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  1. I would keep what you have, except I would put one of the Florida teams in the west and send Memphis to the east so each conference only has to travel to one outlier in their division. I would also make a clause that guaranteed the Florida teams would play each other in cross-divisional play.
  2. The schools within the East and West are pretty close to each other, but the East and West are pretty far apart on their own. Houston, SMU, and Tulane compared to UMass, UCONN, and Army are half the country apart. Trips like that aren't something a school wants to make on a routine basis, especially the non-revenue sports.
  3. What makes you think the P5 schools care about their non-revenue sports?
  4. Yes. Edit your original post and just change the thread name under "topic title". And for future reference, something like this belongs in the Q&A thread under Forum Announcements.
  5. I actually kind of like this. There's nothing here that I'd be against seeing. The AAC would probably be better off splitting into an east and west conference on their own, though.
  6. The trend in the MLB since the late 80's has been to build baseball-only facilities. That's great for baseball, giving the parks an old-time feel and a better environment, but it screws whoever paid for it over as it sits empty and practically unusable for half the year (3/4 if you count road games).
  7. I remember seeing sketches and computer models for a new A's ballpark (though I can't remember where they planned on putting it- I think they left it in Oakland) called Cisco Park. They looked like pretty complete renderings from an architecture firm that designed a whole ballpark. They had even designed it to fit in with a downtown district, with a street beyond the outfield wall that closed on gameday. It looked pretty cool, and wasn't even remotely comparable to the crappy football field they play on now. What a waste.
  8. Since they're rebranding and all, this would have been the perfect time to rename the show the "Lebron James Praise-A-Thon Hour."
  9. Wyoming's yellow (or gold, I don't know what they call it) and brown is my favorite color scheme of any jersey. There, I said it.
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