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  1. Iowa's blackout uniforms for their game against Minnesota this weekend. They haven't officially unveiled these but I played around with the levels form the teaser they released at the beginning of the season.
  2. Iowa usually leaves one side completely black on Veterans Day as a sign of remembrance. They took both decals off the helmet after the campus shooting in 1991 for the same reason.
  3. Juventus unveiled their number font for next season. Looks pretty nice IMO.
  4. The Swing of the Quad Cities. In 2008 they changed their name and rebranded as the Quad Cities River Bandits. They also produced some pretty terrible uniforms.
  5. As a Hawkeye fan, the pants need some work but I wouldn't mind seeing these on Saturdays.
  6. Hey guys, with the news of Army switching their name back to the Cadets, I decided to create some concepts for their rebrand. Below is a logo sheet and I will post some more alternate logos when I finish them. The first logo is a modernization of the helmet and sword on their current school crest and the word mark is based off of the classic stencil design. Any C&C is appreciated, Enjoy!
  7. What your speaking of is the Ghana home, he switched the home and away kit's placing on the German kits since that looks more reasonable.While you do have a point. The German home and Ghana home, look too similar. This can be understandable for the same company to do the same thing for teams, but it would be really bad if two rival manufactures copy the same design, mostly the two brothers. Also for the German kits, the sublimated/watermark design wouldn't be loved by many Germans, since it only applies to the Bavarians which are Bayern. And not many Germans like Bayern. Even if so, this design would only apply to that area, instead of Germany as a whole. Thanks for pointing that out. It wasn't meant to be the Bavarian checker pattern. I threw in some sublimation to make the jersey less plain.
  8. Next up Germany, I had them returning to black shorts in the first kit and a green second kit.
  9. Next up is Ghana, I took inspiration for the first kit from some of Ghana's past kits and the inspiration for the away kit comes from Ghana's flag and kente cloth which was originated in Southern Ghana. Tell me what you think!
  10. I've been getting into soccer lately and as a result I decided to create a few soccer kit concepts for international teams. As always C&C is appreciated! First up is France. I tried to improve on their current look and I really like how these came out.
  11. I'm guessing it will be a similar template to the US National Basketball team uniforms with no sweatbox on the back.
  12. Ok. I use right now, but I'm in the process of learning how to use Corel.If you have a PC I'd recommend MS Paint. It's easy to learn and the final design will come out a lot cleaner than what you are using right now.