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  1. The logo blends in too much on the home jersey and if you're gonna have a red helmet maybe add a little more red on the jersey. Other than that it looks really good!
  2. Like steveCRO added for sure add Zagreb, there is so much basketball history there,
  3. Best paint concepts I've ever seen! Awesome just try to clean the saber up a little and I'd love to see that for my school because we are the sabers.
  4. Could you do another outback bowl one with white shell with white facemask they wore against Iowa or the regular white is ok too.
  5. Yes make a MG type website both him and the helmet project have stopped being active and I would love to see a website like that!
  6. Me being the huge badger fan I am I personally think they shouldn't have a blackout uni. Maybe black pants at the most but it foreshore needs more white somewhere.
  7. I'll actually be releasing Adidas and UA templates along with the nike templateSweet!
  8. I think you forgot to add numbers to this.
  9. One of the best paint templates I've seen in awhile! It's similar to one I used to use but then the owner said I had to stop using it. One thing to change is out the nike logo in the front of the socks not on the side. Just wondering after you release it can I make it into Adidas and UA and put it in on here?