just picking two from the list of NHL league sponsors - http://www.nhl.com/ice/page.htm?id=75916 ) It would be advertising without ads, if that makes sense, and it would only be for the ASG.
  13. Does that mean like by 2020 the Jags will win like 3 of the 5 Super Bowls? I meant they were like the Jaguars since they changed their uniforms every few years. Also, the 1990-2000 Patriots won 0 Super Bowls. It's the 2001-2012 that were 3/5. (and should be at least 4/5 )
  14. I like the pants stripe on those uniforms. Only lasted a season or two though. Patriots between 1990-2000 were like the Jaguars of the last few years with all the uniform changes. I think they had 5 different uniforms.
  15. I don't know how unpopular this opinion is, but I've always liked these jerseys (might be nostalgia). I would love for the Pats to wear these in the near future, maybe 2016 (20 years after the 1996-97 SuperBowl year)
  16. I feel like there are an unusual amount of blow outs this year.
  17. I'm gonna say that the sock has to have the same color on the top and bottom of the sock. The Ducks and Caps have color 1, stripe design, and color 2. The Bruins have color 1, stripe design, color 1. The Islanders and Kings ones work though. I like the Kings ones. Once again, I think the yoke adds enough purple to the jersey that balances it with the socks. The Islanders are a little different though, as their socks are the same color as the pants.
  18. Really? I really like the way it looks and think it could work for other teams.
  19. The Bruins home jersey is black but their socks are yellow. It's been like this forever. To my knowledge, they're the only team in the NHL that does this. I'm pretty sure every other team has the socks that match the jersey. I really like the look. I think it's the yellow (gold) yoke that really completes the look, although it looked good even when they didn't have the yoke. So is there any other team? And what do you guys think of this?
  20. I think for the Ghost Rider, I'd go with just flames on the helmet, keeping the base color black.
  21. I like the second logo for Cap but I think if you reverse the colors so that it's white with space between them like the third option.
  22. Cool idea! I think with the Captains, you could even use Cap's helmet as the base of the football one, using the wings on the sides, make it navy, and maybe put the player number front and center?
  23. I think it's a Mizuno belt. Uni Watch did a story on that a while ago when someone noticed Tanaka's belt buckle looked bigger than normal. Could be the same thing. http://www.uni-watch.com/2014/05/20/yankees-pitcher-masahiro-tanaka-wears-unusual-belt-buckle/
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